This is just a random story I thought up. I hope you all like it!

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Kagome walked into the lunch room a tray of food in her hand and a scowl on her face. Every face for tables turned to look at her before turning to their neighbors and starting to whisper. With each table she passed anger filled her more and more.

"So Kagome is it true?" A high pitched voice called from behind her

Without turning around Kagome answered "Is what true?" the tray in her hands shook with her fury

"That you were caught fucking a teacher at your last school? Is that the reason you came here?" The voice spoke like it knew that the 'rumor' was true.

"Whatever you have heard is as fake as the bitch who told you it was true." and Kagome kept walking without a backward glance.. She smiled as she could picture the look on her face.
"Miss Kagome." A teacher stepped in front of her suddenly causing her to spill her tray all over the brand new shirt she decided to wear today.

"That kind of language is not permitted in this school." The teacher stood inches taller then her and had a scary sort of aura around him.

"I am going to have to give you a detention for after school today" He pulled out a stack of pick slips and jotted down a time, date, and place.
"But sir I can't do this today. I have work after school that I can't be late for." Kagome pleaded with the man when he handed her the slip and started to walk away.
"I am sorry. But there is no changing it." He smiled and waved at another teacher walking up the hall.
Kagome stopped and looked around to find the nearest phone. Quickly she punched in a number and waited through the rings.
"Hello?" The groggy female voice on the other line answered
"Hey Sango. It's Kagome. I need you to stay a bit longer tonight." Kagome pleaded with the women.
"Kagome you know I can't do that." Sango sounded more awake this time.

"I can't be home in time. It's just half an hour" Kagome begged
'Fine. But one minute late and I will not be doing this again." Sango hung up the phone. Kagome put the phone back on the receiver

"So, Kagome are you calling that teacher for another booty call" The same girl from lunch called from behind her. Kagome turned slowly to face a girl she knew as Kikyo.

"So?" she asked again

"I don't have to tell you anything." Kagome turned to walk away but Kikyo's hand stopped her.

"You will answer me or you will pay" Kikyo threatened pointing to a group of buff men behind her.

"You will leave her alone," A silk male voice called from behind Kagome. "Or should I tell the principal that you are starting fights again Kikyo?"
"Oh Sesshy you wouldn't do that to me." Kikyo let go of Kagome's shoulder to stroke his chest.

"Don't touch me you whore, and I would tell." Kagome feared to turn when a deep dangerous growl came from him.

"Fine, protect the teacher fucker" Kikyo smirked as she walked past Kagome.

"Did she hurt you?" the man asked stepping to look Kagome in the eyes. Kagome shook her head because she was at a loss for words. Beauty itself was envious of this man, silver hair falling to his knees, golden eyes that would put the city of gold to shame and a great body to match.

"I'm Sesshomaru" he held out his hand to shake Kagome's.

"Kagome" she answered quietly shaking his hand. His warm skin startled her, it was white as snow but as warm as a summer's day.

"Pay no mind to her. She thinks that everyone should bow to her" he glared at the thought.

"I know how that is." Kagome whispered "Well…thanks…I have to get to class." She noticed as the halls began to empty.

"Right" Sesshomaru nodded and watched her walk away.

The next few weeks Kagome noticed that Sesshomaru was staying closer to her, letting her out of his sight less and less. One lunch period Sesshomaru sat next her much to her surprise
"Are you lost?" Kagome asked when he started eating.

"No. I am just eating lunch" Sesshomaru answered poking at the food on his plate.
"You aren't concerned about your friends seeing you here?" Kagome pushed away her food.

"No. But I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tonight?" He asked looking in Kagome's eyes.
"I…" she stalled "I can't. I have something to do after school." Kagome stood up dumping her tray and walking away.
"You could have just said no. You don't have to lie to me" Sesshomaru followed her leaving his food behind.

"I am not lying. I have to be home" Kagome didn't turn around to look at him.

"Then why don't I just come to your place" He still followed her through the halls then into an empty classroom. "I can make you dinner."

"Sesshomaru! Really, you can't come over and make me dinner." Kagome was losing her temper "I live with a friend of mine and her boyfriend and I have someone to look out for as well. I just can't be bringing guys home"

Sesshomaru stood there shocked as he listened to her. "I am sorry Kagome. I didn't know."

"I didn't mean to flip on you but I haven't gotten much sleep the last few weeks. With homework and Lo…" she stopped and looked up at him. "Never mind."

"I can help you Kagome" Sesshomaru put a hand on her shoulder "Please just let me try"

"No. I have to do this alone" Kagome walked around him and ran out of the room.

Three days passed since Kagome and Sesshomaru talked and since then Sesshomaru sat with her every chance he got.

"How are you doing with your school work?" he asked her one lunch period.

"I am failing most of my classes, even with my late night cram sessions." Kagome took a bite of her pizza

"I can help you study Kagome. Noting more, just study for your tests." Sesshomaru offered forking his salad

"I don't know…" Kagome started

"You need to pass. It is your last year here and you will need every test you can get."

"Fine." Kagome gave in. She needed the help.

"How is after school today?" Sesshomaru sat up.

"I can't I have to go to the doctors today." Kagome bit her lip and tried not to say too much.

"Then tomorrow." He watched her.. There was something more behind that statement but he would find out when she was ready to tell him

The day passed and the next one ended sooner then Kagome would have thought possible.

"Kagome! Are we still on for tonight?" Sesshomaru ran up to Kagome.

"Um…yea. Yea we are." She pulled out a slip of paper and jotted down her address "come here around five"

"Will do Kagome" Sesshomaru smiled slightly as he watched her slip into her beat up car and drive away.

Five o'clock arrived and the bell rang in the small apartment. From outside Sesshomaru heard a baby crying then a shuffle to the door. When the door opened Sesshomaru saw Kagome holding a small baby and a shirt covered in green throw-up.

"So I guess the secret is out" Kagome muttered moving aside to let him in.

"Of all the things I thought you would be hiding…I never thought this would be one of them." Sesshomaru couldn't take his eyes of f of Kagome and the baby.

"It's nothing I want the whole school to know." Kagome laid the baby in a crib and walked back to her room. "I need to change my shirt." She shouted from the back room.

"Ok." Sesshomaru looked around the small room. Covered in baby toys, clothes and dishes it looked how he would think a bachelor pad would look without the baby clothes.

Kagome walked back out in a clean shirt. "Ok let's get started" but when she spoke the baby started to cry again. "Damn" she turned and grabbed the baby who stopped crying right away.

"Right, to work." Sesshomaru cleared a space on the couch for the two of them and pulled out the work for their next test.

After an hour of working the baby had fallen asleep and the two were speaking in hushed voices. Kagome pointed to the back room before rising and walking to the room humming and rocking as she walked..

"Ok she is going to sleep for a few hours before her next feeding." Kagome whispered taking back her spot on the couch.

"What is her name?" Sesshomaru asked looking over Kagome's work.

"Lorene, she is three months old." Kagome lay back ion the couch closing her eyes out of exhaustion.

"Where is the father?" He looked at her laying back.

"How do you know I am not still with him?" Kagome said without moving.

"You said that you lived here with your friend and her boyfriend. You said noting about yours"

"He left me when I was six months pregnant. Now I only have Sango to watch her while I am at school" Kagome sat up. "You can't tell anyone. The last time everyone felt so sorry for me. I couldn't take it. So I moved. I can't do that now. With Lorene, her being so small and all"

"I promise I will not tell anyone." Sesshomaru nodded looking into her eyes. "Your secret is safe with me"