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They say the best things in life come to those who wait. Those who have the patience to do so will reap the rewards. The feminine beauty grasped her lower lip in between her teeth as her mind continued to wander. Her thoughts turned towards the looming war, hanging over each citizen's head like a dark cloud, and especially after almost poisoning who was now becoming the love of her life, she realized that every moment had to be treated like it could be their last – and yet not, so as not to drive oneself crazy.

The soft summer wind picked up, gently caressing the pink-haired locks of the kunoichi; green eyes cast their gaze skywards, looking for-

-Ah! Those same green orbs seemed to smile on their own as chakra funneled down to her lower extremities in preparation for the three story leap. She landed on the patio with a silent thud, then stilled, waiting to see if her presence was noted. After a brief moment had passed, she gave herself the all clear to continue and slowly crept through the open door.

Three kunai suddenly launched from behind the couch, causing the kunoichi to unholster her steel knife and deflect them, a series of clanks echoing through the room as the projectiles fell harmlessly to the ground.

The pink-haired ninja stilled as a fourth blade found its resting spot against her carotid artery. "I need your help, Anko-san."

"Is that so?" The older woman purred, then just as quickly removed the blade and let go of her. Her expression hardened as she got back down to business. "You're going to have to make this quick, kid, I'm leaving for a mission in a few hours."

Sakura played with the hem of her shirt, feeling a wave of uneasiness beginning to turn in her stomach. She'd gone this far… it was time to take the final plunge.

"I need your help…" she said, receiving an annoyed glare from the woman stashing her kunai pack in her holster. "I want to… tame a fox."

The older woman stilled, eyeing her guest with a look of mild curiosity. The wheels in her head spinning as she pursed her lips. "And why would you need my help?

Sakura tilted her head back, as if fighting to keep tears from forming. "I can't kill him, but I know he can. If he can get control of his demon… he'll be able to do it without killing himself in the process."

"And what makes you think you're qualified enough to get him to take control of the Kyuubi, hm? You could wind up killing us all."

Determined green eyes locked onto onyx. "Or I could save us all."

Anko let out a chuckle. Man, these kids are something else these days, she thought as she placed the supplies she had been getting ready back on her couch. "You know, the longer you've been around him, the more head strong you've become." She shrugged her shoulders. "I'll help -" she held up her hand as Sakura let out a sigh of relief – "however.. you wouldn't be up for a threesome, would you?" She smirked, and, for added effect, licked the end of her kunai. "I love the danger."

"Sakura-chan," Naruto whined, his feet nearly tripping over themselves as Sakura dragged him by the arm at a steady pace, "where are we going?"

Sakura's eye twitched as she sighed, having already answered that question twice before. However, the poison she had concocted to take down Sasuke – which inevitably was inflicted on Naruto – had an apparent affect: short term memory loss for the afflicted individual. "Listen, Naruto, just.. don't worry about it, alright?" She said, offering him a small, sympathetic smile and squeezed his arm.

The blond sucked in a breath, willing himself to stay calm – more for Sakura's sake than his own. He knew he must've asked that question, judging from the way Sakura tensed in agitation. It was subtle, but he noticed. He also noticed the way she looked at him when she thought he wasn't looking. Her normally strong and vibrant gaze had changed since they had got back from the Land of Iron. Shaking his head, he tried to focus on something other than their current destination.

The couple seemed to zone out as they progressed onwards. The tree branches shook from their weight as they landed; sending a few green leaves floating towards the ground. The fluttering of wings could be heard from a flock of birds, signaling their departure from the place. Crickets quietly chirped to whoever lucky enough to be around to listen. The village was alive with a pleasant hum as people returned home from various renovating projects that were going on throughout the village, which was all thanks to one person.

Naruto felt a pull inside of his stomach. Regret that he couldn't stop Pain in time, and yet, relief that he was able to reach him enough to restore everyone's life back to them. Yamato-taichou did an amazing job, he figured, looking up at the wind-rustled leaves on the newly erected trees in one of the more secluded parks in Konoha. To able to do so much in such a short amount of time, it astounded him.

Sakura placed a hand on the taller teen's shoulder, signaling for him to stop. With a glance of her eyes she dropped down the ground, with Naruto shortly following. The blond cocked his head, his brow furrowed in a look of confusion. Sakura closed the distance between them and placed a hand on his shoulder, her face inching closer towards his. "I have a surprise for you, Naruto," she whispered into his ear, and smirked as his body let out an involuntary tremble from the close proximity.

Naruto shifted on his feet as Sakura pulled away, immediately regretting the loss of contact. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket and then having that blanket removed from you in a second. He didn't even realize how attached he was becoming until he felt his legs nearly buckle from the seductive smile she was sending his way. He chuckled, what started out as a purely physical relationship was now progressing into something more mature. He had always held strong feelings for her, but with so many mixed signals from Sakura, he never really knew where he stood. Now, after almost killing him by accident, he was hoping she'd realize how fleeting time could be.

Sakura stifled a giggle as she watched Naruto's eyes get a faraway look, zoning out right in front of her. Still holding a smile, she leaned in, her lips pressed against his in a soft, simple kiss. "I want to properly thank you for all that you've done for us, Naruto." Her emerald eyes twinkled mischievously. "Close your eyes for me, please."

"Anything for you, Sakura-chan!" He said as he gave her a large grin, and then promptly shut his eyes, his blond bangs falling haphazardly in front of his face from the movement.

Sakura took a couple measured paces back, then, after a moment's hesitation, placed her hands in the tiger seal. "Release!" she shouted.

Blue eyes widened in surprise, a startled yelp sounded through the deserted area as black kanji began unfurling from the surrounding area and wormed their way along the grass and up to the base of Naruto's feet, steadily creeping their way up his lower appendages.

Naruto's eyes took on a hard rustic color. "Bitch!" shouted a much lower timbered Naruto. "When I get my hands on you, I am going to make you regret-!"

"Ah?" Sakura lifted her head up and to the side, smirking in victory. "Is that all you have to say?" she mocked as she strolled back towards her original spot, mere inches away from Naruto. "I believe we've heard quite enough from you."

Naruto's eyes faded to indigo, and then finally cleared back to sky-blue, all within a brief moment. Sakura stilled for a moment, amazed at how quickly the transformation took place, like witnessing a Tornado swoop down, only to get swallowed back up into the sky within seconds.

"Sakura…?" he questioned, his voice laced with confusion and a hint of suspicion. He flexed his fingers, the only parts of his body he seemed to have control over, and shot the pink-haired beauty a strong look that begged the question: 'What the hell are you doing?'

Sakura reached down and unfastened a pouch that hung from her side and grabbed a small capsule. Nimble, delicate fingers placed the pill up against the boy's lips. Using her free hand, she gently ran her hand against the side of his face, her thumb brushing against his whisker marks. "Don't worry, Naruto-kun," she all but purred as she watched his Adam's apple rise and fall as he swallowed thickly. "Think of this as a sort of... training," she said, emphasizing the last word by gripping the growing arousal of her lover through his pants.

Naruto's azure gaze looked on in reserved lust as the pink-haired shinobi continued rubbing him through his pants. "My my, Naruto, even during all of this, you…" she grinned, adding more pressure, "you like me controlling you, don't you?"

"Agh, th-that's not it at all." He gulped, fighting to control his words as Sakura continued to idly rub against him. "What're you doing, Sakura-chan? This isn't like you. We're outside! Someone could come across this at any time."

"So many questions, so much talking," Sakura whispered. Her green eyes studied the face of her fellow teammate and lover. His voice spoke with determination while his expression held a look of anxiousness. A look, she could tell, that was fading ever so slowly… with every light stroke, simple touch, and gentle squeeze. She tilted her face to the side and leaned up, capturing his lips in a warm kiss.

"Trust me, okay?" She spoke after she pulled away a minute later. "Just focus on relaxing."

Naruto furrowed his brow. She wanted him to relax while she stood here fondling him in a public park, all while he was practically paralyzed? He huffed in annoyance as he struggled to move his legs to no avail. "Why can't I move anything? And why do I feel so funny?" he whined.

"Shhhh, Naruto," Sakura whispered as she snaked a hand inside of his pants and began rubbing his smooth, firm penis. "You must be in a state of total relaxation to break the activated seals I placed on you."

His jaw dropped – literally – in shock as she hit him with the bombshell. How am I supposed to relax at a time like this?!

"As for the pill I gave you earlier," she began to explain as she undid Naruto's pants and slid them to the ground, kicking up a bit of dust in the process. Her eyes gravitated to the very noticeable protuberance in the blond's boxers. The tip of her pink tongue flickered out and wet her lips, while green eyes traveled up and down her teammate's body. A small smile is all she gave as she continued, as if nothing had happened. "It's in its trial version, but it is meant to make the individual much more receptive to stimulus," she said, giving him a tight squeeze. "It also helps them to stay active," another squeeze, "and replace, how do I say this… fluids lost."

Naruto let out a shaky breath while Sakura kneeled before him and grasped the ends of his boxers, dragging them down to his feet at a deliberately slow rate. A soft gasp left him as his cock sprung up and smacked his stomach with a resounding thwack.

Sakura pressed her thighs together as her eyes fell upon her teammate's length, throbbing in hard oscillations that matched its owner's heartbeat. She had seen it before, but never took the time to sit back and appreciate it.

The kunoichi felt a rush of power as she began teasing feather-light touches with her fingertips over the tight length. Naruto growled above her as she continued gliding softly over the length of his dick, then swirled her index finger against the wet tip, gathering the clear, sticky substance that had started to flow out and drip in small strands onto the ground. She then ran her fingernails along his balls, pulling and tugging them down, marveling at how the skin drew tight from his excitement.

Naruto's pulse thundered inside his head, his vision swimming from the intense feelings that were rocking through him. A whimper of helplessness left him as Sakura ghosted her warm, half-closed hand around his length and began a soft, slow pulling rhythm. He thrashed his head down, his eyes skewered shut as the pleasure centers in his brain fired off like fireworks at the great Konohagakure Fall Festival.

"Ah… Ah… Ah…" he all but whimpered as he tried to desperately stave off his ejaculation. If not for being paralyzed, the blond would have collapsed in a writhing pile of mush as he felt his dick begin to pulse. The teen let out a horrified gasp as he felt Sakura release his dick completely, and cried out. Too far gone at that point, the blond needed no extra stimulation to push him past the brink. His dick started jerking wildly up and down as jet after jet of hot cum spurted out of the purple tip; the white strands flying every which way. It seemed to last for hours, and indeed, after all was said and done; sixteen strands of fluid littered the ground as far as twenty-five feet from Naruto.

"That was incredible," Sakura spoke after she was sure he was finished, her voice holding a tone of astonishment. However, after a minute of him not acknowledging her, she began to worry. "Naruto?" she spoke. Since when has he ever been this quiet?

Careful not to set him off again, Sakura placed a hand on his leg and rubbed up and down, in an attempt to reconnect him back with reality.

Ragged panting from the blond teen was all the response Naruto could muster, along with some incoherent murmurs. His body was still experiencing the greatest high it had ever felt, and it still felt as if there were little microscopic beads that were vibrating inside his shaft and down into his ball sack.

Sakura ran a hand through her hair as she tried to think of a way to snap him out of it, and then it came to her. If this doesn't work, she thought wearily, and then put on her best smile as her lips moved to within mere centimeters of Naruto's shiny bulbous head. Her lips puckered as she blew cool air against it. She tilted her head, green eyes, filled with sexual desire as she purred, "The quicker you learn to relax, Naurto-kun, the quicker you can get what you want."

The fog seemed to clear instantly as her teammate's head snapped straight up, then down to look her square in the eyes. Sakura leaned her head back, locking her gaze with his, which smoldered with an intense passion that caused an involuntarily shiver to pass through her.

Naruto's muscles drew taunt as he tried to out-muscle the paralyzation jutsu that afflicted him. He cursed out loud as he struggled; sweat sliding down his jaw onto his chin where it dripped off. He wanted her, and he wanted her now. And no jutsu, person, or deity would stand in his way.

"Naruto-kun," Sakura spoke softly.

All attempts to previously break free stopped dead in their tracks as blue eyes seemingly bulged out of their sockets at the sight presented before him. There she was, his teammate, his friend, his goddess, without a stitch of clothing, leaning back in the grass. His focus drew to her legs, which were spread in open invitation. "So fucking wet," he murmured, noticing the clear liquid that glinted off her milky white thighs.

He swallowed as he watched her fingers tease lazy circles around her entrance, her long, slender digits coming close to, but never penetrating. Keeping the same, slow motion, they moved up and began rubbing her clitoris with her own lubrication.

Sakura let out a shaky gasp as she pleasured herself so openly in front of her friend. The thrill that at any moment, a civilian, or ninja could walk by and see this excited her to no end.

Her free hand rubbed above her chest, which was now flushed red as her arousal grew. "Come fuck me, Naruto." She pleaded to him as she plunged two fingers into herself, moving them in a quick in-and-out pace. Her hips gyrated up into her hand as her fingers sped up, creating rather audible squelching sounds from her wet tunnel.

Naruto bit back a cry as he felt a small amount of fluid make its way up his cock and drool out in long, clear strands. His felt his urge to cum amplify by the sights and sounds he was being forced to take in. Unable to stand another second, he shut his eyes and attempted to will his hips to thrust in the air to get some relief.

Feeling that familiar pressure build almost to an apex, Sakura reluctantly removed her fingers from her womanhood. Her gaze travelled her tortured friend's body, drinking in the image of him on the brink of another massive orgasm. His blond hair plastered with sweat to his forehead, his eyes pleading to her for relief, and that cock, it looked like it swelled another inch from the amount of blood rushing to it.

Sakura slipped her coated fingers into Naruto's mouth, allow him to taste her essence. Then without skipping a beat she grasped his head and kissed him passionately, causing the teen to growl as her tongue swirled inside his mouth, then pulled back to bite at his bottom lip, all the while pressing herself against his raging length.

Naruto let out a howl, attempting, yet ultimately failing, to move his hips forward to increase the friction against Sakura's naked body. His balls burned with a deep ache, as if he hadn't cum in months. He felt his as if his whole body was shaking out of his control as Sakura moaned shamelessly against his ear. A raw, ear-shattering scream ripped from his mouth as he came.

Sakura continued grinding against him as he coated her with his sticky seed. "Messy boy," she chided as she moved to lay him down on his back. His gaze still held an empty look, totally unprepared for what she had in store for him in mere seconds. As turned on as she was, she surprised herself with how she still teased his cock against her opening before making the plunge and settling upon his tanned thighs. A cry of satisfaction passed her lips, marveling at how he seemed to fit her in just the right way, creating a sense of fullness inside of her. Still sheathed fully inside, she rocked her hips forward, grinding herself against him, and then rocked back. Stars were already beginning to fly into her vision, her hands shaking as she lifted up a ways before plunging hard back down on him, creating a hard, fast-paced rhythm.

Naruto teetered on the edge of unconsciousness as his cock, still hard as a rock, buzzed with otherworldly vibrations inside her soaking wet tunnel. Smacking flesh echoed through the clearing, mixed with wails of pleasure as he felt his biggest orgasm yet rush towards him.

Sakura, with desperation laced in her needy voice, began chanting Naruto's name as the tell-tale signs of her impending orgasm reached her. Unbelievable,she panted, feeling Naruto grow, pressing deeply inside of her. His fingernails latched onto her sides, leaving half-crescent marks from the force. The muscles in her stomach clenched as she lurched forward and cried out, feeling her insides burn with desire of the inevitable. She felt herself squeeze tight and clamp around his length to the point where he could barely move inside her. The coil inside of her exploded in a rush of liquids and pleasure as Naruto completed his journey as well, filling her to the brim with his most forceful orgasm of the night.

Cerulean-blue eyes blinked in a daze. His whole body felt light as a feather; the most relaxed he had ever felt in his life. He blinked again, and then raised his hand to wipe the warm drool off the side of his mouth. Wait,he thought, "I can move!"

"I guess you need to cum more often," Sakura said with a smile as laid against his side.

"I guess so." He stated, cupping the side of her face. His gaze set in determination as he leaned down and claimed her lips. "And I know just the person to help me do it."

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