Chapter 1: Analysis

Leon's arms were sore from tugging at his restraints, his stomach empty. It had been four days since he first arrived and he had been left in the same position as when he first came to this place… but his clothes weren't…

"Stupid Brothers…" He muttered to himself as he worked to get his wrists free from the shackles.

Kadaj and Yazoo had been the ones to come in early that morning, drug him, and make sure he was asleep before they "prepared him"… and when he woke up… his shirt was gone… a belt missing… and pants unzipped… But what was odd was how they had left his jacket behind to rest upon his shoulders… It was almost like they he was on display…

A soft click from the other side of the room attracted his attention, making his efforts to escape falter. The man's stormy grey eyes looked up towards the door as it opened and he flinched away, the white light flooding his pupils before it slowly sunk back into the darkness. His eyes opened and there stood his old friend… the comrade that had turned on him… the person that had joined the association of darkness… "Cloud." He growled below his breath, his eyes narrowing into a sharp glare.

"Happy to see me…?" The blonde said softly, sounding more like a Brother than ever before.

Leon could see his eyes gleaming a sharp green, the soft blue illumination of the room barely revealing his form to the other. "Not in the slightest…" He snarled, his body preparing itself for an attack. The first day he had been welcomed here, he was caught off-guard… but not now… Now he had an idea of what was bound to come.

…Of course… Leon never knew of what really happened to Cloud all those weeks ago…

"Oooh… Are still mad?" Cloud teased, beginning his slow stalk forward, a grin on his face. "Angered by the way I left you all alone?"

That's when Leon's emotions got the best of him. "Who wouldn't be you backstabbing bastard!?" His body lurched forward, ready to throttle the other, momentarily forgetting about the chains binding his wrists above his head.

Cloud just smirked as he watched Leon right himself again… "I guess you are… You've never called me a bastard before…" Then his gaze grew cold.

His hand suddenly shot out to grip the brunette's neck, fingers tightening around Leon's flesh. "Maybe I should teach you some manners…" Cloud snarled, his green snake-like eyes drilling down into the other's gaze.

Leon took the treatment for a moment and then jerked his head away, Cloud's fingers letting him slip free. "Would you prefer I call you 'brother' instead…?" Leon asked below his breath, red marks from Cloud's fingers already appearing on his skin.

The blonde looked a little taken aback by his words, but he got over it quickly and began to circle his victim once more… "I'm not like them Leon…" Cloud said softly, his fingertips barely brushing the other's neck, the brunette swallowing down the chills it gave him. "They slave after him… they were assigned to be his subordinates… But I…" Cloud stopped for a moment, his hands slipping down below Leon's jacket and across his chest from behind. "I chose this… I wanted to be his…" He breathed softly, forcing Leon's ears to focus on him… and him alone…

Cloud smirked at the sound of Leon's blood pumping below his skin, his thumbs running over the man's nipples. Leon swallowed again… He would keep control… he wouldn't give in to this torture… "But doesn't that mean you're still his slave…?" The brunette asked, his voice cooler than before.

He could feel Cloud's lips press against the back of his neck, and then a tongue run up his vertebrae. "Not at all…" The hushed words caused the brunette to shudder, and his muscles tensed. "For you see… I let him ravage me… and we both benefit… So that's the only thing that matters."

"Only thing that matters?" The volume of Leon's voice rose as he snapped at the blonde's words… "What about everyone back at home waiting for you to come to your senses?"

The other snorted in amusement. "Come to my senses…?" Cloud repeated, his voice suggesting that he had just heard a joke. "Leon…" He said before beginning his trip back around his prey. "You really don't get it, do you? I don't want to go back, and this isn't a joke. I want to stay here… with him…"

Leon's mind was racing as fast as his heart as he listened to the other's words sliding up his skin. "I just can't understand why…" Leon thought to himself. "I mean…" "…does it really feel that good to be on the bad side…?" Stormy eyes lifted, his gaze meeting Cloud's… and the blonde smirked down on him…

Leon watched as Cloud moved to stand directly in front of him, his eyes dancing with green flecks of mischief… and something else… "Does it feel good…?" Cloud repeated, his voice dropping to a low whisper, taking on a different tone than before… one close to a lover's…

The brunette gulped as he watched Cloud straddle his legs, the blonde much too close for comfort, especially since Leon had nowhere to run. Slowly, Cloud leaned forward, his lips resting upon the brunette's collarbone and kissing up his neck. "C… Cloud…?" Leon asked hesitantly, not sure anymore what Cloud was planning, but the blonde ignored it and continued to kiss and nip at the skin of his neck, until he reached the brunette's jaw…

"Its rapture Leon… being on this side of the battlefield… Completely unimaginable…" Cloud's voice sent soft tingles through Leon's mind as he spoke, the sound of his own name rolling off 

the other's tongue drawing him in… "I don't think you could imagine it… Being teased until your skin burns with an addiction for the touch of a single fingertip… Being kissed so roughly that you can't think… can barely breathe… Having your cock stroked, slowly bringing you to your climax… your back arching so far that you feel as though you'll snap in two with just… another… miniscule… touch…"

Leon shuddered on the next intake of breath, his mind working against his wishes, picturing every single detail that Cloud was describing. "Then there's the penetration Leon… the feeling of utter bliss filling you up inside as your G-Spot is hit over… and over… and over again…" The way Cloud moaned that one word… it hit a nerve inside Leon, and he could barely fight back the urge to make a similar sound. "Then… there's the release… The time when you are pushed over the edge… The time when you can no longer hold on, for your body and mind have been filled with the hazy fog of lust… your senses begging to be let free during that one moment…"

Cloud had Leon panting … it was slow, and slightly controlled, but a pant none-the-less…

"And Leon…?" Cloud whispered into his ear, the brunette surprised by the way his mind perked up to hear more. "…I'm going to show you exactly what it's like…"

At those words Leon's back suddenly arched up, breath coming in as a gasp, eyes showing his shock as they widened. During his words, Cloud had silently been undoing one belt at a time… his hand pushing through the brunette's pants… until it wrapped around the other's cock…

"Ngh-! N-No!" Leon struggled against the chains holding him up, and his eyes clenched shut at the feeling of Cloud's hand sliding up and down his member.

"You're only making it worse for yourself by struggling, Leon…" Cloud hissed, his other hand moving to grab the long brown streaks of hair running down the man's neck, tugging his head back. "…and I know you want it…" He said before kissing the brunette's jaw, his words interlacing with the contact of his lips. "…because… I had you panting… and you were already half erect… before I even touched you…" Leon's breath caught at the realization and his struggling stopped.

Cloud was right… Listening to that kind of thing… it had made his senses flare… And if that happened only by listening about it…?

"No! You can't think like that! You can't give in!" Leon yelled at himself in the back of his mind… but when Cloud's lips met his own… all of his thoughts ran cold.

His eyes were locked on Cloud's, his stormy gaze wide with astonishment as a tongue slipped inside his mouth. But when the blonde's fingers made an exceptionally rough stroke up his length, Leon's eyes closed, and the moan slipped out. Cloud pulled away, chuckling a little to himself. "Good boy…" He taunted, the sneer back upon his face. "Shall I make you moan again?"

"N-No! Don't!" Leon yelled out as Cloud's hand moved down his cock. "Stop it! This is wrong!" But he could already feel the burning sensation Cloud spoke of earlier ripping through his limbs… his skin getting goose bumps in reply to the amazing friction made between their contact. But when Cloud stroked back up, his thumb fondling the head of the brunette's erection, Leon went against his own instructions and moaned again…

He couldn't believe it… how amazing it felt to have this done by another man… He could almost feel his desires dominating his mental commands… the craving ripping through his control a little more with every touch…

His breath shuddered as he was toyed with, Cloud's hand moving to caress his nipple until it formed into a little hard nub upon his chest. "Nh… No… Please…" Leon panted out as his spine bent backwards, the other's mouth closing over the stiff nipple… The brunette bit his lip and his eyes closed at the feeling of the blonde's tongue running over his skin… the rough texture causing tingles to rush up his spine. "N-No! Stop…!" His body writhed beneath the other as Cloud pulled away, tugging at the piece of flesh with his teeth.

The blonde smirked and moved back up to kiss the brunette's neck. "Do you really want me to stop…?" He asked, before his teeth nipped at Leon's bottom lip, pulling it free from between his own grasp.

For once in his life, Leon was truly lost for words… He couldn't help but want to continue, his body already trembling at the feelings rushing through his skin. But he knew he should stop… he knew that in some odd way, this was all helping their side…

Then something pushed down the back of his pants, and his eyes shot open in surprise. "Wha… What are you-!?" He asked in distress as a pair of fingers pressed against his entrance.

"Shhh… It's alright…" The blonde cooed softly in his ear, their cheeks pressing together as Leon's eyes tightened in pain. "It'll feel all better soon…"

The brunette's hands clenched above his head as he struggled to breathe, the fingers pushing past his walls… "Ngh-N-No! Take them out!" His muscles were tensing at the feeling of having the digits inside his ass… curling into him … But when they pulled back out… some of the pain faded and his cock twitched in Cloud's hand.

The blonde smirked. "I don't think you want them to be gone Leon…" He hissed as he pushed them back in, a little faster than the first time. "Look, your body is more honest than you are…" His fingers began to message the head of the brunette's length, each rotation of his thumb pressing in a little harder…

"N-No…! No… Nnnnoh…" Leon could hear his own pleas for the other to stop morphing into moans of pleasure… and he hated himself for it… As his back arched though, his mind began to fog… his thoughts weakening, just as Cloud had told him… Then he gasped, his eyes flying open as his breath stopped… He wasn't sure what it was… but something deep within him was 

pressed… Something that caused his whole body to tremble from the shock of pleasure shot through his limbs…

Cloud looked up, Leon's features stunned in silent ecstasy, and the blonde smirked… "Is it here…? Your good spot…?" He rubbed his finger over the gland once more, and Leon bit his lip to restrain the moan from leaking out again. "Come now, tell me it's here…" Cloud whispered, drawing his hand up the other's length. The brunette's eyes closed in sad attempt to fend off the barrage of pleasure he had just received… But that third elongated stroke up his cock… that third press against his prostate… that third command that slid from Cloud's lips and up into his brain… "Tell me…"

…and he was broken…

"Yes!" Leon blurted out, his lungs releasing the air he had kept in so long. "Yes…" He said again, softer than the time before within a shuddering breath.

Cloud smirked in amusement… The look upon the brunette's face was almost like a work of art… a masterpiece of utter rapture… Cloud's sneer just grew as he leaned forward. "Now here's a question…" His breath ghosted over Leon's skin, causing him to shudder yet again. "Are you prepared for the end…?"

Leon's eyes cracked open, his brows drawing together slightly in confusion. "The wha-AAH!" His back snapped up as Cloud's fingers thrust deeper into his prostate, his other hand grasping Leon's cock and pumping down it quickly. A wave of electricity was suddenly thrown over the man's entire body, his voice crying out into the room.

His back arched a little more with every thrust into his entrance, the third finger being added quickly to stretch him further. "Nh… No…! No don't…! Please…!" Leon cried out between pants, the heat of his skin bonding together, concentrating in his gut. "No… No…! No!" His yells echoed off the walls, growing in volume, but he knew he wouldn't be able to stop it now… His eyesight was already blurring, the dark room around him smoldering into a burning white. "Nh! Ngh! NNGH!" His body tensed as his final cry was ripped from his throat, his muscles contracting and the hot liquid spurting from his cock as he came.

Cloud moved to avoid the drops of cum, but a few still collided with his neck, his eyes closing as he felt the warm liquid hit his skin… But when they opened again, the man below him hung limply in his restraints, his entire body trembling from the exhaustion of release.

The blonde smirked and leaned forward, close to the other's ear. "Now that wasn't so hard… Was it?"

Leon's heart was pounding in his ears, his lungs working double-time within his heaving chest… His torso and jacket were splatter with his own cum, the warmth sending shivers through his heat-deprived body… It was like all that energy… that flame that had ignited within him… was all torn away in one instant…

But what surprised him most… was how much he actually wanted to do it again…

Cloud slipped off of him, his green eyes scanning the other's battered form, a smirk spreading over his lips. "You did good today Leon…" Cloud said as he turned, beginning his walk towards the door. "…Sephiroth will be pleased…"

At that, Leon's eyes opened and his mind kicked back into gear, all of the little details rushing back to him. "Wait…" He said more to himself than the other. Then his head turned towards the blonde that was walking towards the door. "Wait… Wait! What are you going to do to me? What are you planning!?" He called after him.

The door slid open and the brunette flinching away from the light. "Now now Leon… Don't you know…?" Cloud began, his taunting tone filling the air. "A secret is never a secret if it is told."

Leon stared as the door closed behind him, the silhouette sinking away to leave Leon back alone in the dark.

But the moment Cloud took one step away from the closed entryway, his back was suddenly rammed up against it, arms pinned over his head. Blue eyes widened, the blonde startled slightly by the pounce, but then they closed as a tongue ran up his neck, head tipping back at the feeling.

"You made him cum hard if it's all the way up here…" The man said before his tongue continued to lap up the spots of white across Cloud's neck.

"Nnnyes…" The blonde moaned quietly, his master's lips feeling amazingly erotic as they traveled up his jaw.

"What's the conclusion…?" Sephiroth asked, his arm wrapping around to support the bend of Cloud's back, releasing his wrists.

Cloud swallowed, one of his hands moving to press against Sephiroth's chest. "He's got good stamina, but-AH!" The blonde gasped as his earlobe was bitten playfully, his fingers tightening on the leather covering Sephiroth's form.

"Yes…?" The man hissed, his tongue dipping inside the other's ear.

Cloud's neck scrunched up slightly and a faint tint of red spread over his cheeks. "…I'm… I'm going to need some assistance with this one…" The blonde said shakily, goose bumps spreading over his skin.

"Too much of a challenge for you Cloud…?" Sephiroth taunted, his lips curling up into a smirk.

Cloud gasped and his back arched, the man's hand dipping below his pants. The blonde's hands gripped his shoulders as a hand stroked up his cock, Cloud's body trembling below his touch. "S-Sephiroth… We can't…" But even though he was saying no, he could feel the erection forming below the tight fabric.

Sephiroth smirked. "Since when have you been one to get embarrassed, Cloud…?"

"I'm… I'm not it's… just…!" His breath faltered as his head was caressed by the man's nails, tingles being sent through his legs. "Not in the middle of the hallway like this…!" He continued to protest, his lungs already beginning the pace of a pant.

"Why not…? It's my hallway."

Cloud couldn't help but smirk at that. He knew his master would never say anything like that around anyone else but him. But he had also learned how to appeal to the man's interests… a good thing to learn if you wanted to get your way…

Slowly, his lips moved closer to Sephiroth's ear, restraining the moan urgent to crawl from his throat. "Yes but… I would think that you would want my full sexual stamina for later…"

The hissed words made Sephiroth's fingers hesitate for a moment in their act of pleasuring the other, and Cloud knew he was thinking over his options. But having the other's fingers upon his cock without them moving was killing the blonde… having his exultation so close, and yet so far…

…until they drew away…

Cloud's body tensed as they were pulled out of his pants, and then his breath was released, his arms quivering involuntarily. But when he looked up to face the other… his heart skipped a beat… "Did you lie to me Cloud…?" Sephiroth said as he licked the blonde's pre-cum from his fingertips… that sensual look locked onto his pet's gaze. "Because it seems you didn't want me to stop." Sephiroth said, tongue curling around his fingers… the slick muscle dragging up their sides slowly…

Blue eyes stared up into the green gaze of his master for a moment, before dropping to his unveiled fingers, hypnotized by the simple act… mental images of countless blowjobs filling his mind… and then he cleared his throat and looked away, reestablishing the grip upon his senses. "Maybe I didn't… but I knew we shou-"

He gasped as he was tugged forward by his neck, the man's finger hooked below his leather collar, drawing their lips nearer. "Then why did you…?" Sephiroth whispered, his breath ghosting Cloud's lips which had cracked open in surprise.

The man drew their bodies closer, their eyes closing as the space between them did as well… Sephiroth's arm wrapped around his back, the other hand still gripping the collar on his pet's tender skin… Cloud's arms lifted to reach around Sephiroth's back, pulling himself nearer as their lips changed sides, their tongues being exposed to the air for a moment, his fingers lacing through the man's silver hair.

Their tongues rubbed against one another slowly, Sephiroth's driving a little deeper into Cloud's throat, the blonde groaning at the feeling… and then--


Cloud's eyes snapped open and he pulled away from the other, Sephiroth's tongue slipping from his mouth. Then the two turned to face the one who had interrupted their fun, Sephiroth's gaze much colder and less shocked than Cloud's. "Yes…?" He snarled, obviously upset by the intrusion.

"Sorry for disrupting, but a complication has occurred…"

Cloud's muscles relaxed a bit, and his brows drew together slightly in curiosity… but before he gained the chance to ask…

"What kind of 'complication'…?" Sephiroth asked, his arms pulling all the way away from the blonde's body, his form turning towards the brother in front of them.

"It has to do with those people brother used to live with." Yazoo reported, motioning towards Cloud for certain clarifications. "They're planning something."

"How can you tell?" Cloud chimed in, his green gaze locking with the other's.

Yazoo looked him over for a brief moment and then back to Sephiroth. "They're contacting others on their side, such as those teenagers you've encountered before in the canyon."

"The Keyblade master…?" Cloud asked

"Yes, that is correct. Along with Ansem's toy, Riku."

Sephiroth and Cloud's eyes met for a moment, before the man began his walk down the hall, slipping his gloves back on over his fingers. "I assume you've tapped their connections to their allies…" Sephiroth tested, Yazoo and Cloud trailing behind him… his pet a little closer to him than the brother.

"That's how we acquired this information so soon."

"So they haven't arrived at the refuge yet…?" Cloud asked, turning to take a clipboard Yazoo had been carrying.

"No. Or else we would have seen them through those cameras you installed on your last night there."

"So we still have some time before they acquire full access to their weaponry and planning guides…" Sephiroth said more to himself than the other two.

The three of them entered an elevator off to their left, Cloud pausing on a certain sheet within the packet of information. "Wait a minute… Here it says that they've also contacted the Shinra building… Are they trying to get the Turks assistance as well?"

"It appears so, but nothing is positive about that data yet." Yazoo heaved a sigh before pushing his hair behind his ear. "It's not as easy to tap the communications network of Shinra Incorporated."

"So we're looking at an ambush…?" The blonde asked, handing back the packet.

"Most likely."

Cloud sighed. "Well, if they're looking for the Turks help, they'll have to find some sort of compensation for their services… Of course…" Cloud paused as he thought back. "Reno and Rude were already hanging around the place back when I was there."

"Indeed…" Yazoo's mind traveled back to the time when he had the redhead pinned beneath that slab of wood, just before he shot the trigger… Of course, he never expected the redhead to be skilled enough to slip away as his bullet flew through the air…

"Have they gained any information on our whereabouts…?" Sephiroth asked, attracting both the others' attention.

"Not that we are aware…" Yazoo stated coolly. He always so indifferent about these kinds of things.

The elevator jerked to a stop and the doors opened, the three men walking out into a shorter hall before they reached another large metallic door. When it swung open, Cloud's eyes widened… He had never seen the central of command so busy and filled. It was a bit frightening. "I guess you guys are serious about this, huh Brother…?" The blonde said, glancing to Yazoo. Out of the three of them, Yazoo was the only one he could tolerate.

He already hated Kadaj for reasons that were clear enough to everyone, and he disliked Loz because of his odd way of making everything so… childlike… Whenever he wasn't battling he was either crying or asking where things were. Ever since they had relocated him within the Lifestream, he had just been a pain… and Cloud couldn't help but want to put him back into the damn stream.

"Very." Yazoo replied, looking around the room at the bustling members of their association.

Then Cloud's eyes landed on a certain person he had only met twice within the last four days … "Is that Zexion…?" He asked no one in particular as he stared at the teenager in the corner, typing away mercilessly.

"Yes." The brother responded before turning back to Cloud. "Didn't you know…? He is one of our top technologists."

"Ah." Cloud really hadn't learned that much in this department during the days of his residence. Hell, he had barely gotten acquainted with the layout. Then something touched his leg, his green gaze moving down to see a thin vine barely brushing his ankle. His eyes followed the greenery to the brother's feet beside him, the plant bending up beneath his cloak.

"Hello…" A smooth voice came from behind the two.

Cloud's head turned to face the assassin, his hands already tightening around Yazoo's waist, the brother's face already having changed from indifferent to slightly shocked by the presence of a plant up his pants. The blonde smirked and looked away from the two, knowing full well of what they did in their free time… which was probably the same for most of the residents here…

Then a breath crept up Cloud's neck and his muscles tensed. "Do you enjoy watching them…?"

His master's voice was soft and it made his cheeks reacquire their red tint. But before he could answer, someone's shoulder bumped him, and his head turned to face the other blonde. "Come on lovebirds, this is why we have rooms…"

Both Cloud and Yazoo looked appalled at her behavior. "Hey!"

"You're in the presence of your superiors." Yazoo said, his eyes fixating on her.

"How dare you spe-!" But a hand fell atop Cloud's shoulder and he stopped himself, head jerking around to look at the man beside him.

"Come on guys… She's just being her normal old self…" Marluxia chimed in.

Larxene smiled in a way that said 'exactly. So you have to deal with it.' before she continued her trek forward into the room. But as she walked, her hand met with the top of Zexion's head, ruffling his hair to simply piss him off. And as usual… it worked.

He growled low in his throat, the woman just winking at him as she continued on her way down the hall on the other side of the room. Cloud watched as Zexion straightened out his hair and then walked towards them, another chunk of papers in hand. "Sir, there's been a shift in our plans."

Cloud's ears perked up as Yazoo took the papers from the other, his eyes scanning it thoroughly.

"What is it?" Yazoo said, flipping though the report.

"It appears…" Zexion said, glancing over at Cloud and Sephiroth in the corner of his eye. "…that the Keyblade masters have arrived at the settlement."

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