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These "bonus Chapters" (as I'm calling them) will be a wide-range of chapters that take place in parallel to the Tied to the Darkness Series, or during time-gaps in the stories. These will include – of course – my personal favorite pairing of Seph and Cloud, but also – for fans of other pairings – it may also include AkuRoku, Cleon, Seph/Leon, Zemyx, Soriku, and my personally created pairing – Marluxia and Yazoo, which I am VERY MUCH SO looking forward to writing. I have a feeling it'll be quite delicious. XD

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The assassin chuckled as he looked over his prey's alabaster skin, cracked with the green of his chosen weapon of pleasure, fingers drifting down over the brother's chest, earning a growl from the elegant creature he had ensnared, a smirk running up the man's lips in response to the sound. But even as the one currently bound to the wall struggled, he could only think of one thing, and one thing alone…

"How did it get to this?"

It had only been a few days since the blonde had been captured and Sephiroth's… "torture" had begun, and already everything was being thrown onto Yazoo to be taken care of. The entire day he had been rushing around all three of the base's floors, gathering information on the enemies' plans of retrieval, working on mapping out the life-stream, and now, he was stuck watching Vexen, their first to retrieve, navigate that same map in search for new members.

"I thought you said you had a signature presence already…" Yazoo grumbled irritably. He was getting tired of standing there, watching a little screen flash green designs of the life-stream and a giant metal hoop do nothing at all.

"I did. Now it seems he is trying to escape further into the life-stream… Of course, I know this man well enough to guess his next point of travel, even when dead." The scientific mind replied. Oh, I'm sorry, showed off.

It was almost eerie how much of a resemblance the man had to professor Hojo… Not physically, but mentally, they were almost spitting-images of one another… and it gave the Sephiroth portion of Yazoo the chills. "Well, when you find him, contac-"

"There!" The man suddenly blurted, pointing a thin finger to the screen, a red dot appearing on its radar. "There he is… Our Assassin." Vexen grinning as he spoke. Then he turned to face Yazoo swiftly. "Go! Get Sephiroth, for only one who has been in and out of the lifestream is able to retrieve the dead. Quickly!" He was showing off his knowledge again… But what he didn't know was that he was also pissing off the Brother.

At that, Yazoo glared down at the other. He did not like being neither ordered, nor commanded as though he were owned by such a leech of a human being. "Brother is otherwise preoccupied."

"Nonsense! He must-!"

"He must do nothing. Not for you, Number Four." But before Vexen could retort, Yazoo's eyes glimpsed the red spec moving yet again… and quickly. "Open it." He said suddenly, positioning himself in front of the large metal hoop, not much larger than the Brother himself, only really crafted to sprout one person at a time.

"If I open that, you will be sucked in with him! You can't possibly-!"

"Open the gate, or else we will lose him." Yazoo said bluntly, reptilian eyes glaring deep into the scientist's pupils.

"Tch!" Vexen hissed out, before putting in the commands to open the gate, fingers working quickly to plug in the "spec's" coordinates more precisely.

Yazoo's hair blew backwards at the burst of wind from the life-stream when the gate opened like an eye, gaze staring directly into its black and green depths, random strands of it almost reaching out for him in a sense, their 'fingers' lapping at his arms and hands hungrily, trying to draw the undead brother back into its open mouth. But Yazoo didn't move… He had been within this great abyss once before, and death no longer frightened him. Not after his elder brother had pulled him free through this very tear in its flesh, the man also showing no fear towards the entity he had seen many times before.

"How close is he?" Yazoo asked, taking a step forward, eyes peering deep within for any sign of movement, any shape or shadow.

"Very." Vexen replied, keeping his eyes glued to the screen… "Here! He should be there now!"

And at that, Yazoo's eyes caught it… the silhouette of a man floating through its waters, and his arm reached out swiftly, plunging deep within the life-stream, up to his elbow being consumed… then his shoulder… until he touched something, and couldn't help but smirk in triumph to himself. "Got chya."

But his eyes suddenly widened as he felt something begin to crawl up his skin, across his arm, and he took a step back, confused and deterred at the sight of vines growing up across his flesh, arm completely immobilized underneath their green skins as they grew closer and closer to his shoulder. Then his other hand reached out, gripping his encased wrist through the gate, pulling to get himself free, exposing his hand from the stream… along with a flash of deep-green.

Vexen only began to cackle behind him as Yazoo started to breathe heavy with fear, vines sprouting out all around the edges of the gate, creeping across the floor and gripping to its cracks… to the Brother's legs and the walls behind him, pulling something free. But then the head of a man breached the stream's surface, his mouth cracking open to allow him a large breath of air, his hand outstretching to grip just below Yazoo's encased elbow, pulling upon him until his foot stepped through the gate, landing steady on the floor. Yazoo could only stare in partial awe and horror as the man's body began to emerge, the life-stream screaming in anguish as he was torn through its flesh, tendrils of black gripping tight to his shoulders and hips, trying to make the Assassin stay.

But Yazoo's gaze faltered as he looked down to his arm, the vines starting to retreat, almost as though they were moving back within the man's very veins to escape… The man whose body was now stepping free of the stream's grasp… it's black hands of the dead crawling back into the darkness… vines leaving the floor and walls… the wind dying slowly until the gate's eyes were closed once more, leaving Yazoo disheveled and panting from the experience, heart ringing in his ears.

But then he realized one problem… As he looked back down to his arm, he noticed… the imbecile's hand was still holding onto him like a child would his mother.

"Yazoo…" Vexen started, grinning crookedly as he stood from his seat and walked over to the two, placing his hand atop the assassin's shoulder. "This is Marluxia. Number Eleven."

At that, the Brother's eyes lifted to look over the other, arm becoming irritated with being held, but the action he saw in progress only made a single silver brow rise. Marluxia… was bowing.

"A pleasure to meet you, Yazoo." And, just as smoothly as he spoke his words, the Graceful Assassin moved his hand to rest gently below Yazoo's fingers, lips moving to kiss the top of his hand, lips laying soft upon his flesh, only to leave in a silent smirk…

But the brother was unimpressed.

Marluxia jumped slightly and looked back up at the other as Yazoo's arm was wrenched away from his grasp, eyes still going un-met while Yazoo abruptly turned to stalk out of the room. "Don't touch me." He almost snarled. He had had enough for the day and needed to meet Sephiroth outside their captive's door in thirty minutes. At this rate he would be late, and he was sure he no longer looked professional after such a ridiculous experience.

But his steps were halted suddenly, only a few feet from the door, as something wrapped around his ankle, keeping him grounded. He sighed not even bothering to look down, nor turn around, knowing already that what was around his foot was most-likely some type of foliage created by the man walking towards him from behind. Yazoo sighed, exasperated with these antics… "Is there something you need…?"

"Well…" Marluxia started, smirking behind the other as he neared, "I do see something I want…"

Yazoo's eyes widened slightly and he felt himself shiver at the words whispered beside his ear, the Assassin's breath running hot across his neck. But before any average human could've reacted, Yazoo snarled beneath his breath and whirled around, elbow in a course to plunge directly into the other's stomach… But at that exact moment, Yazoo's eyes locked onto the other's gaze, his breath being taken only for the briefest of moments, the sharp blue running cold and deep within his mind… piercing and analyzing his very existence within that single moment… and it made him shudder.

But what he also soon realized was how beautifully the other dodged his attack, the man's hand coming up to grip his wrist and pull him forward as he moved back up, the motion seemingly effortless on Marluxia's part, and Yazoo couldn't help but stumble into the assault as lips met.

Jade eyes widened considerably at the increased pressure, Marluxia's other hand - not still gripping to Yazoo's arm – moving up to support the Brother's head as the kiss became increasingly sexual, a tongue daring to try and pry open Yazoo's lips… which only angered him more.

Suddenly, Marluxia found himself on the floor, hand clutching his cheek, looking up with a gaze as sharp and angered as lightning to watch the Brother's once-bound foot touch back to the ground, slit pupils looking down upon him as though he were a mere pest just waiting to be smashed. Of course, the Assassin still couldn't help but smirk when he saw that he had the other panting. "Do not. Touch me." Yazoo growled, the words soft but jagged, being spoken only moments before he turned away yet again to head down the hallway.

But upon one of his steps away, his eyes widened, a collective growth of vines bursting forth from the ground around his foot, their backs arching like snakes before they all struck forward, constricting upon Yazoo's flesh, paralyzing him and tying his arms to his sides. Then the chuckle flowed up from behind him, the Assassin standing from the floor and walking closer. "Did you really think that I'd let you go that easily…?" He asked, the tone of his voice making it obvious that he was enjoying himself immensely, Yazoo struggling against the bonds, throwing an infuriated gaze of green towards the others eyes as he circled the Brother, Marluxia only smirking in response.

"Let me free." Yazoo commanded, snarling… threatening.

But his demands weren't met as Marluxia only laughed under his breath, "And why would I do that…?" He asked as he moved in closer once more, lips nearing the other's earlobe. "Especially when I've caught such a tantalizing dish…" Yazoo gritted his teeth, closing his eyes against the feeling of the man's tongue running up the shell of his ear, a soft puff of breath cooling the heated skin as the other spoke the next word. "Now…" Marluxia whispered, fingers drifting up the other's chin, tilting up Yazoo's head before the Brother jerked it away to the side, giving him a look that could kill. "Care to point me in the direction of the closest vacant room…?" He said, smirking, fingers twining around the zipper at the top of Yazoo's cloak, undoing it slowly to reveal the skin of the Brother's neck and collarbone… eyes taking in every inch… already hungry for more.

"You're disgusting." Yazoo hissed between his teeth, gaze practically burning with revulsion for the other, squirming slightly against the bonds constricting his arms.

But Marluxia went unthreatened by the other's serpentine gaze, his mind already set. "Then that should act as inspiration to find me a room…" He said simply, before slowly running a slick line up across the Brother's jugular with his tongue, Yazoo's head reflexively tipping back… the Assassin laying a kiss below his bitten ear. "Unless of course… you'd wish people to see something so disgusting fucking you out in the hallway?"

Yazoo's eyes widened, the gasp that escaped his lips shuddering, along with his spine. "You…. You wouldn't dare it." He half threatened, half asked… almost afraid…

"Mmmno… I'm not doing the daring…" Marluxia said softly, allowing his plants to move ever-so-slightly away from the Brother's clothes, unzipping him further… the smooth plains of his chest now being unveiled to the cold air around them, their flesh rising and falling with his breaths… Marluxia loving every intake of air. "You are."

Yazoo gasped again, only slightly louder as the stranger's heated mouth encased one of his nipples, the Brother reflexively biting his lower lip to keep himself from making any further sounds. "This man is insane…!" He thought as he felt Marluxia's tongue run roughly across the nub's hardening surface, Yazoo's body acting against his mind as his skin flared underneath the touch. "Ngh-! Shit…" Yazoo said below his breath as the other's teeth pulled at his sensitive flesh, swallowing hard in order to keep control on his own body. Was this moron really going to do this out in the middle of the hallway…? Where ANYONE could see?

"You're trembling…" The man remarked softly against the Brother's skin, the tips of his lips barely touching Yazoo's nipple one last time before pulling completely away, Yazoo's eyes watching as he stood back to full height before him, glaring venomously even as he panted. "From your body's reaction, one would think you're actually enjoying this…" He said as he smirked devilishly, deep blue eyes gleaming with desires Yazoo did not want to help him accomplish.

"I'm not. Trust me." The Brother grated back.

"Well then, am I to assume you won't help me in finding a place to properly play with you…?" Marluxia asked with a grin, moving closer to the other's face, Yazoo desperately moving his head back, his eyes sending warnings of pain that would ensue if the man was brave enough to untie him.

"Why would I ever take orders from scum like you…!" The Brother snarled, his shoulders twisting as he tried to free himself, legs and arms still ensnared, plants tightening back around him.

But the Assassin only smirked, his eyes telling Yazoo of his stubbornness immediately. "Fine then… I'll just have to try every room in this hall until I find an empty one." He spoke, his lips moving close to the brother's ear once more, the final words sending chills through Yazoo's mind, eyes widening in shock… Until his body was suddenly thrown aside, shoulder crashing harshly into the wall, a sound of pain escaping his lips upon impact, the vines moving to tie his hands behind his back, releasing his legs in turn.

But before he could even think of looking for the other, locating the target to attack, a hand grasped above his elbow tightly, a new vine running around the back of his head and over his eyes, blinding the Brother completely to the world around him. "What're you—mmrf!" But another quickly grew to encase his mouth… except with this plant, something started to pry apart his lips, pushing past them to enter his mouth, laying ominously upon his tongue…

But all he could do was squirm and try to speak incoherent words to the man beside him, panic starting to take hold, body thrashing wildly against his restraints, until he was held still by Marluxia's hand, cupping his chin tightly. "Sssh, my little pet…" He spoke softly, brushing back the others hair, letting it rest behind Yazoo's ear. "You must be careful with the fruit in your mouth… You wouldn't want to bite it, not knowing what it is…"

Yazoo gulped… his jaw suddenly very tense around the bulbous plant acting as a ball-gag to his mouth, his skin's temperature dropping as he realized… this person was not like others he had met before… He had no restraint in getting what he wanted…

"But don't be afraid…" Marluxia continued, Yazoo clearly being able to hear the smirk upon the other's lips as the words slithered through the air. "This is just when the real fun begins."

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