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Your hair shines like the summer sun, your eyes like a breezy sea.

No, that's not right.

Your hair shines in the summer sun, radiating


Your eyes are like a deep ocean. Deep, and dangerous.

Why does everything I write sound so corny?

Your hands, strong and calloused

Why did I put his hands? What could I romantically say about his hands? 'Oh Peter, your

hands are so strong, I bet they would feel lovely jerking me off'. Yeah, real romantic.

Your smile is bright enough to illuminate the darkest of days, warm enough to thaw the coldest of winters.

Well, that's not too bad. It's sappy and poetic, but it's not too cheesy. Maybe I should stop trying to serenade Peter about his sunny hair and ocean eyes, and concentrate on his smile.

A smile that keeps my lonely heart beating when directed at me.

A smile that keeps my lonely heart stopping when directed at others.

Needs a little revision, not terrible though.

When I see your face in my dreams, it is not of juvenile things like sexual touches and sensual whispers.

When I see your face in my dreams, is it of white, straight teeth, that smile for me as they say the words I so long to hear.

Maybe I shouldn't tell Peter I dream of him, sounds kind of…creepy. But Peter is a hopeless romantic, he'd probably be flattered if someone dreamt of him.

I wonder if I should leave this masterpiece as is, or work on it some more. I wish I had Susan's talent for poetry, I'm rubbish at this. Everything I write is cliché and corny.

I wish there was a way for me to tell Peter how I felt, without actually needing to speak to him. Telling your brother you're secretly in love with him within punching distance is not my idea of romantic.

I'm great with words, as long as I am speaking them. I've never been good at portraying my thoughts into written form.

Maybe I can convince Susan I need help wooing a girl at school, so she'll help me. She would kill me if she knew I had feelings for Peter. 'Oh, it's so unholy!' Whatever Su.

Maybe Lucy would help. Issues about sex never really concern her, she just believes in love. Besides, two brothers dating can't be any worse than a girl dating a faun. I'm sure Lucy would understand.

Ah, who am I kidding? Lucy would get so giggly and happy she'd end up telling Peter. I really don't want him finding out I love him through Lucy, that would be more mood killing than my poetry.

None of this is going to work, I should just give up now. Even if Peter returned my feelings, no one besides Lucy would understand, for very obvious reasons.

What the…? Did someone just slide a piece of paper under my door? I wonder what it could be…

In the rainy fall weather, I see your personality

In the snowy winter weather, I see your soul

In the breezy spring weather, I see your heart

In the sunny summer weather, I see your smile

Wow…cheesy, but beautiful. Who would write something so poetic about me?