Peter held the paper in his hands, debating what to do with it. He could grow a pair and knock on Edmund's door, giving him the paper. Or, he could slip the paper under the door and run away like a lion with his tail between his legs.

He could stand face to face with Edmund and bare the pain of a hurtful rejection. Or, he could avoid all of that and slip the paper under the door, like a secret admirer. Which he was, now that he thought about it.

So, option A, potentially getting his ass kicked by younger brother for having an unholy infatuation with him. Or, option B, getting his feelings out there without younger brother knowing it was him, which greatly reduces the risk of heartache and other bodily aches.

Option B it was, as Peter slid the paper under the door.

He quickly and quietly walked away, making it past the corner as he heard a door, possibly Edmund's, open.

He walked faster now, faintly hearing footsteps down the corridor. It could've been one of the other boys in Edmund's dorm, but he didn't want to risk that chance.

He stepped through the door that led outside, breaking out into a full run. He didn't stop running until he reached his own dorm, throwing the door open and slamming it loudly behind him.

He stood there with his hands on his knees, breathing deeply in order to try and calm his thudding heart.

Peter couldn't believe he'd done it. He actually gave Edmund the poem. Granted, he ran away from the battle, but he still held some triumph over this small victory.

A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts, as he glanced worriedly around the room. What if it was Edmund?

No, that would be impossible. There is no way Edmund would know it was him, no way.

Peter opened the door, biting his tongue so he wouldn't scream as he saw who it was.

Of course it was Edmund, of course.

"Pete, can I talk to you?" Edmund asked, as Peter saw the paper with the poem clutched tightly in his hand.

Although he felt like he was dying on the inside, Peter smiled and stepped aside, allowing his brother to enter the room.

"What's on your mind, Ed?" Peter said, nonchalantly. Just got to play it smooth.

"I got this sappy love poem, and I have no idea who it's from. Do you know of any girls who like me Pete?" Edmund asked, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

On one hand, Peter's insides were jumping with joy because Edmund didn't know it was him, or anyone, for that matter. On the other, his well thought out poem was just called sappy.

"I don't Ed, sorry" Peter, giving Edmund's shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

"Shucks, I wish I knew" Edmund actually looked distraught over this, to Peter's surprise. "Despite it's corniness, this is a nice poem. I would love to thank them for it…and to politely refuse their affections…because I have my own" Edmund whispered, more to himself than to Peter.

Peter's heart sunk as he heard Edmund whisper feelings for another. He wasn't sure why, but Peter always imagined Ed to be the type of man to never really have romantic feelings for people. He always figured that, with Edmund's personality, he would go from one date to another, never settling down.

The only time Peter ever imagined Edmund in a serious relationship was when he thought of himself in that same one.

"You like someone, Ed?" Peter asked, successfully keeping his voice steady.

Assuming Peter hadn't heard him, Edmund blushed as he looked down at his feet.

"Um…yeah, I do…but they don't like me, so it hardly matters"

Peter couldn't imagine anyone not liking Edmund. Sure, his personality was a bit…different, but it was an interesting, refreshing kind of different.

And he was gorgeous too, as Peter and many of the girls here at school called him.

"Don't be daft Ed, you're a great catch. You should tell her your feelings" Peter smiled in his mature, helpful older brother way.

"That's just it, though. I can't tell her my feelings, because it's…it's not a her" Edmund said, blinking his eyes to stop his tears.

Peter's heart sunk even further. He could've dealt with Edmund loving a woman., but loving another man?

"Edmund, whether you're gay or not, just know that I will always love you, alright?" Peter said, his voice cracking when he said the word 'love'.

"That's my other problem" Edmund whispered, as a few tears dripped down his face, onto his parted lips.

Peter had never seen a more beautiful site in his entire life.

Without thinking, he brought a hand to cup Edmund's cheek, as he wiped the tears away with his thumb. He brushed his thumb against Edmund's wet lips, reveling in their softness.

Edmund looked at him, tears shining in his dark eyes, as he kissed Peter's thumb.

"It was you, wasn't it? You wrote the poem" Edmund whispered, his eyes locked with Peter's.

"Sorry it was so sappy" was all Peter he said, as he brought their lips together.