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Quick, repetitive breaths. Harsh groans and soft sighs.

Peter kissed Edmund's collarbone, nibbling the skin gently between his teeth.

Edmund's groans of pleasure were encouraging, as Peter breathed cold air on the forming bruise.

Edmund shuttered, his lips trembling in anticipation and his eyes closing shut.

Peter placed opened mouth kisses down Edmund's chest as he ran his hands over his smooth, pale thighs.

He dipped his tongue into Edmund's belly button, teasing him as he ran one finger up and down Edmund's pale cheek.

Edmund fisted the sheets between his fingers, grinding his teeth together as felt the one finger enter him.

He hissed at the unfamiliar pain, his toes curling.

Peter pushed another finger inside of Edmund, moving his fingers to stretch the tight hole.

Edmund's hair was plastered to his forehead with sweat, as he cried out Peter's name.

Peter smiled as he pushed a third finger in, continuing in his administrations to that sweet spot inside of Edmund that made him see stars.

Peter continued to thrust his fingers into Edmund, scissoring them to stretch the boy.

Peter's breaths were fast, as he starred at the delectable sight before him.

Sweat dampened skin, eyes tightly shut, flushed cheeks.

An open mouth, spilling out grunts and sighs and needy moans.

Knuckles fisted into sheets, turning white from the pressure.

Back arched up, cock jutting straight up, pre come leaking from the tip.

Peter pulled out his fingers as he leaned over to kiss Edmund.

Tongues meeting each other in an intimate dance, lips gliding easily over the others.

Peter continued to kiss Edmund as he pushed his way into the tight canal, muffling Edmund's cries of pain with his mouth.

The heat and pressure around his cock made him dizzy, as he rested his forehead against Edmund's.

He began a slow and steady rhythm, as he placed kisses against Edmund's neck.

He eased Edmund's fingers from the sheets, interlacing them his own.

As Peter began to pump harder, Edmund's breaths grew faster.

Knowing he hit that spot as Edmund cried out, digging his nails into the back of Peter's hands.

Peter began to pound into his younger brother, who cried out at each thrust.

The painful pleasure of the moment was torturing to Edmund, as he wanted nothing more than to keep doing this. He felt it though, the pressure pooling around his groin.

He opened his eyes to see Peter's face above his, eyes shut and mouth opened wide.

Edmund came hard at that site, come splattering his and Peter's stomachs.

Feeling his brother's seed on him, Peter gave one hard final push into Edmund, releasing his load into the sweet body.

He collapsed on top of Edmund, his arms and back sore.

He opened his eyes to see his brother looking at him.

Eyes dark with lust, glittering with tears.

Peter gave Edmund a chaste kiss, untangling one of his hands from Edmund's to smooth back the damp hair from his brother's eyes.

He rested his head on Edmund's shoulder, sighing softly as he closed his eyes.

He felt a kiss against his forehead, and one arm wrapped protectively around his waist.

Their legs were tangled together, their hands interlaced.

Edmund's breath became shallow and even, as he drifted off to sleep.

Peter smiled, moving his head so that his lips were touching Edmund's ear.

"I'm falling into you".