It was a noramal day on the Condor

Stork was flying and being Mr. Emo

Finn and Junko were goofing off

Piper was messing with crystals

Aerrow was begin all learder like

and Radarr was...Radarr.

Now it so happenes that Finn and Junko were playing in the kitchen and but some stupid reason caused a thing of chocolate syrup to spray all over the place.

Everyone did get a little chocolate on them, but Radarr was drenched in it.

"Whoa Radarr," Piper began. "You are a really dirty..." It was at this point that Piper never knew what Radarr was

"Umm Aerrow what exacly is Radarr?" Piper asked

"Ummmmm..." Aerrow had no clue.

"What you don't know?! He's your friend and you don't know what he is?"

"Well he never told me," Aerrow said making up a stupid excuse

"He's coloful and furry like a blizzarian mabey he's a mini-blizzarian," Junko said

"No he's very diffent from a Blizzarian," Piper said.

"A bunny or a dog?" Finn said


"A racoon?" Aerrow guessed

"A lemur?" Stork guessed

"Leamur might be right." Piper said

"Lemurs aren't blue." Finn said

"Piper why don't you just look in your book?" Aerrrow asked.

Piper got her book and went through it. Just then she found the answer.

"Well it says here that Radarr is a..." Just then Finn spilled chocolate syrup on the book

"Thanks Finn now we will never know."

Just then Radarr got a pen and paper and scribbled something on it.

Aeroow picked it up and read it

"Radarr is a cute, blue, furry, STORMHAWK." Aerrow read

"Works for me," Stork said

"Dito," Finn added

Aerrow and the others then went on give their best blue, furry buddy a bath.

For some reason that was also the first time any of them saw Radarr naked, and let's just say Radarr might have been small, but he's definetly the biggest man in the Condor.