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Operation Impress Daddy

Ino scratched her head in front of the whole table.

"well then, who is it?" Sasuke asked. Ino let out a nervous laugh. "well…I, I…" she started. "you cant choose, can you?" Shikamaru asked. Ino nodded a very small nod.

"aww…how cute, she likes us all…" Kiba commented.

"or, she just doesn't want to hurt the other guys feelings…" Neji said straightforward. Ino blushed.

"it's okay…we can handle it." Gaara said to her.

Ino wasn't convinced. Then an idea popped into her head. "I know!" she declared, "the truth is, you guys are all awesome…but now that you've impressed me…all you have to do is convince daddy!" Ino announced.

This was going to be like one of those reality t.v. shows, wasn't it? When someone gets thrown out of a house when they didn't impress the judges each week…

The boys groaned, "great…" Kiba said, "with that being said, Sasuke and Shikamaru already have an upperhand." He said to the table.

Sasuke smirked and Shikamaru tried to hide a grin, but failed.

Ino sighed, "I'm not in a hurry to get another boyfriend…" she started, "I just broke up with Gaara. It's not like-" then she paused, all the words just came flowing out she wasn't even thinking. Then she gasped she looked at Gaara who was beside her he had a funny look on his face, and the rest of the guys were suppressing laughter.

"oh…I apologize…I didn't mean it all to come out that way…" she told Gaara.

"why don't we just get back together?" Gaara suggested slyly. Ino giggled then blushed faintly, she nodded her head left to right considering it, "well…that does makes sense, I never really did want to breakup with you…" she said.

"but with that being said, you never really wanted to break up with any of us as well…" Sasuke pointed out. Ino bit her lower lip. Dammit, he makes a good point! She cursed mentally. Sometimes he's such a wiseass!

"I'll consider that father thing…" Neji said bravely. Ino perked up. "See! That's points for Neji!" She declared. "I thought we already impressed you?" Kiba asked. Ino grinned, "well…you have to impress me a second time around…you know, impress me with how you would decide to impress my dad…" she explained. Kiba rolled his eyes.

"so, how long do we have?" Shikamaru asked. He seemed game.

"that's not fair…I'm not from here…" Gaara complained, if there was a time constraint he'd already have the lower front of it.

Ino started to giggle… "how long will you be here for?" Ino asked him. "Supposedly only a week…" Gaara said. "but, I can always extend…" he suggested. Ino smiled, "what's the longest you can stay?" she asked. Gaara thought. 2 months is way too long. In fact, a month is long as well…but to heck with it…I'll have Temari and Kankuro make sure of Suna in the mean time…he decided.

"A month…" Gaara told Ino. She grinned, "you guys have a month to impress my dad." She declared. A huge grin on her face. The boys groaned. This will be harder than any ninja mission.

Let the games begin!

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