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He set down the tray with the pitcher and glasses on the coffee table at the center which the sofa, chairs and couches surrounded. He put the tray down and fixed his shirt. "Well, if you all would excuse me, I have Saturday errands to attend to." He said excusing himself. Ino looked at her father confused.

"I'll see you all…" he said and turned around about to walk back up the stairs. Ino's eyebrows furrowed, she stood up and ran to her dad who was by the foot of the steps already. The boys all looked toward that direction.

"Daddy…" Ino said grabbing her father's arm. "Yes?" he said looking at her. "What about them?" Ino asked looking toward the direction of the boys. Inoichi chuckled, "don't worry…I talked to them awhile ago…don't rush this thing yet. Let them not be so awkward first…" her dad told her. Ino let out a sigh. "Fine." She said letting go. "I'll see you later." Inoichi said then kissed the top of Ino's head. She pouted and he made his way up the stairs.

Ino dragged her feet all the way back to the couch she sat on. She rolled her eyes then leaned back, crossed her left leg over her right and crossed her arms.

"Ino…what's wrong?" Sasuke asked her, and the way he said it sounded more like he stated it, not compassion, not worry, but knowing there was something bugging her. So basically, it was a flat, bored tone.

"Eh…I'm gonna be stuck with you guys for the morning." She said.

"We can leave…" Gaara told her. Ino shrugged, "well…if you think hanging out here is wasting time…you can…" she said to him.

"We really just came to visit…" Neji said. Ino just continued looking straight, at nothing really. She simply shrugged.

Awkward silence filled the room for a few seconds, then they heard Kiba letting out a sigh and helping himself to some orange juice. Way to go Kiba for breaking the mood. They all stared at the drinking dog boy, amused looks on their faces. Ino giggled.

"Do you guys wanna catch a movie before lunch or something?" Ino invited. The boys looked at her. "All five of us?" Shikamaru asked. Ino shrugged, "sure…I guess." She replied. The 5 all looked at each other, shooting different glances toward another.

"I cant…I have things to do at the Hyuga compound this afternoon." Neji said first.

"I can make till a little past lunch time. But ive got a meeting with the Hokage at 2.00…" Gaara said.

Shikamaru shrugged, "shouldn't we be training with Asuma-sense and Choji today, Ino?" Shikamaru asked his blonde ex-girlfriend. Said girl laughed nervously. Oh crap…was that what we were going to do today? She thought.

"I'm meeting up with team Kakashi to do a little extra training. Not that we really need it…" Sasuke said.

Even though they were 19 already, their schedules were just like what it used to be in their Genin days. But now their challenges are just harder and much more life-threatening, it's a bit more fun too, but the basis of it all was just like before. And, they didn't have squads of their own yet.

The group then turned to Kiba waiting for what he would say, it seems everyone had an excuse; their Saturday afternoon's would be somewhat busy. Then Kiba raised an eyebrow at them, "what?" he asked.

"Well…" Ino said urging him on. The 4 other boys and Ino all waited for Kiba to say something.

"What? I'm free the whole day…" Kiba announced. Sasuke, Shikamaru, Neji and Gaara rolled their eyes. Ino chuckled, she took a sip from her hot chocolate.

"can I make a request?" Ino asked the boys after taking a good gulp of her drink.

"Go ahead…" Sasuke said immediately shooting his glance toward her. She gave them all a smile, "can you lay off my house until tomorrow?" she asked. The boys just stared at her. I think their minds went blank at the stupidity of Ino's request.

Ino shrugged, "come on…! I still am not sure how this whole thing is going to work and I still wanna discuss some stuff with Daddy…apparently we haven't fully talked this through…" she explained. "fine." They all said.

"So what? We leave?" Shikamaru asked. Ino shrugged. Then Gaara let out a sigh, "okay. How exactly do you expect this thing to go about?" he asked her.

"What do you mean?" Ino looked at him confusedly.

"I mean, do we decide what to do? If so…we ask him what he likes?" Gaara pointed out his question, "or…does he make us do things to impress him? If so…like what?" Gaara tried explaining himself. And he was doing a pretty good job at it. The other boys seemed to agree with Gaara's question.

Ino put her hand on her chin, "that makes sense…but I like both ideas!" she told them. Their mouths fell open. "That's why…can we start this whole thing on Monday?" Ino requested. They nodded.

"yeah…get your whole plan organized first…" Kiba said. Neji nodded.

"So…I'll be heading off…" Neji said standing up. Ino nodded, "I'll see you." She said. Neji bowed and walked to ward the door. "Yeah, I'm off too…" Shikamaru said standing up, "come join us train if you want, Ino…" he invited heading toward the door, "sure…! I'll see you Shika." Sasuke let out a sigh, "I guess I'll go too…unless I can hang out?" Sasuke told Ino. Ino looked at him, "your choice, you can go, you can stay…" she said. Sasuke shrugged then sat back down. "Well…I think I'll go too. I have some Suna stuff to check up on." Gaara said standing up. "See ya, love." Ino told Gaara and winked. He gave her a smile and helped himself out.

"So…" Ino said as she tapped her fingers on the arm rest, staring at Sasuke and Kiba who were left.

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