"What is that?! No! That's not supposed to exist!"
Jill was frozen stiff, not listening to my panicking. Her nails were digging into my arm. We were scrutinized for a moment and then it let out a screech and charged. I had thought I had no energy left, but I had been wrong. I grabbed Jill's hand, pulling her away. There was no chance. It was gaining. I struggled frantically to think of something but nothing came except what I was sure was the stupidest idea I'd ever had. But there was no other option.
"Yeah, I know."
"Well, not exactly how I wanted to die."
"Or me, but hey… you didn't actually think we'd die of old age, did you?"
I grinned weakly, shaking off thoughts of my family. "No… guess not."
We slowed and turned to face the dinosaur. I looked at her. "Nice knowing you."
We charged the dinosaur. Like I said, probably about the stupidest idea we've ever had (and that's saying something), but if anything the dinosaur was confused. It stopped and stared at us as we ran toward it, screaming. Apparently, we weren't all that frightening because then it lowered its head and roared. My feet faltered but I'd already resigned myself to dying, might as well make it a death worth a story... if there had been anyone around to tell it.

The fight was a blur or flashing claws and teeth… and pain. Jill and I hadn't really expected to win, so we weren't necessarily surprised at the way things were turning out. Then Jill screamed and fell to the ground unmoving and it really did hit me… we were both going to die. For some reason, this gave me new energy and I screamed in the thing's face. It looked slightly confused, but then decided I wasn't really a threat and just slashed at me. It was the kind of slash that's designed to come up under your heart and pop the coronary vein, causing you to bleed to death in a matter of seconds but not toughening your meat. My brain supplied me with this pleasant bit of information and I reacted as any sensible person would: by stumbling backward. Unfortunately, the only bush for probably miles around had decided to plant itself right behind where I was standing and I fell. Then it was on me, sensing an easy kill. I rolled over, leapt to my feet, and kept fighting. Not because I thought I had any hope, but because I've never been the kind of person to just give up and die; that seems stupid to me. My right arm went completely numb and my vision began to swim. My brain was totally disconnected from the rest of me, supplying thoughts like how ironic it was that we had escaped drowning and struggled through a desert to be eaten by a creature that should have died millions of years ago.

An odd shriek sounded overhead and I looked up. I was lucky that the dinosaur looked up as well because otherwise it would have had me. Two winged dinosaurs swooped over our heads, apparently taking aim at the other dinosaur. I collapsed, too drained of energy and strength to do anything but watch. They're saving us. Nice dinosaurs. As I said, my brain wasn't necessarily functioning at full capacity.
I looked up through dazed eyes and felt the blood running down my face. Both of the creatures swooped down in turn until finally the beast didn't stop again. Dazedly, I realized that they were coming back. They're going to kill us. They didn't save us at all.
As if from a distance, I heard people conversing. I couldn't understand them; I was going mad. Gentle hands ran over my arm and skull. My eyes took a moment to register a boy leaning over me.
"Please," I was barely audible. "Please, my friend. She's hurt."
"Do not worry, my comrade is tending to her."
I was broken, my consciousness fading fast. There was nothing I could do, so I just let go, slipping into blackness.