A/N: AU. My take on Lindsay's childhood. It sucks that they canceled such a great show so I'll be writing some stories for the fans.

6-year-old Lindsay sat on her bed listening as her parents, Paul and Catherine Boxer, had yet another one of their screaming matches, and though she couldn't make it all out, she could sense it was getting angrier by the second. This was becoming increasingly frequent and more violent, and Lindsay was scared, but she had to be strong. She was the oldest.

Her sisters, 2-year old Alanis and 4-year-old Eden, ran into the room. Lindsay held her arms open, and Alanis climbed into her lap while Eden cuddled up tight next to her. "Lindsay?" Alanis asked, looking up at her.


"It not safe here anymore. We're not safe."

"Alanis is right, Lindsay," Eden agreed. "Who's gonna rescue us?"

"I don't know, Edie," Lindsay whispered.

"We hide here with you?" asked Alanis quietly.

"Sure. I'll protect you."

"Can you hold me too?" asked Eden.

"Sure. Hop up."

Eden climbed into her lap next to Alanis, who buried her face in her shoulder and whispered, "Please, Lindsay, make them stop. I'm scared."

Lindsay kissed her head. "I know, Lani, I'm scared too."

Lani began to cry quietly. "I wanna go somewhere we can be safe. We always hiding. Never safe. Never safe." She began rocking back and forth in Lindsay's arms.

"Shh, Lani, shh," Lindsay whispered. "I'll keep you safe."