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House and Cuddy were currently seated in a romantic little Italian restaurant. House hadn't wanted anything obscenely fancy or anything but it had a nice atmosphere for a date. It actually wasn't as torturous as he had initially thought it would be. It wasn't he had thought Cuddy's company would be boring, just that he wasn't really the serious dating type.

Cuddy was pleased that they hadn't ended up at a McDonald's for their date. House had actually chosen a nice place. The conversation wasn't awkward but flowed naturally and laughter could be heard from their table. House had even managed to restrain himself from insulting the waiter more than three times.

As the date drew to a close, Cuddy found herself wishing it wouldn't. She was having such a great time just talking to him. It was a completely different setting from the hospital with a whole new set of rules.

House paid for the meal and then they left. They walked slowly back to his car.

"House I -," Cuddy began but was stopped from saying anything more as his lips crashed down on hers. Cuddy melted into the kiss, deepening it.

"Come back to my place," House whispered as they broke apart, slightly breathless.

"What about Lena?" Cuddy breathed, her head resting on his shoulder.

"She'll be fine at your place," House said.

"You'd better call her," Cuddy said, "Otherwise she may worry." House rolled his eyes.

"Knowing her she's probably forgotten we exist by now," House said, "Your place may be trashed though…"

"Just call her," Cuddy said, it was now her turn to roll her eyes.


"Man, lighten up," Kyle said, handing his friend a drink in the hope of getting him to do just that. Jason just took the drink and sipped it half-heartedly.

"Look at the two of them…smiling," Jason said. Kyle chuckled.

Jason was currently watching as Lena, who was perched on the edge of the couch, talked to a senior lacrosse player.

"They're talking," Kyle said, "You know, something you may want to do with her some time."

"She's my sister's best friend," Jason said.

"Who cares?" Kyle asked. "You like her and she obviously likes you too."

"Right that's why she's flirting with that guy." Jason said sarcastically.

"Well maybe if you had the guys to ask her out," Kyle said.

"Kyle, can I talk to you for a sec?" Jordan said, coming up to them.

The two of them slipped away, Jason barely noticing as he glared at the guy talking to Lena.

"We have to do something about them," Jordan said.

"Like what?" Kyle asked.

"Um, like get them together, duh," Jordan said.

"How are we going to do that?" Kyle asked. "Jason won't do it himself."

"Well then we'll do it for them," Jordan said. "You keep Jason where he is and I'll drag Lena off for some reason and bring her over. Then, you and I will conveniently slip away leaving the path open for them."

"That's your plan?" Kyle asked.

"Well do you have a better one?" Jordan scowled.

"Fine," Kyle sighed, "Let's go."

Kyle went back to Jason, amused that he was still glaring and Jordan went over to her friend.

"Hey Lena can I talk to you?" Jordan said. Without waiting for a response she grabbed her friend's arm and dragged her off.

"Okay…Jordan what the hell?" Lena asked.

Jordan pushed Lena over to where Jason was standing. Then she and Kyle walked away, leaving the two of them standing together awkwardly.

"Wow…subtle aren't they?" Jason said, for lack of anything else to say.

"Yeah, you think they're trying to tell us something?" Lena snickered.

"Do you want to go outside and get some air?" Jason asked.

"Okay," Lena replied.

The two of them walked outside enjoying the break from the stuffy interior of the house and the loud blaring music.

"So… party's pretty good, huh," Jason said.

"Yeah I suppose," Lena shrugged.

"You must been to some pretty wild parties in Vegas," Jason said.

"You could say that," Lena said. "They weren't really the whole house party thing though. This is pretty tame."

"Not for Jersey," Jason chuckled. "This is one of the parties of the year for dear old Princeton Academy."

"Glad we made an appearance then," Lena laughed.

"Since when do you care about appearances?" Jason asked.

"There's a lot you don't know about me," Lena said. "You know what would make this party even better?"

"What?" Jason asked.

"Well -," Lena began, but was cut off by the sound of her phone ringing. "Hold that thought, my dad is checking up on me. Hi dad, how's the date?"

"Is that music?" House asked.

"Um… yeah… Jordan came over," Lena said, "Turn down the music Jordi!"

"Cuddy and I are going back to my place," House said.

"Ooh," Lena said, "I'll take it the date went well. Be safe - don't make me any brothers or sisters now." She teased.

"Aw, you want me all to yourself?" House said, fake sniffing, "I'm touched."

"Yeah, yeah," Lena said, "Don't keep your girlfriend waiting. Bye."


"She's fine," House said, "But she told us to use protection so we wouldn't make her any brothers or sisters."

"Yeah, she sounds like her usual self," Cuddy said. "So where were we?"