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Chapter 22: Choices

The Mystic Knights, Macha, Aderyn, Cathbad and King Conchobar returned to Kells castle while Aideen and King Fin Varra had returned to Tir Na Nog. No one knew where Torc had gone but knew that he would reappear when he felt it was the right moment.

Conner had appeared and had requested an audience with his King. Conchobar had Cathbad join them while he listened to Conner and gave orders.

While the King was speaking with Conner, the Knights, Macha and Aderyn stood together silently still feeling drained from the joining of their armors and magic.

"I need to speak with you," Deirdre said quietly to Garrett and added, "alone."

Garrett nodded and followed Deirdre away from the others and to a spot where they wouldn't be overheard. Garrett and Deirdre didn't notice Rohan watching them as they left.

"I've made my choice," Deirdre said once they had stopped.

Garrett nodded and asked her to continue.

"I've chosen Rohan," Deirdre said knowing that Garrett would be upset and she was prepared for an outburst that didn't come.

Garrett nodded in acceptance for he had known her choice long before Deirdre did. "I knew that you were going to chose Rohan. If you had chosen me, you would never have been happy. I'll tell your father that I have broken the betrothal."

"Thank you, Garrett." Deirdre grabbed Garrett's hands and kissed him on the cheek. When she pulled away, she squeezed his hands. "You put me through all of that even though you didn't really want to marry me."

Garrett held her gaze as he struggled to keep the pain from his face as Deirdre crushed his hands.

"Yes, Deirdre, but I wanted you to make the choice sooner rather than later. Before your father or someone else had chosen for you," Garrett said wincing in pain.

"We should return to the others." Deirdre released Garrett, turned and walked away.

Garrett rubbed his hands wondering why he had let Deirdre anywhere near him. He was actually relieved that he wouldn't be marrying Deirdre so he wouldn't have to put up with her temper. He honestly wished Rohan the best.

When Deirdre had returned to the small gathering, Aderyn looked at Deirdre with a knowing smile. Deirdre returned Aderyn's smile, knowing that her and Aderyn had created a bond when they had worked together to free Rohan and Macha's souls from the Otherworld.

Garrett was only a few moments behind Deirdre which Rohan was secretly happy about but he was still curious as to why Deirdre needed to speak with Garrett in private. He allowed those thoughts to fade away when King Conchobar and Cathbad returned to the gathering while Conner left to deliver the orders that Conchobar had given him.

They looked at what had once been the proud castle of Kells that was now a pile of rubble and ashes.

"The castle can be rebuilt," Deirdre said as she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Yes, Deirdre it can. It will take time and resources which will be difficult to come by since most of the villages throughout Kells had been destroyed."

"Well, King Conchobar, I believe my father would like to create a trade between Kells and his kingdom. I'm sure that he'll assist you and your people with the rebuilding of Kells."

"What? That means that your father is…and that makes you…" Deirdre said as she stared at Aderyn wondering how she had missed it before.

Aderyn smiled and nodded her head. "Yes, my father is a king which means that I am a princess."

"Macha?" Angus said her name weakly because he was unable to speak another word.

"I am not a princess, Angus," Macha smiled and continued when Angus' brows furrowed in confusion. "Remember that Aderyn is my half sister. My mother married Aderyn's father when I was very young."

"So, Aderyn's father is a king," Deirdre said as she looked quickly at Garrett to see his reaction to the news. She wasn't surprised to see that Garrett had a shocked look on his face.

"Yes, I appear to be related to royalty it seems even though I do not have a drop of royal blood within me." Macha looked at Rohan who quickly shielded his thoughts with a neutral expression on his face.

"Uh, we need to talk," Angus said once he had regained his voice and Macha nodded. Conchobar and Deirdre were talking eagerly with Aderyn about rebuilding Kells as he led her away from the others

"Why didn't you tell me?" Angus asked.

"It was not something for me to reveal it was Aderyn's choice. She wanted to keep her royal blood a secret because she wanted to be treated as Aderyn, not Aderyn the Princess."

Angus nodded when he realized that he understood how Aderyn felt and why she had chosen not to reveal her royal secret. It was still difficult for him when people would still call him Angus the Thief.

"There is another reason why I wished to speak with ye without the others around. I have something important to say. I know that ye are leaving again and I don't want ye to go."

Macha placed her hand on Angus' face. "Angus, I am not leaving."

Angus held back the urge to grab Macha, lift her in the air and spin around with her until they both felt dizzy. "What? But what about Aderyn?"

"Aderyn is remaining here. She wants to help Kells rebuild."

"Yes, but I didn't realized that ye both were remaining here. I thought that ye would have something ye would need to do far from here and from me."

"Did you really believe that I could leave you again? When I left before, I could barely stand being so far from you that I would look at you using the amulet."

"I would use the Crystal of Sight to gaze at ye until Cathbad took it away," Angus said as he grumbled for a few moments about the Druid which caused Macha to chuckle softly knowing that Angus cared for the Druid.

Macha spoke once Angus had stopped his complainants. "Aderyn and I must contact Fedelma and tell her what had happened. Why don't you return to the others? I will return in a little while, Angus." Macha kissed Angus softly not wanting to leave Angus for a moment, but she still had responsibilities that needed to be attended to, as did Angus.

Angus nodded and returned to his friends. Cathbad and Conchobar he discovered had gone with Aderyn to speak with her father and with Fedelma. He stood with Rohan, Ivar, Deirdre and Garrett with many thoughts on his mind.

"So, what did Macha say, Angus?" Rohan asked noting that his friend was deep in thought, wondering if Macha was leaving again.

"She's staying here."

"That's wonderful, Angus," Ivar said as he clapped his friend on the shoulder.

"I'm certain that Macha had quite a bit more to say to you than that, Angus," Deirdre said.

Angus coughed and mumbled something that his friends couldn't hear. He cleared his throat and looked at his best friend. "I still cannot believe that ye and Macha are related. She is definitely better looking than ye."

"We are half brother and sister, Angus," Rohan pointed out.

"Well, even so, she's much prettier than ye," Angus said with a grin. "I must say that ye got the unsightly features. The eyes are a little close together and ye have terrible eyebrows. The nose is a bit crooked as well," "Angus said as he pointed at each attribute in turn.

Rohan's eyes narrowed just before he leapt at Angus. Angus yelped and ran around the field, dodging Rohan's attempts to catch him.

Ivar couldn't help but smile because of his friends' tenacity for staying youthful while Garrett decided to place a bet with Ivar on whether Rohan would be able to catch Angus.

"Boys," Deirdre said with a smile on her face. The smile was there because she couldn't wait to tell Rohan how much she loved and cared for him. She knew without a doubt that he loved her as well. She wasn't certain how she could know something so important without him telling her, but she felt it when she brought his soul back into the world.

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