Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, only the odd plotline this story follows.

Author's note: This is a story I've had planned out for a while now. It's AU for the most part; whatever's recognizable actually happened in the anime and/or manga.

A murder in a village at midnight.

A fire erupts from the center of town.

Some of the villagers flee to the hidden underground tunnels; those caught in the flames are lost forever.

The flames die down hours later, leaving the village in ruins but the forest surrounding it unscathed.

The survivors slowly mourn the loss of their companions.

A scout is sent to the dojo near the shrine where the village guardians live to see why they hadn't protected the village. The scout's screams of fear and horror after he had entered the dojo are the last that anyone hears from him. The scout never returns to the village.

The survivors slowly rebuild the village. They eventually rename the village Hoshikonoha, or Star Leaf, after the strange markings on the leaves of the plants that had begun growing from the ashes of the fallen village.

One night they set out to investigate the dojo and shrine but are forced back inside the village as something surrounds the dojo and shrine with a black mist and the cries of the lost are heard echoing through the darkness.

The next day, some villagers go to the dojo. They find the corpses of two of the village's three guardians and that of the scout who had gone in search of the guardians after the fire. They bury the corpses and all but one of the villagers return to the village.

The one who stays spends the night there, not inside the dojo but next to the shrine, and returns to the village the next day, horrified.

A story spreads throughout the village of the souls of those who had been lost that night haunting the shrine. The one who had spent the night at the temple had spoken of the souls appearing and disappearing with the black mist but that they had stopped tormenting him the moment he entered the dojo.

It's said that the souls are afraid to enter the dojo for some reason, although no one has yet to understand why.

Years later, one of the survivors notices signs of the tragedy beginning to repeat itself slowly. His twin notices it as well. The twin leaves the village one day and travels to the shrine. The twin is never heard from again and his body is never found.

The stage has been set as the dark mist surrounds the dojo and shrine at midnight one eerie night and storm clouds gather above. A lightning bolt strikes the shrine itself but no fire follows. All is a deathly calm. What had happened to the villager of the village now known as Hoshikonoha who was last seen going there that day and what had become of him after that night would remain a mystery for the next three hundred years until the next guardians would arrive and their journey would begin...

Author's (distress) note: I hate doing this but this story is currently on hiatus but for good reason. In its original form, this story is set up like a journal, with each person using a different colored pen or pencil to write his or her side of the story. Problem is, I've got no idea how to post it similarly to that here on fanfiction without screwing up the story. If anyone has an suggestions, please message me.