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Title: Ragnarok
Rating: Hmmm... quite dark on the sense, I'll give it PG13. May increase in later chapters.
Genre: Mixture of angst, drama and some wee bit of romance
Status: Ongoing
Pairings: Death the Kid X Black Star, Soul X Maka
Disclaimer: Soul Eater is owned by Ookubo Atsushi, not me...
Summary: Kid had been terrorised by the same dream, amongst other things. Shibusen had cease existence, the people of Shibusen had gone into hiding... What had happened? And who was the secret admirer that took away his first kiss?


The sky was dark, the clouds were moody, and he was in a train. A beautiful train from the 18th century, he was almost certain. His father told him stories from long ago, when knights and squires rule under the monarchy of kings and queens, where artisans and great painters of the Renaissance had grouped together and magnificently crafted and labored to produce great works of such wondrous proportion and composition.

Symmetry! What a joy!

He walked from one bunk of the train to another, while appeasing his eyes on the pictures before his eyes. There was a multitude of pictures, be it human or not. Cascades of near naked angels draped in blankets reminded him of Soul's witch-cat Blair, and he blushed a little at the cat's very obvious affection for her master that often ended up with Soul having major nosebleeds (and rising Maka's wrath most unfortunately).

Most of the men were portrayed as painters and the women models, which was quite a norm at that era where nudity was celebrated as beauty. Kid briefly entertained the thought of asking Tsubaki or Patty to pose like that in front of a painter, and snickered. Maka will 'book chop' him definitely. What a strong feminist held in that body of a small but powerful meister!

A smile and two, and suddenly the peaceful aura of the train were strongly shaken. Kid lost balance. The gust took him bout a meter or two when he tried to budge by grabbing on anything solid within his grasps but he was still pulled, dragged, and obviously losing to the supernatural force leading him through bunks with such ease. He found himself in contact with a doorframe, after clawing the wooden wall for god knows how long, which had made his fingers bloodied. Grabbing it, Kid landed on his stomach on the wall, his body horizontally placed against the wall and parallel to the floor. Wincing in slight pain, he attempted to tighten his hold.

However, his escape proved futile when a much stronger strength pulled him by the legs.

Resisting, Kid found himself blinking as the wood fragments on the doorframe starting flying towards him in the most vicious way possible. One cut his face rather deep. As in a domino motion, all the wood of the doorframe where he was mustering his energy to stay put began chipping away. He found himself falling to his back when his fingers had no more to hold. Having lost control of his stability, he found himself passing doors, hurling like a piece of wooden block through more walls, more images of Grecian nudists and scenery paints…

It was always like this. At the end of his pleasant walk, no matter how he resisted, he could not fight the otherworldly force that seem to want him to face this in repetition.

He was standing there again, in front of the metal box, his hand grabbing firm on the handle, and he found his fingers akin glued; no matter how he tried, he cannot release himself.

A drop of sweat slowly and gently fell from his head as two parts of his heart quarreled, whether he should give in to curiosity and open the box, or honor the secrecy that is the box and leave it alone. He would never let himself have a 'devil' side, just maybe, a more mischievous side, but nevertheless, he was certain, he will never tread on the Kishin's path, for that was his definition of devil, and a devil scorned must be dead. Hence he has no devil inside him.

How pathetic.

"You know you want to see it." A horned and fork wielding Kid whispered excitedly in his left ear; the devil he would not admit, coaxing him to unearth the contents that had been hogging his head. "Just push it a little more and you can see what you want to know."

"No, Kid, you are a good boy, you wouldn't bent to raw need! Besides, you need to let your father see the box first!" the angel Kid who was dressed in white and carrying a halo upon his head assuaged, alarmed. "The contents are confidential! Or else the demons would not have protected it with their life, would they?"

Kid felt a vein snap into him and he berated the two beings, which he is sure is standing by his head this very moment. If anyone else were with him, maybe they will think he is crazy and insane.

"You two! Shut up!"

"He's talking to you, you mischievous good for nothing provoker!"

"Shut up, you useless angel. He's talking to you. Kid-kun dear, but you want to make sure it does not have your father's signature, isn't it? That he has no connection with Eibon whatsoever? Your father, the great Shinigami mixing with Eibon? Is even that possible? You are just curious to know, don't you?" The red creature persuaded again, cackling wickedly. Kid bit his lip in frustration as the devil's laughs rang loud and clear in his head.

"Kid, don't listen to him! He will only let you suffer from mental breakdown!" The miniature white mini Kid snapped, mixing the devilish laughs in his head with some synchrony of harps and singings.

"Argh!! You two are very noisy!!" Kid used his free hand to hold his head, which felt like the thumping of lightning and thunder in a confined space; it was instantaneous and hurting his brain terribly. "Stop, stop, stop!"

"Like you aren't contributing." The little red devil retorted, not caring bout the risk of scarring Kid's psyche, pretending not to have heard Kid's desperate screams.

"You… you idiot!" the celestial being, so called, mumbled in anger, but the hellish creature heard everything and giggled.

"Aha, our angel-san cursing! How credible is that?"

Noises of scuffling pursued as the duo continued their battle of evocation, which was really a childish match of pitch intensifying screeches and Kid clutched his hair tightly, kneeling down in front of the box vehemently with tears of annoyance forming in his eyes.

"You two shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP!" Kid yelled in frustration, the voices of the two continuously ringing in his ears as he screamed.

"Look at Kid-kun, can't even think properly." An ugly voice reverberated in his ear. "Has to hesitate when making such a simple decision."

"You shut up! Damn you!" Kid cursed, grabbing his hair so hard it could tear off his head. As if challenging him though, their voices increased some more; apparently the two mini-Kid-s has voice chords those of tenors; the victorious tune of the devil and the piteous failing whines of the angel; obviously, the devil is a master of arguments whereas the angel is not. Kid shrieked some more as his chest dropped to the floor, his head making contact with the floorboard; a hand on the handle and the other one pounding on the wall; begging, pleading, crying for the voices to go far, far, away...

And everything went black.

"How's him, sensei?"

"We don't know when he will wake up, Shinigami-san…"

"Will Kid-kun be all right? I'm worried for him!"

Now, now, don't worry! He will be all right Achoo!"

The voices were vague and indistinguishable, but Kid guessed that one of them had to be his father. There were more noises, but he could not distinguish the owners. His head was still heavy; he tried opening his eyes but he felt as if his eyes were stitched. Then it went silent.

Kid is confused. Where are the voices? Where is everybody? He grappled with his bed sheets, trying to force himself to rise from this exhausting slumber; to talk to somebody. Where is everyone? He knew that he needed voices to stop the battling in his torn heart…

Unbidden, the two pests returned; still in their heated quarrel (despite the angel trying to avoid the devil's speech, mini-Kid decked in red continue to pester the other and making the angel having fits) and Kid wanted nothing of it. He struggled to speak; to chase them away and leave him alone…

He was trapped suddenly. Kid frowned. The noises rejoiced in their master not being able to resist their advances and impious cheers rose from every inch of the place he was in; the dangers were closing in. Kid tried to escape; ramming into the invisible walls that had kept him captive, to chase from the evilness that is approaching…

It felt so cool and comfortably silent.

Suddenly, Kid calmed down. What had happened? Did the two (and their cohorts, he believed such terrible noises cannot be made from only two sources of argument) finally agreed to leave him alone?

No, impossible; devils and angels are forever enemies; even from the long ago stories his father read to him about… how could they even achieve peace even for a minute? No, he still felt their wavelengths some where around him; just that now; it was faraway and innocuous. He felt safe, warm and protected, heat filling his whole body and momentarily, filing his dark realm with brightness so beautiful, so elegant it was as if he was relaxing under the symmetrical sun, basking in all its yellow glory, incomparable to the happiness that he received when killing Kishin's eggs and battling. It gave Kid such a beautiful and indescribable emotion, as the heat rushed up from his heart to his face…

Wait a minute.

How can a person blush in the dark?