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Title: Ragnarok
Rating: Hmmm... quite dark on the sense, I'll give it PG13. May increase in later chapters.
Genre: Mixture of angst, drama and some wee bit of romance
Status: Ongoing
Pairings: Death the Kid X Black Star, Soul X Maka
Disclaimer: Soul Eater is owned by Ookubo Atsushi, not me...
Summary: The moment they are out of Shibusen, Kid's path is being rewritten. The destruction of the Shinigami world is imminent, and something peculiar is happening to him...

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"Arachne-sama, I have returned." Mifune muttered as he walked in to the grand castle of Arachnephobia. "And I have news."

"I heard." Arache muttered. "Black Star surrendered himself to Shinigami and is now in prison, right? And Enrique-dono appeared."

"Dangerous person. He will be the stopper to your plans, Arachne-sama." Mosquito answered humbly.

Arachne glided gracefully from her chaise longue and walked down the stairs of the altar towards Mifune, slender fingers circling Mifune's cheekbones. "Why, Mifune, I am surprised. You could have killed him with a slash."

"I respect Enrique-dono." Mifune mumbled. "A famous man cannot be killed that easily."

"I don't mean him. Enrique-dono's haphazard experiments will kill himself one day, sooner or later anyway. Have you not seen under his hat?" Arachne giggled to a slight swallow of saliva from the warrior. "I mean…" her eyes silted to those of a cat's as her nail cut on Mifune's cheek, shedding a fine slice of blood. "I mean Black Star. He did not kill Shinigami as planned, did he not? And Medusa! How can my lovely sister still be alive when I had specifically given Black Star instructions to kill her? What happened? Answer me!"

"I know Black Star and Medusa-san should be killed, but I planned to inform Arachne-sama first." Mifune answered obediently.

"Inform first, or do you have another plan in your head?" Arachne's tone went harsh. "Are you betraying me like Black Star?"

"No!" Mifune kneeled down in a flash. "I do not mean to anger Arachne-sama!"

"Clever man, clever man, still protecting Angela-san is it?" Arachne lowered her body so that she is on eye level with Mifune and bent close to his ear in a whisper. "Let me tell you, she is dead, so you have no more obligations to me, or Arachnephobia."

"…What?" Mifune's body went tense in a moment. "I thought you will not harm her!"

"Oops." Arachne smiled, her eyes darkening. "You can choose to kill me now, can't you?"

"…I… How did she die?" Mifune's voice went down almost immediately.

"Hmm, I don't know. Mosquito, how did she die?" Arachne turned to her butler, who came down from the altar as she spoke.

"Black Star killed her, Arachne-sama."

"Oh? How?" Arachne stood up as Mifune's fists clenched until his knuckles turned white.

"Arachne-sama, her body. We found Angela-san's body outside the city." Giriko came in holding the small body…

The next moment, everything turned blurry as Mifune grabbed for Angela and stared at her now lifeless body, wholly scarred with what was sword slashes on her torn robe and enveloped with brown, dried, blood.

"…Did Black Star really do this?"

"Well, it's up to you whether you want to believe or not, Mifune." Arachne answered coolly. "What will you do?"

"…I… I…" Mifune slumped to the ground, Angela with him. "ANGELA!!!!!"

It was nighttime as two figures stood by the river. The moon shone on the water's reflection, making it a ghastly yellow. A young girl was not discernable, the light unable to illuminate her due to the shade of the trees riding over her visage. Her companion, a lovely woman, was dressed in a long dress, hair from two sides of her head twisting into one in front of her neck.

"Why did Enrique-dono appeared at Shinigami's place?" the girl muttered. "I don't understand."

"He wants to save Kid-kun, of course." Medusa seethed. "And I was supposed to be his favorite student."

The girl laughed lightly. "Well, family ties is of course stronger than that of a sensei with a student, no?"

Medusa snapped. "You had better don't anger me, or I will return you into the form you were!"

"Cool down; cool down, Medusa-sama." The girl smiled. "I owe you one for this body. Thanks to this form, I was able to escape from Arachne and return to you, no?"

"BREW, you had better don't boast." Medusa answered. "What you did, was dangerous."

"Now, now, call me Ise, isn't that more of a human name?" Ise turned to finally look at her companion; dark green eyes shining like emeralds in the deep night. "I was brought to Arachne only because it was part of my plan, not because Black Star was better than me in forms of magic. Please don't forget I am created by Eibon-sama himself."

"I don't dare." Medusa muttered. "But it was really a bet, letting Black Star-kun take you to the enemy."

"He is nothing more than a desperate mannequin, Medusa-sama." Ise answered seriously. "But he didn't know I left him a little 'present' for him to take."

"True." Medusa smiled.

"Black Star-kun, the BREW you want is here, I placed it inside a girl to contain its powers. Be careful." Medusa answered. "…I am not giving you a fake."

"This girl really is BREW?" Black Star's eyebrow rose at the lying figure on the floor. "…Are you not afraid I will be helping the enemy?"

"I have my own plans."Medusa glared at him. "Are you afraid and want to stop now? You have a heavy price to pay for your healing."

"No." Black Star answered. "This will be the payment. I will have nothing to do with you in the future." Taking the bounded and gagged girl over his shoulder, he left the room. Medusa smiled a little, touching the Star clan tattoo on her wrist.

"We will see."

"What are we going to do now, Medusa-sama? I am bored." Ise squatted down, taking up a stone and throwing it in the river. "I want to do something."

"Nothing." Medusa answered. "Enrique-sensei… I mean, Enrique-san's appearance has shattered my plans to destroy Shibusen completely.

"Let me go to him." Ise smiled. "I think I got a great plan for his downfall!"

"Black Star-kun recognizes you." Medusa warned. Ise smiled.

"No need to worry, Medusa-sama. I am first and foremost, a schemer. Eibon created me, remember? Anyway, Black Star won't attempt anything, I am certain. We had a promise."

"Black Star-kun, are you really going to bring me to kill Shinigami?" Ise asked in worry, the little blonde girl laying in Tsubaki's hug. "Tsubaki-neechan, I don't want to kill people!"

"You are a weird one, Ise-chan." Tsubaki muttered. "But we promised Arachne…" she glared at Black Star, who pretended not to see.

"Black Star-kun please let me stay here!" Ise mumbled. "I can kill Arachne for you while you go and finish Shinigami off…"

"Shut up. You maybe just a little girl, but you are still a demon weapon nonetheless. Why should I trust you?" Black Star walked near Ise and pried her out of Tsubaki's arms.

"How could I do something funny? I don't want to kill good people, Black Star-kun. I'm not stupid."Struggling from Black Star's grasps, Ise pouted and clutched Tsubaki's hand. "I prefer Tsubaki-neechan, she's much nicer!"

"Brat." Black Star cursed.

"Black Star-kun." Tsubaki began. "Let Ise-chan stay here, we can cheat Arachne that we had brought her with us."

"What the hell? Tsubaki, are you out of your mind?" Black Star admonished. "And what will you do, girl?"

"I told you, kill Arachne." Ise confidently answered. "Promise me not to harm me and I will kill Arachne."

"You really are Eibon's creation." Medusa sighed. "What am I to do with you?"

Smilingly, Ise cling to Medusa's arm and giggled. "But I am also your partial daughter right? You gave me a body."

"Well, be careful. I will keep in contact with you." Medusa's other arm rubbed Ise's head fondly.

Maka was lying on the bed, tossing and turning about. Her eyes remained wide open, and her lack of sleep had absolutely no connection with the snoring sloth otherwise known as Soul lying by her side. She sat up on the bed, just as the same time as the door slightly creaked open and a shimmer of light went through. Tensing up, her hand went for the book by the bedside in defense when Kid slowly walked in, a small grin on his face.


"Oh, Kid-kun." Maka relaxed and jumped out of the bed. "Not sleeping yet?"

"I can't sleep." Kid answered. "So I guessed you're not sleeping."

"Well…" Scratching her head, Maka gave a slight smile. "The stuff twins know, eh?"

"Aren't we disturbing Soul-kun, talking here?" Kid questioned. "Can we talk in the kitchen?"

Maka's warily nodded at the look of unease in Kid's face. "Let me grab my coat and we can get going."

"You're finally here, Marie! I waited so long!" Kami smiled as she hugged the weapon, who had just arrived at the entrance of the mansion. "I missed you so much! Where's Shito, Yumi, Justin and Mira? And where's Spirit? I thought he went with you!"

"…Kami." Marie mumbled as Shito, Justin and Mira appeared behind her, Yumi followed closely with a bag on her shoulder. "Spirit-kun… Spirit-kun… he's dead!" collapsing to the floor, Kami's face was as white as a sheet of paper as Marie started sobbing nonstop.

"You believe Black Star, right?" Kid asked. Maka shot him a look.

"You asked me to come to the kitchen to talk about this?"

"Maka… You're my twin, you know what I am feeling, right?" Kid pleaded. Maka sighed.

"…I … I do find it still difficult to believe, but I have to admit, so many things happened, I have to." A sigh. "…Yes, I believe him. Black Star-kun is not bad by nature."

"Then let's convince Father to release him and Tsubaki-san!" Kid snapped. "He told me his plans, and what he had done for the past three months, we must get him out before more things happen!"

"Kid-kun." Maka rose an eyebrow. "I still don't believe in Shinigami-sama."

"Maka!" Kid urged, his fists clenched. "You have to! Or we will all die soon enough!"

"My father is still Spirit Alban, Kid-kun. That, is the truth I want to believe."

"Why are you still so stubborn now?" Kid stood up. "We must get him out quickly!"

"What happened to you in the dungeons?" Maka stood up opposite him. "I sensed some certain distress just now when you were in the dungeons."

"Don't change the topic!" Kid admonished. "We have to get him out –now!"

"Do you like him?" Maka asked out of the blue. Kid's eyes turned large like saucers, his cheeks reddening immediately. "Don't answer me, I know the answer."

"I don't know! He kissed me, Maka, and…" Kid shook his head and sat down, his head lying on the table. "…I didn't resist him just now."

" What?" Maka went over to Kid's side and sat down. "You guys kissed in the dungeon? Is that gross or what?"

"Hey! He was in a cell, it cannot be romantic okay." Kid snapped. "But the weirdest thing is, although I did not resist it, I… I didn't exactly kiss him back."

"Well." Maka pursed her lips. "The first time Soul and I kissed, I was shocked as well, and I even gave him a book chop. But we have been partners for so long, so romantic feelings are bound to surface sooner or later anyway, I am just glad he liked me the way I liked him back. Maybe you're just shocked?" a slightly perverted grin arose from his twin, making Kid cringe a while.

"I don't know." Kid sighed, drowning all harbored hopes Maka might have been having in her head. "Right now, I am not going to think about the relationship stuff. We have to save Shibusen first, right?"

"True. That's why you want to let him out?" Maka turned serious again. "So that he can assist in the war against Arachne and Medusa?"

"He has been fused with black blood, Maka. His power is getting stronger, so he can help us."

"I… I can't believe this! Medusa gave him black blood?" Maka gasped. "For what price?"

"To kill Arachne." Kid reduced his voice. "And Arachne made him do the same to Medusa for him to receive medicine for his split soul."

"Wait a minute, his soul was split?"

"Yes." Kid answered. "Arachne made it. Apparently she had that kind of power, to torture her victims. And when he was in that uncontrollable state, he slashed me. So my soul split too."

"And you received that adverse effect." Maka whispered. She stared at Kid worriedly. "Does Black Star know what he is doing? He is playing games with both sides!"

"Well, now I am sure Arachne and Medusa will be after his neck. But before today he had been doing everything alone, even Tsubaki was left in the dark. When he told me just now, Tsubaki who was in the next cell was as surprised like you."

"You're not telling me… Tsubaki saw you guys kissing?!" Maka cannot control her laughter as Kid's face went redder than before in sudden realization and he knocked his head on the table repeatedly. Dragging her twin up from possible brain damage, Maka started laughing. "Oh my god, this is funny!"

"Shut up, Maka. Or I will tell Soul how embarrassing his first kiss was."

"Kid! That was supposed to be sacred!" It was Maka's turn to become a tomato. "No spilling, you!"

"…You dropped the honorific!" Kid smiled. "Continue to do that, okay?"

Laughing a little at the change of topic, Maka looped an arm around Kid. "Well, twins for nothing, right?"

Kid grinned.

"Twins for nothing!"

"Oh god, you two are here! Spirit-kun and Marie-san just arrived and…" Soul ran in to the kitchen to the duo, his face etched in worry. "… He's dead."

"Black Star-kun." Tsubaki whispered. "I didn't know you liked Kid-kun."

At the next cell, Black Star laid his arms behind his head. "I wonder if I am doing the right thing. We have more priorities on hand, Tsubaki."

"I know, but you really need to relax yourself, Black Star-kun." Tsubaki mumbled. "I mean, you don't even tell me what you have planned! I am your partner; you're supposed to share everything with me!"

"Sorry, Tsubaki. But I can't let you ruin my plans." Black Star answered. "Look at what we have now! I have stronger power!"

"But Medusa-san and Arachne-san are bound to kill you for crossing them!" Tsubaki scolded.

"The plan's gone now, anyway." Stretching himself on the cold concrete floor, Black Star paused. "I wonder if that brat will keep to her word or not." Black Star smirked. "She's really an unworthy brat, isn't she?"

Tsubaki sighed. "I… I don't believe Ise-chan."

"Smart one Tsubaki!" Black Star smiled and stretched his thumb outside the grills so that Tsubaki can see his 'Good!' sign.

"But at least she knows what's good or bad, right?" Tsubaki questioned.

"Quit being serious, Tsubaki!" Black Star rolled his eyes. "…but I still don't believe her."

Some noises from above made Black Star and Tsubaki stopped talking; a trapdoor was opened and Kid and Maka appeared from above. The two walked to Black Star's cell, and using a golden key, opened the door.

Black Star frowned at their faces as they walked in the cell; Kid was expressionless as always, but it tinged with sadness and Maka… Maka was…

"Black Star! Papa died!" Maka grabbed Black Star by the collar. "Did you have anything to do with it?"

"What??" voices came from Black Star and Tsubaki at the same time. "What happened?"

"Spirit was killed by you!" Marie who had came down with Kami snapped. "I cannot cease to recognize your spiky hair and black tattoo and ninja sword…"

"Marie-san." Black Star stood up. "You met a shape shifter." Unrolling his long sleeve shirt, Black Star showed his bare arm to the deep intake of breath among those present. "An Arachne crony."

"Impossible!" Marie lunged at him and pushed Maka away, her fingers going for his neck. "You killed him! You killed him!" Maka had to restrain her as Marie continued trying to make a reach for the ninja assassin.

"Black Star had been wearing that long sleeve shirt when we saw him today, when he attacked with Medusa's allies. What happened to your tattoo? Why are you hiding it?" Kid found himself asking. Black Star stared at him with beaded eyes and Kid stood rooted to the spot although redness was seeping from his neck.

"Well." Black Star smiled. "An assassin should have secrets."

"Fuck with secrets!" Kid knelt down beside Marie and reached for Black Star's shoulders. "You trust me right? That's why you told me what happened to you, right?" Seeing no response, Kid shook him again. "RIGHT??"

Black Star looked away with a smug look.

"What's wrong with you? Didn't you like him?" Maka snapped. Everyone unbelievably stared at her, including Kid and Black Star. Maka blinked and seeing Kid's glare began laughing stupidly to herself. "Haha, what am I saying?"

"It's true." Tsubaki answered from the other cell. "Black Star had liked Kid-kun for a long time now."

"Wow… that, I do not know." Maka exclaimed. Shinigami stepped forward and stood behind Kid, his face intimidating than ever.

"What is this nonsense?"

"You people are just making my head spin. Please leave my cell, and I am adamant that I am innocent." Black Star answered arrogantly. "I don't care anymore, okay."

"You bastard." Shito, who had came out of nowhere, spat. "You're just as bad as your father!"

"So, I am." Black Star's facial expression hardened. "Now, please get lost."

"That kid claimed he was innocent when he slashed Kid and now he's innocent for killing Spirit too? What sense is he saying?" Shinigami shook his head. They are all seated around the table in the kitchen; Shinigami on the centre, Kid and Maka by his left and Kami by his right. "I want to prosecute him immediately."

"NO!" Kid banged the table. "He is innocent, because he IS innocent!"

"I had to take Kid's side." Maka stood up. "Kid cannot be wrong in his analysis."

"Well, I have to help Maka-kun." Soul mumbled.

"And I think Soul-kun is always correct." Mira answered. Shito stared incredulously at his weapon.

"…Yes." Chrona nodded absentmindedly.

"Are you out of your minds? He joined Medusa and Arachne!" Shinigami exclaimed, his voice booming with wrath.

"He did it for a reason!" Kid cut his words. "He knows what he is doing!"

"For what reason? So that they will kill each other? Medusa and Arachne isn't stupid, they will kill each other with or without him!"

"No, not at all…" a young girl's voice chirped in from the corner of the kitchen. Everyone turned to see a blonde haired girl garbed in a purple blouse and a white skirt walk in, the hair bouncing on her shoulders. She had the most brilliant looking green eyes and graceful movements. "You see, Arachne and Medusa-sama's armies cannot harm each other due to Eibon's treaty, and Black Star is just the perfect opportunity." She stopped just behind the startled Kid, placing two palms on his shoulders carefully. "What is the best way to murder your sister than using your enemy?"

"Their enemies are all of us." Shinigami intercepted.

"No, no, wrong answer." She reached for Maka's shoulder and gave a squeeze. The meister roughly pushed her hand off and the girl pouted. "Anyway. Black Star-kun was harmed by Arachne personally, and the need for revenge is there. And Medusa-sama is towards the same goal. But Black Star was double crossed by Chrona-san's attempt to murder Kid-kun and their deal was off too. Simple like that." The girl twirled around in her skirt and smile. "You people are a bunch of idiots eh?"

"What are you saying brat?!" Shinigami mustered. "And who are you anyway?!"

"My, my, what rudeness." The girl scratched her head. "Makes my head painful." She sat comfortably on Soul's lap and giggled at Maka's sudden uptightness. "My name is Ise, but I believe you know me as BREW." Giggling at the shock of the audience [except for Chrona of course], she twirled around on her skirt and landed on Soul's lap. "What's the surprise?"

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