Hey guys. I just thought of something, and decided to make one more final chapter to this story. It's really short, but here it is!

Chapter 23: The gift

"Wendy, sit with me alone," Stan said with his lunch tray in the cafeteria.

"Ok," Wendy replied, really confused. She sat down with Stan, and looked at him curiously. "What's going on, Stan?"

"Wendy, I really like you. A lot. And...well...I wanted to give you something." He handed her a small gift bag.

She curiously opened it, and found a small box in it. She looked at Stan once more, who was just looking ahead. She opened it, and found a white gold ring with two hearts on it. Her eyes went wide. "Oh my god, Stan."

Stan turned to his girlfriend. "I...know it's not big, and...well...I'm not the most romantic guy, but...I'm showing you more now how I feel about you."

"Oh Stan. I love it."

Stan smiled. "Really?"

"Yes!" She put it on her finger.

"That's great!"

"Thank you, Stan!" She leaned in to give him a kiss, but before she touched his lips, vomit sprayed in her face. "Stan, you didn't even eat your lunch yet."

"Well...I had a big breakfast."