Holy Cripes! D4 is writing another One shot. Haha. :P V/B(Duh!) Vegeta's POV and his feelings towards Bulma. I don't think it's a tearjerker but I'll just put up a warning just in case. Haha. It's my second one so don't tell me it sucks, I already KNOW!xD


Simply Put

I hated it when she questioned me about my feelings towards her.

She, of all people, should know however! Not because she was, as she claimed, the most perceptive and smartest woman who walked the Earth, but because she was the only person I showed any real emotion towards.

Yet the questioning persisted. Even though I wouldn't tell her this, her doubting hurt me more then I thought it would. Why couldn't she see that way I felt for her after all these years? Did she still need my reassurance? Was it because I guarded my feelings so very well? Was it my masterful indifference towards anything that didn't involve training and fighting?

Still, though, my sheer presence and willingness to follow her every command and meet her ever desire should have been clear enough. What more did she want from me? Wouldn't you be satisfied?

Well, for some odd reason, she wasn't.

What? Did she want me to tell her how much I cared for her everyday? Did she want me to tell her that I thought about her every second and dreamt about her every night and woke up only wanting her? Did she want to know that my only priority was to keep her and the brats safe? Or was I suppose to tell her that, even though I never acted like it and that I'd never admit it to anyone, she was the best influence on my life and that whenever she stepped anywhere near me, my heart swelled so much that I thought my chest might burst?

That she was all I wanted in a woman? From intelligence, courage and cunning to beauty, innocence and humorous. That I'd become more aware of her scent and sound then any other living creature on the face of the Earth let alone the Universe? That I appreciated everything she'd ever done for me and how she had stood by me through my darkest days and happiest hours?

That if she were to ever leave my side, by death or choice, that I'd have no reason to live? That I cherished her every laugh and the feel of her skin and the shape of her beautiful body whenever we were close?

She asked me why I never expressed my feelings for her openly then she asked if their were any feelings there to express in the first place. Was she really that blind? Had my attitude pulled so much wool over her eyes?!

If I were to express everything I felt for her she would be smothered by it. Why did I have to justify it? She should have known how deeply I cared. I just don't understand.

Maybe...just maybe, I could tell her once in a while. Maybe if she heard me say it every now and again, she'd never forget it. But never in public. Nobody but her needed to know about our relationship. I wanted her to know just how I felt. I wanted her to know how incredibly speechless I was at first when I realized just how intently my emotions had rocketed from deep within me and sprang towards her easily. If she hadn't known that then, by the end of the night, she would.

There was no actual word to explain the feelings I harbored for her however. That was always the hardest part. How was I suppose to sum up everything I had just said into something short and sweet and exactly to the point?

I loved her.

And It doesn't get much simpler then that.

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