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1st September

Dear Ginny,

Thanks for helping me move in! I really appreciate it, anytime you want something done, you know where to come, etc. Oh, and I am VERY MUCH LOOKING FORWARD TO (hint, hint, hint) all the details of your date with Harry!

Work at the Ministry is very boring. I was talking to Percy the other day (which reminds me - you remember his girlfriend, Penelope Clearwater, from back in Hogwarts? Well, they're back together! It's cute really, 'cause they're clearly infatuated with each other. But I don't think anyone's supposed to know yet, so I'm not telling you this…).

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, I was talking to Percy the other day, and he was saying that he has a couple of friends who took the Magical Law course that I'm on, and he said that they said that first year was the worst, as you don't get to sit in on any cases or anything and it was all book work; second year was better as you got to sit in on cases and stuff, but apparently everyone treats you like you're stupid and all you end up doing is fetching coffee for everyone and third year is hell 'cause of exams. Great.

But then, I guess, it'll be worth it in the end. I hope.

Also, Ron is pissing me off a LOT. Last year, we had such a good relationship, but part of me is starting to think that it was because we were apart so much. It was just easier when I was at Hogwarts, and he was away doing his training, as we didn't get to meet up as much, but now, I see him every weekend, when I go to the Burrow and I see bump into him at work most days, and it's like it's too much.

He lords over me the fact that he's a second year, and I'm only a first, which is ridiculous, as we're doing different courses, so there's no point competing. But he seems to think that there is, or something. I don't know, I think this is the first time he's just been "better" and more advanced than me at something, and I think he likes that. I'll let him have that feeling this once … I get bored with it after a while!

Anyway I've got to go now. I have to read a book (yes, I can hear you laughing, but it's entitled "Laws Regarding Dragons In The Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century and What Relevance They Have Today". I am very much looking forward to it. Heavy sarcasm).

Hope you're having fun on tour with the Harpies, and don't forget to tell me about your Going Away date with Harry (I am very intrigued - he's walked around with a blissful smile on his face for the past four days, so I'm dying to know what has gone on, as his response was merely "it was fun. I had a great time". Men).

Lots of love,


PS Your Mum says (apparently, you'll take it better from me) that on NO ACCOUNT are you to even THINK about doing ANYTHING with any Quidditch players (her capitals, not mine), but don't worry: I think she's more worried about your Harry's relationship than your virtue! H x

3rd September

Dear Hermione,

Thank you for your letter. I've never had a proper letter before. Mum always wrote me notes to keep me up-to-date with what was going on at home when I was at Hogwarts, but that's it, really. I like it - we should write to each other as often as possible, seeing as we're not going to see each other for AGES!

So, here goes with the details of my date with Harry:

- 2pm: Am at home. Decide to relax by having soothing bath. At same time, decide will shave legs, underarms etc in a bid to control the hairy monster gene that wants to turn me into Hagrid.

- 2:05pm: Give up on shaving as a bad job when lacerate legs. Decide that charming the hair off is probably a better option.

-2:25pm: Climb out of bath. Dry self, and curl hair.

-2:35pm: Put on sexy underwear (front fastening bras are VERY uncomfortable. Leave Ron to struggle with the normal back-fastening ones. Trust me. They're just too much faff.)

-2:40pm: Wonder what to wear. Remove entire set of clothes from wardrobe.

-4:45pm: (I am not even kidding.) Put on red wrap dress (very low neckline, but knee-length hem. It's the one fashion tip I've ever taken from my Mum - aside from don't wear pink 'cause you'll look awful - and it is "Boobs out, legs in; legs out, boobs in" otherwise you look like a prostitute).

-4:47pm: Wonder what shoes to wear

-4:48pm: Decide as only have three pairs of "going out shoes" - the gold ones of yours which don't suit the dress; the red ones that I snapped the heel off of one by mistake and haven't had time to reparo it yet (yes, I know it's a simple spell, but I never like to mess magically with clothes/shoes before a Big Event, in case I do something wrong and they disappear in the middle of said Event. Just in case, you know?) and my black patent ones, with the very high heel. Have to wear black ones, but is no great hardship as they make my legs look rather good.

-4:50pm: Do make-up, without removing eyeballs with mascara wand, amazingly.

-5:00pm: Wait in living room-cum-dining room-cum-kitchen thing for Harry to arrive.

-6.00pm: Harry arrives. Have tidied whole flat whilst waiting, to take my mind off things. Didn't work, but now have very clean flat.

-6:05pm: Apparate to Diagon Alley. Worry that Harry is going to take me to The Leaky Caldron for dinner and am too dressed up. Need not have worried: we have a reservation at Pinot's.

-Have very romantic meal. Harry can be v. sensitive when he wants. Food delicious. Décor fabulous. Harry gorgeous.

-10.00pm: Apparate back to my flat for a drink

-8:00am: Harry leaves my flat for the Ministry. And no, he didn't sleep on the sofa.

It was lovely - but I won't go into any graphic details. BUT - what about you?! Do you want me to have a word with my prat of a brother? He TOTALLY doesn't deserve you AT ALL. And I don't know why he's pretending he's better than you - you could totally kick his ass at second year Auror training, even though you're a first year law whatsit! Just ignore him - he's just jealous of your wonderful-ness.

And Percy and Penelope, eh? Well, she's probably as boring as he is! Just kidding - Mum and Dad … and all the rest of us, as well, I guess, couldn't have survived the past year without Percy sorting everything out after Fred's … well, anyway. It's nice he's got someone, really.

OH - and I know what I meant to tell you: you know Angelina Johnson's with the Harpies, like me? I was talking to her the other day, and apparently her old friend Katie Bell, and George have got something going on! Just a little something, mind … apparently they're still in the vaguely-treading-round-each-other stage, but you never know. DON'T TELL MUM THOUGH!

Well, I must fly … he he, literally - training session. Enjoy your book, and tell Mum that Harry and I are NOT splitting up, ever! (Also does she realise that Harry is an ex-Quidditch player? So technically she's forbidden me from going out with him. Oooh, I'm such a rebel!)

Love you lots,

Ginny xxx

PS You don't have to thank me for helping you to move in. You did the same for me - I was just returning the favour x

Charlie appeared in Bill and Fleur's kitchen, early one morning, startling Fleur, and causing her to spill coffee all over her cream coloured nightgown. "Ah, merde!" she exclaimed, cleaning it hurriedly. "Ah, Charlie, you scared me so much! What are you doing 'ere, at zeese time in ze morning?"

"Can't I just drop by to see my favourite brother and sister-in-law sometime?" He teased, refilling her cup for her.

"Pah! I am your only sister-in-law!" she replied, but with a twinkle in her eye. "What ees eet that you want? Bill is not 'ere; zere was an emergency at ze bank, so 'e 'ad to go in early."

"An emergency? At the bank?" Charlie asked.

Fleur made a tsk-ing sound under her breath. "Zeese goblins, zey are paranoid something ees going to 'appen, ever since 'arry and Ron and 'ermione broke in last year. Eet ees nothing," she said, and Charlie was reassured. Fleur was not one for hiding her feelings, and if it were something to worry about, she would have let him know. "What can I do for you?" she asked.

"Well, I was wondering if I could ask you - and Bill, of course - a big favour," he began, accepting the mug of coffee she handed to him. "I've been promoted-"

"Congratulations!" Fleur said, in her throaty, Gallic voice.

"Thank you," replied Charlie. "But the problem is, part of my promotion is to supervise the implementation of a new dragon reserve here in Wales. The Ministry have decided that they are going to set one up, so they can have their own supplies of dragon blood, and so on, instead of relying on other countries for imports, and because our reserve in Romania is quite well established, they wrote and asked us to send someone over."

"And you were picked?" asked Fleur.

"Yeah," replied Charlie. "The problem is, it's from the beginning of October, to around mid-November - they said they would only need me for two months tops - so there's no point me getting a flat or anything. There's going to be no housing on the site until around when I'm leaving, 'cause that's the last thing to be built, and the first lot of rooms go to the people who're staying there all the time. So, I really need somewhere to stay, and I was wondering if you and Bill could possibly put me up in your spare room? I could pay rent, of course."

"Ah, Charlie, I am so sorry," Fleur replied. "Bill and I would love to 'ave you 'ere, but my sister is coming to stay for three weeks at ze beginning of October, so zere will be no room, I am sorry."

"No, no, it's no trouble! I'll find somewhere, don't worry about me," he assured her.

"Why can you not stay at ze Burrow, wiz your parents?" Fleur asked, confused.

Charlie's ears went red, and he looked at the floor. "I … there are … it would be … " he stumbled over his words, hoping Fleur would say something and help him out, but she just looked at him shrewdly and waited. "I can't stay there, because there are too many memories. Of Fred … and things. And the last time I stayed there … it was for Fred's f-funeral. I don't want … " his voice drifted off.

"I see," said Fleur quietly, but very kindly. "Eet ees the same for Bill. 'E cannot do it either. But don't tell 'im I told you. 'Owever, you must go back one day, for your muzzer's sake. She would be very offended."

"Yes - Mum is another thing," Charlie said. "Sometimes I get burns and stuff, from the dragons. Nothing a bit of Dittany can't handle - this one," he said, rolling up the sleeve of his shirt and pointing to a mark on his arm, "I got yesterday and it was about the size of my fist, but there's hardly a mark there today, and by tomorrow it'll be gone. But if Mum was to see me when the burns are fresh … well, she'd worry so much. I don't think it would be fair on her."

Fleur nodded in agreement. "Yes, zat would not be very wise. Would you like something to eat, by ze way?"

"Oh, no," he answered, standing up. My Portkey leaves in ten minutes, so I have to get back to the Ministry. Tell Bill I dropped by. I'll write soon."

"You always tell 'im that and you never do," she joked, walking with him to the edge of the protective boundaries of Shell Cottage with Charlie.

"Neither does he, though!" Charlie pouted. Fleur laughed.

"Au revoir, Charlie. I will see you sometime," she said, and Charlie disappeared.

5th September

Dear Ginny,

Hey there! It is I, your most favourite brother of them all. (That's Charlie, if you can't work it out). I need a favour, please.

I've been offered a promotion at work, part of which entails me working to help set up a new dragon reserve in Wales (long story, cannot be bothered to write it all down) and I need a place to stay when I'm in the country (again, another very long story, which I can't be bothered to write). It'd be from the beginning of October to mid-November (end of November at the latest). Could I possibly, possibly stay in your flat? I could pay you rent, and all that.

Let me know,


5th September

Dear Ginny,

Oh! My! God! Harry is just so cute! He's so thoughtful and lovely to you . . . I might have to start dating him myself (that was a JOKE. I was KIDDING. Don't kill me, please!). That red dress of yours makes you look stunning - I bet he couldn't keep his eyes off you! And I was wondering where my gold shoes had gone (joke, joke) but, seriously, you can keep them if you want. They were always the teensiest bit too small for me . . . I could've stretched them, I suppose, but I don't really have any clothes that they go with. Plus, I also have an excuse for buying some new shoes!

I am incredibly jealous of you at the moment, for two main reasons. The first is that you actually like your job. I do like mine . . . it's just the stuff we're doing at the moment is so dull.

I have three main teachers: Rowena Vane (yes, a relation to Romilda - her mother. She's a nice person, just incredibly boring. I mean, the stuff we're doing at the moment, about dragon laws, is really interesting, but she just makes it sound like a History of Magic lesson.), Archibald Fittigus (who is really nice and funny, and everyone likes him, but he doesn't do many lectures, so I don't have him that often) and Elias Copweld (who is not just boring, but so evil and nasty that he makes Snape look positively loving).

It is something I want to do with my life . . . the whole Law Enforcement thing, I mean. I just hate the training. Plus, there's no one on the course I really know at all . . . there's a couple of Ravenclaw's and Hufflepuffs from what was always the year below me at school, until I re-took; and a girl and a boy from Beauxbatons, and two girls from Durmstrang. But I don't really talk to any of them, other than the usual "Good Morning" and "Did you have a nice weekend?". Meh. I'll live though.

The other reason I'm jealous of you? Harry. He is so nice and sweet towards you . . . and he's ridiculously in love with you. Whenever I see him at work, he's just like "Ginny this" and "Ginny that". It's so adorable!

Whereas . . . Ron. Don't get me wrong, I do love him - he's just being so . . . inconsiderate, really. There's not just the whole "I'm a second year so I'm better than you" thing (which is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard, to tell you the truth), it's also the fact that he's being so rude, lately. He keeps doing these stupid little things, which will sound really petty if I write them down, and, yes, if it was just one or two of them I would overlook it, 'cause everyone does it occasionally . . . but it's ALL THE TIME.

Like the other day, at work - he made a point of buying me lunch, which was really nice of him, I thought, until I realised that he had brought me an egg sandwich, which I've said before I really don't like, and a yoghurt or something with avocado in, which I can't eat because I'm allergic to avocado. And he KNOWS those things - I mean, we've been going out for the past two years, and we were best friends for seven years before that. And he can't even be bothered to remember.

Gah, don't mind me - I've probably just got PMT or something. Don't bother saying anything to him - it'll just bother him, and like I say, I'm probably just being moody. I'll get over it.

Hmm . . . George and Katie, Percy and Penelope . . . your Mum will be overjoyed - two weddings! AND you and Harry as well! She'll overload from wedding-ness.

Anyway, I have to go now. Coursework. Meh.

Lots of love,

Hermione xxx

"Ginny!" Hermione said, looking up in surprise as her friend climbed out of her fireplace. "What are you doing here?"

"Three of the team have come down with this flu thing that's going 'round, so the rest of us have got the day off while the recuperate. I portkeyed to the Ministry this morning, and spent lunchtime at The Burrow with Mum. I'm just dropping by on my way to Harry and Ron's," Ginny replied, brushing soot off her cloak.

"Oh, right, I see," said Hermione. "Do you want a drink?"

"I'd love one, but I can't stop - I'm going to spend as much time with Harry as possible, seeing as he actually has this weekend off. Whilst I'm here, there were two things I wanted to say to you," Ginny said.

"Only two?" joked Hermione.

"You know what I mean," said Ginny. "The first one was that I got your letter, and Ron is being an arsehole, but what's new? Anyway, it's your birthday in ten days, and before you come out with any rubbish about having to work, or whatever: here is the plan. I am going to suggest, very strongly, to dear Ronald that he takes you out to the restaurant Harry and I went to, or something else very romantic like that, but you must pretend to know nothing about it, agreed?"

"OK," replied Hermione. "I was wondering what to do . . . I don't really want to go out to a club like we did last year. I liked it, but there was a proper crowd last year, whereas it would be a bit weird for just me and Harry and Ron to go this year . . . and they'd probably be working."

"Well, I'll make sure Ron isn't. He IS going to do something nice for you, for once - God knows you deserve it. Anyway, the other thing I was going to ask you is kind of a big favour, and not for me. Charlie needs a place to stay in this country for a while - he's working to set up a new dragon reserve in Wales. Do you think he'd be able to stay in your flat with you, seeing as you've got the spare room, and all?" Ginny asked.

"What's wrong with your flat? Or the Burrow? Or Shell Cottage?" Hermione asked.

"He doesn't want to stay at the Burrow 'cause Mum'll have forty fits when she sees some of the burns he acquires in a day's work; Fleur's sister is staying at the Shell Cottage at the same time as he would like to stay there; and I need some place to take Harry when I get random days - and nights - like this off," Ginny finished with a wink.

"Too much information, Ginny!" Hermione said, holding up her hand. "But . . . yeah, why not? I'm a bit lonely, with you gone, and Harry and Ron off on training exercises all the time. So, he can stay, if he wants. When would it be?" Hermione asked.

"From October to about mid-November," Ginny said. "Now, I really would love to stay and chat, but I've only got another four hours in the country, and I really want to see Harry properly before I go. Can I use your fire to floo?"

"Yeah, sure," said Hermione.

"Oh, and before I forget," Ginny said, pointing her wand at the coffee table where a package, neatly wrapped appeared. "Your birthday present! Don't open it until then!"

"I won't. Bye!" Hermione called, as Ginny stepped into the fireplace.

14th September

Dear Hermione,

Ginny wrote and told me that you offered me a place to stay whilst I was in the country, so I wanted to write and say thanks very much - I really appreciate it, and I'll try not to be too much of a pain.

My job starts on the 1st October, so I'd really like to be settled in a couple of days before that - would it be possible for me to arrive on the 28th of September? Also - can I negotiate paying you rent? I'd feel really bad, staying and not contributing anything.

Thanks again,

Charlie Weasley

16th September

Dear Charlie,

You're welcome - like I said to Ginny, it'll be nice to have some company. I normally get in from work at about 4.00pm, so if you want to arrive at mine anytime after that, that's fine. And don't worry about paying any rent - I've stayed at The Burrow so often without paying anything, I'd feel bad if I charged you.

See you on the 28th.


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