Drawing Parallels

Chapter 1-Prologue

Here we go. Naruto fanfic. It involves insanity, so be warned.

"Lord Sutakage?" Said the figure, shrouded in the shadows.


"The report you ordered on the Konoha remnants is here. They are banding with all the other villages for an attack. We have bare months."

"Pathetic. Konoha is no threat to us anymore. It hasn't been for fifteen years. But I have another job for you."


"Collect the most powerful Jounins together in the chamber. Even we cannot stand against all five villages-or the remains of them."

"Yes, my lord."

"Lord?" said the ninja in the front. "What do you plan on doing?"

"Channel chakra to the seal." Said the Sutakage. He traced a large seal on the floor, and made a long cut on his arm, letting the blood drip down to the centre. His aid came forward and healed it, and he made quick handsigns, and a shadow fell on the room, deeper than even before.

"Now." Chakra flowed to him in enormous amounts. But he dragged more, draining every last fragment, one by one, the Jounins fell over, dead, until only the fourth Sutakage and his aid remained alive in the room.

"Say goodbye to this place." Said the Sutakage, and he unleashed the huge store of chakra into the seal, it glowed, and there was an explosion of darkness.

"Shadow Style! Dimensional Portal Jutsu!" His aid fainted backwards, onto the floor, from the power of the leaking energy.

"My lord?" The Sutakage sighed. His aid had awoken. He should have done. It was day, after all.


"Where are we?"

"Look out the window. Our enemies cannot have followed us. Except maybe Konoha. They were always on our islands."

His aid looked out a window. The islands were no longer isolated. The furthest one, curving around as it always had, now curved onto land.

To a forest.

"My lord? What have you done?"

"Saved us all, Kabuto."

HAH! Finally started writing it. It's set just after the Chuunin exams, by the way.