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Chapter Thirteen-Bijuu and Revelations

"Yo." said Kakashi. "Gai?"
"Yosh!" said the Green Konoha nin. "I'm glad to see that even in this strange world, my rival still demonstrates his power of Youth."
"Erm, Gai-sama. My name is Taishu Akarai. This is Hishu Iuziya."

"Hi, Gai-sama!" said the other ninja brightly.
"Well, you practically GLOW with youth!" proclaimed Gai to Iuziya.

The many genin groaned.
"Gai-sama is amazing! How he seamlessly integrates with our allies!" proclaimed Konoha's Lee.
"I despair…" muttered his teammate Neji.
"Lighten up." said Tenten.

"We have more important things to worry about." said Sakura quietly.
"Naruto-kun…" whispered Hinata.
"She's right." said Shikamaru. "We need to prepare. Let's start by introducing ourselves to our allies."
They did.
"Hello." said one of the Suta-Konoha nins with an odd smile. "My name is Uchiha Sai."

Sakura blinked with surprise.
"And I'm Uchiha Sasuke." said another boy.
Sakura stared more.

"Huh." said the other Suta-Konoha nin. "This is weird. I'm Tenten."
The two Tenten's stared at each other.

"I'm Natu." said a boy, looking bored. He had a Suta headband. "This is Yui." he said, pointing at a girl.

Those two were the two missing Suta jinchuriki's teammates.

"I'm Kutsuu Ryoumi." said a girl, white haired and white eyed, aggressively. "This is Fuden Shimoko." she said, pointing at a cold eyed girl next to her.
"Akatema Saphire." said another girl. "This is Ishgari Sparow."

There were two more people, a girl and a boy.
"I'm Areno." said the girl brightly. "That is Naoto." she said, pointing at the boy, who was clearly unhappy to be there.

"Well." said Kakashi. "We all know each other now. Let's go."

The large group nodded, and, after some organisation, left.

* * *

"Are you sure?" said Haruka.
"Completely." said Tsunade. "I had to do it myself. He promised to leave us alone…"

Haruka sighed.
"I just wish I understood… why would Orochimaru give Dosumi one of his Mangekyo eyes?"
"Well… there's one other thing." said Tsunade. "I am sure that Dosumi is pregnant. At least eight months already."

* * *

"Orochimaru-sama, I'm a medical nin. Surely I should do this?" said Kabuto.
The ex-kage hissed.
"No. I have my Sharingan, and with it medical techniques. I will do this."

"After all, it is my child."

* * *

"This is where we were when they left us." said Yui.
"Here?" said Kakashi.
"Hmm… we're just over a days travel from Sutagakure." said Gai. "My conclusion…. they're not here!"
"So clever…" whispered Lee.
"Well, where are they now?" asked Kakashi. "Neji, look around with your Byakugan."

The Hyuga obeyed.

"No sign of them. Except, there's a huge amount of chakra around. Something big happened… in that direction." said Neji, pointing through the trees.

Kakashi looked around.
"Anyone got a better idea?" he asked.


"Lead the way, Neji."

* * *

"I can see traces of Naruto's chakra, and something… darker, Much darker. It almost covers it." said Neji.
"Darker?" said Kakashi quickly, already worried. "What do you mean, darker?"
"Sinister. Not human." said Neji.
"Hinata, look and see if you can feel it as well." said Kakashi urgently.

The other Hyuga activated her bloodline, and immediately gasped.

"He's right, Kakashi-san. But… it's not covering Naruto-kun's chakra… it's more that Naruto's chakra is a small part of it…"

"Follow it. Now." said Kakashi. "If you can."
Akarai and Iuziya exchanged uneasy looks. They knew what this meant.
Even Gai looked troubled.

Of the genin, the only ones who understood were Natu and Yui. Their expressions worried the others.
Pure fear.
If something could beat the twins... what chance did they have?

* * *

"We should stop here. It's going to be dark soon." said Kakashi. "We can rest, and then we'll have the element of surprise. Neji, do you know where they are?"
"No, Kakashi-san." said the Hyuga.

"There's only one thing in this direction." said Iuziya. "Amegakure."

* * *

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