Chapter Eight

Harry woke to unfamiliar surroundings and it took him a moment to recognize the interior of St. Mungo's. Right, he'd been bitten by Malfoy. Bush Vipers were most definitely poisonous. He raised a hand to touch the headache that lingered and felt a weight on his chest. He glanced down to find Malfoy coiled there, asleep. Harry smiled and let his hand drop to caress the soft scales. The snake lifted its head to stare at him though bright eyes.

You're awake.

Awake, Harry agreed and his eyes widened. Thank Merlin, he could understand Parseltongue again. The snake shifted and then a warm human body lay atop Harry in the viper's place.

"It was only a potion, Potter. They do wear off, you know."

Harry flushed, but it was more a result of Malfoy's comfortable weight than embarrassment. "Not always. Forgive me if I was not exactly confident of Colin's skill. I'm surprised he managed to brew the potion in the first place."

"Would it really bother you that much to lose your ability to talk to snakes?"

"No," Harry admitted. "But it would bother me to be unable to talk to you." He allowed his hand to skate gently over Malfoy's ribs, just as he would if Malfoy were still a snake. He met the startled grey eyes steadily. "I actually figured it out before you left me your chart. Astonishingly, I clued in when I realized how good it felt to wake up with you next to me." His strokes grew bolder and he allowed his other hand to join the action. "Like now."

Malfoy was silent so long Harry began to worry that he had misread the signs and charts and stalking, but then the blond levered himself forward and pressed his lips to Harry's. He thought he might break into pieces from the tension, but Malfoy's soft breath against his face made him feel almost liquid. Malfoy's hands caught his wrists and held him in place with a light grip. Harry thought his heart might leap completely out of his chest from the force of his heartbeat. Malfoy's lips touched his neck feather-lightly and drew a tingling path from Harry's collarbone up to his earlobe. "I thought you didn't want me, Potter."

Harry's groan should have been answer enough, but as was typical it did not satisfy Malfoy, whose hot mouth sucked lightly at the soft patch of skin beneath Harry's ear, drawing a shiver from him. "Do you want me, Potter?"

Merlin. Harry thought it was more than obvious, but apparently Malfoy wanted his humiliation to be complete. Harry drew in a shuddering breath. "Yes," he managed as he exhaled.

Remarkably, Malfoy's hands released his wrists only to wrap around him and pull him closer. The Slytherin's mouth fastened on his neck again, more insistent this time, as if trying to draw Harry's essence through his skin. "Merlin, Potter, I've been waiting forever to hear you say that."

Harry's paralysis lasted only a moment and then he wrapped his arms around Malfoy in a crushing embrace. "I thought you were having me on."

Malfoy chuckled and the sound tickled Harry's neck and sent another shiver coursing through him. "You always were thick."

Harry groaned, but smiled as he pressed his lips into the soft blond hair.

"What happened to Colin?" he asked suddenly, remembering where they were. Much as he would have liked to show Malfoy just how much he wanted him, they would likely be interrupted by a medi-witch.

Malfoy sighed. "I brought you here and then went back for the git. I took him to Kingsley, who woke him up and questioned him. They fetched the idiotic oaf from Hogwarts and he confessed to his ridiculous plan to bring magical creatures to the Muggles. I swear—"

Harry put a finger on the soft lips, unwilling to hear slurs against Hagrid, even though Malfoy was right, it had been rather stupid of Hagrid, who had never been the brightest bulb when it came to his precious animals. Anyone that thought of Blast-Ended Skrewts as cute… Well, that was just Hagrid. Harry hoped Kingsley had not been too hard on him.

"Don't worry, Potter, your pet oaf won't serve time in Azkaban. I'm sure Kingsley will let him off with a fine and some sort of community service, since he apparently was not acting with malicious intent. Creevey, on the other hand, should have known better. He claims he did not know the harm magical creatures could do, citing his Muggleborn blood as a defence. Of course, he had no problem keeping the money from the sale of the creatures and using it to fund a photo gallery he planned to establish in Diagon Alley. I don't think Kingsley plans to be as lenient with him."

Harry frowned. He might have to attend the trial and speak on Colin's behalf. The Creevey's always had a tendency to act without thinking. Harry was certain Colin had meant no harm. Malfoy's eyes narrowed.

"You're planning to do something altruistic, aren't you, Potter?"

Harry thought he might be able to distract Malfoy and put the idea to the test. He slipped his hands beneath Malfoy's shirt and trailed his fingers over the muscles of his back. "What I'm planning at the moment has nothing to do with altruism," Harry said in a seductive tone.

"Oh? And what might that be?"

Before Harry could reply, the door opened and Malfoy disappeared. Harry yanked the blankets up to cover the snake as it slithered beneath his hospital-issued pyjamas.

"Auror Potter, you're awake!" The medi-witch hurried forward and laughed at Harry's apparent modesty. "Don't worry, I've seen it all before. No doubt I was working here when you were a mere babe."

Harry did not bother to correct her as the viper slithered down his torso. She pulled his blankets back just as Malfoy disappeared into his pyjama bottoms. Harry gasped.

She giggled again. "You certainly are modest, but I have to check you out. Any lingering effects?"

"No," Harry said quickly. "I feel fine." Except for his headache, he felt surprisingly well considering the venom that had pumped through his system. He was thankful his partner had moved quickly, even though the incident had been his fault to begin with. The medi-witch pulled out her wand and Harry made a strangled cry when Malfoy slithered over his cock and into a tight coil.

"What is it?" she asked in concern. "Are you in pain?"

"No! I'm fine!" Harry said and tugged at the blankets, trying to cover his abdomen as the medi-witch tried to drag them down.

"I think I should be the judge of that, Auror Potter," she said sternly. "Now, let me run some quick tests…"

She thankfully allowed Harry to keep his lower regions covered. Malfoy was being especially evil with his inability to remain still. It took all Harry's concentration to keep from squirming as the woman cast several diagnostic spells.

Something seems to be growing, Potter, Malfoy hissed and the medi-witch looked at him in surprise.

"Did you hear something?" she asked.

Harry shook his head, unable to speak though the effort of trying to keep something from growing even larger at the knowledge that Malfoy was currently wrapped around his quickly stiffening cock.

"I'm ready to go home now," Harry managed and shifted his hips in an effort to dislodge the coiled reptile. Honestly, he had only gotten used to the idea of Malfoy touching him at all and now this! The movement backfired as the smooth scales slid over his skin. Yes, something was definitely growing now and all the iron control in the world wouldn't stop it, especially when another muffled hiss reached Harry's ears.

In five seconds, I'm turning back into myself.

"Right now? But I'm not finished," the medi-witch said and paused to frown at him.


"Yes, now! I told you I feel fine!"


"But surely you want us to verify the poison caused no lasting damage. You only just woke up, Auror Potter. I must insist you stay—"


Harry snatched his wand from the bedside table and Disapparated. He tumbled a couple of inches through the air and landed on his own bed with Malfoy atop him. Harry's pyjama bottoms strangled them both—they were definitely not made for two sets of legs. And Malfoy was fully dressed.

"That's not funny!" Harry cried. "Now get off of me."

Malfoy chuckled, but instead of moving he cast a spell with his wand and then the pyjamas were no longer constricting them because they had vanished. Harry made a squeaking noise when he realized he was completely naked beneath the predatory blond, who smiled wickedly.

"Better?" he asked.

"Almost," Harry replied. "I'm a little, um… nervous." Harry thought that might be the understatement of the century. He was fairly petrified. Malfoy had been correct with his charts and graphs—Harry had dated nearly everyone he knew, but he had never taken any of them home. "This is the first time I've…"

While Harry babbled, Malfoy's fingers drew slow circles beneath his collarbone and his lips nibbled at Harry's jaw, working their way toward his ear. Harry's pulse raced.

Several hot kisses were pressed into Harry's neck, sending shivers of delight through Harry's body. He had never appreciated the sensitivity of his throat before. Even when Malfoy spoke, his lips remained on Harry's skin and tickled deliciously. "I won't do anything you don't want, Potter."

Harry groaned.

"What do you want?" Malfoy asked huskily.

Harry raised his hands and slipped them into Malfoy's soft hair to pull him closer. He arched his back slightly to bring their bodies into even closer contact. The clothing between them seemed rough and cloying.

"You," Harry said. "I want you."

Malfoy's arms nearly crushed him and Harry laughed shakily as the silver eyes rose and fixed on his.

"I never thought I'd hear you say that. Not really," Malfoy admitted. Harry gaped at him.

"You mean you didn't believe your own chart?"

Malfoy ducked his head slightly. "I may have skewed the data slightly in my favour."

"Skewed the data. That's very Slytherin of you, Malfoy, and rather unethical for an employee of Gringott's," Harry said dryly.

"I would never tamper with financial information!" Malfoy said hotly.

Harry laughed. "What about my expense reports?"

Malfoy scowled. "We are not discussing your inability to properly fill out paperwork." The fine blush that tinted his cheeks hinted to Harry that the blond had most likely trumped up dozens of ridiculous inadequacies with Harry's expense vouchers just as an excuse to see him. He felt a rush of warmth to know how hard Malfoy had worked to win him, despite Harry's obliviousness. His apprehension vanished.

"No, we are not discussing that," Harry said in what he hoped was a seductive tone. "We're discussing why you are still wearing your clothes."

Either the tone or the words—or both—were effective, because Malfoy gasped and then levered himself away from Harry. He stood next to the bed and Harry forced himself to lie still while Malfoy's eyes slid over his unclad form. A smile curved Malfoy's lips and heat seemed to flare from his eyes, drying Harry's throat and making it difficult for him to breathe. Apparently he had not been found wanting. The breathlessness increased when slender fingers reached up and began to undo the fine buttons of the dark robes.

Harry drank in the sight of pale flesh as more and more of it was revealed and he realized he had never seen Malfoy without clothing. When the robes pooled at Malfoy's feet, Harry felt it a crime that the blond was even allowed clothing. Such perfection should be on display for the world to see. Even as the thought ghosted across his mind, Harry felt almost giddy knowing that right now that perfection was only for him.

"Merlin, you're gorgeous," he said humbly and was astonished and pleased when Malfoy looked down somewhat shyly. He had expected Malfoy to be aggressive and demanding, but this glimpse of shyness was unexpectedly enticing.

"Of course I am, Potter," Malfoy said in an obvious attempt to recover his aplomb.

"Come here," Harry said thickly. He much preferred the near-awe he currently felt to his prior nervousness, and had to acknowledge that only Malfoy could wring so many emotions from him in so short a time. He smiled, already knowing what the blond would say about such a poetic sentiment. Malfoy noticed the smile and returned it—turning his beauty into something nearing luminescence. He dove onto the bed in a quick, unexpected move and Harry laughed as he wrapped the blond in a warm embrace. Malfoy kissed him again and this time all awkwardness was gone. Malfoy's heat burned into him and Harry decided firmly that skin on skin was definitely the way to go.

They were both hard and panting together when Harry gasped, "I want… Oh, Merlin, I want…" He was not sure what he wanted, but it definitely involved more. More of Malfoy's stroking hands, more of his exquisite lips, and more delicious friction of cock on cock. More of anything Malfoy chose to give him.

"Tell me what you want, Harry," the soft voice rumbled as fingertips trailed lazily over his hip in teasing designs. Harry lay wantonly open with Malfoy between his legs, and he frotted shamelessly again him, desperate for rougher contact. "Do you want me to fuck you, or would you prefer to top this time around?"

Harry thought his brain might short-circuit at the very idea of Malfoy's hard length penetrating him. So much so that he couldn't speak for a moment. Malfoy chuckled.

"All right, I've been dreaming for months about having you inside me, so let's try it that way, shall we? Over we go." Malfoy slipped an arm under him and rolled them over in a smooth motion. Harry found lying atop the blond to be just as delightful as the reverse and his cock twitched happily in anticipation of what was to come next.

Malfoy guided him easily through the steps of preparation—lubrication, spells of protection, spells that did Merlin-knew-what, but apparently made penetration easier… and then Harry was pressing into Malfoy's tight heat and wondering if he could possibly make it all the way in without coming.

He bit his lip and focused, knowing Malfoy's lust-induced docility would vanish in an instant and be replaced with biting scorn if Harry did anything so stupid. He looked into the liquid silver eyes and revised that thought. At this point, Malfoy might forgive him almost anything, but that only made him more determined to draw the experience out and make it as mind-blowingly brilliant for the blond as it was for him.

Still, the tightness surrounding him was almost unbearable. He had to pause. "If I move…" he said.

"It's all right," Malfoy replied and several heartbeats passed while they kissed gently. When Harry finally sighed in relief, Malfoy grinned and thrust his hips forward in a sharp movement. Harry cried out when he was buried deeper than he had thought possible. "Move now. Bloody hell, Harry, fuck me."

Harry suddenly regretted ever wanting to shut Malfoy up, because his words were nearly as erotic as the feel of him—he forgot all that the moment he started to move, because it was beyond incredible. Instinct took over, guided by the sounds of Malfoy's cries whenever Harry hit a particular spot. He repeated it until Malfoy fairly mewled beneath him. Harry gripped Malfoy's slim hips for leverage and pounded until he thought Malfoy might split in half, but he seemed more than fine, based on the litany of sound that spilled from his gorgeous lips. Most of it was nonsense, consisting of partial phrases like yes, yes and there, there, Merlin, there, and oh, oh, oh, but peppered with his name uttered in such a way that Harry thrilled at every erotic declaration of it.

Harry trembled on the brink, dying for release but determined to hang on until Malfoy was satisfied. Thankfully, he felt a rush as the pressure around his cock grew even tighter and he felt nails drag across his back as Malfoy shuddered beneath him and cried out his name once more. It was unbelievably hot and Harry gratefully allowed his own climax to explode through him. "Holy fuck!" he yelled as it wrung him nearly dry. Harry realized he was crushing Malfoy, lying on him in a liquid heap. He raised his head to look at his lover. He realized belatedly that he could have sped along Malfoy's release by stroking that lovely cock of his, but he supposed he hadn't done too badly, if the blond's expression of sated bliss was anything to go by.

"Is it always like that?" Harry asked breathlessly.

"No, Potter," Malfoy said and his arms tightened around Harry's back. "No, that was something special."

Harry tucked his face into Malfoy's neck, unexpectedly pleased. He grinned at Malfoy's reversion to his last name. Apparently the blond refused to use his first name except in the throes of passion. Harry supposed he could live with that. He pressed a kiss into Malfoy's sweat-tinged throat.

"Are you going to get all mushy and sentimental on me, now?" Malfoy asked dryly, but Harry noticed his grip did not slacken.

"No," Harry said. "But you aren't going anywhere."

"Oh, really?"

"Absolutely," Harry informed him and nibbled at the salty flesh before sucking lightly. "I'm not finished with you, yet."

Malfoy made a barely audible moan before asking, "When do you think you'll be finished with me?"

"Next Tuesday," Harry decided.

Malfoy shoved him away indignantly and Harry bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing at the outrage in the grey eyes.

Before he could speak, Harry added, "Of course, that's when I'll be finished with the first bit."

Malfoy's eyes narrowed. "The first bit?"

Harry nodded. "I think that's when I'll be done figuring out how long it takes to kiss every inch of this body of yours. I expect to run a few tests, of course. Maybe you can make me another chart."

"And then?"

"And then I'll most likely want to see what it takes to make you do this—" Harry stroked Malfoy's partially hard cock and grinned wickedly when he gasped. "I figure that one will take quite a lot longer…"

"You are awfully sure of yourself, aren't you, Potter?"

Harry rolled over and pulled the blond on top of him. "Well, someone made me this handy chart that points out my ideal mate. I think I'll take his advice."

Malfoy relaxed against him and Harry thought he might be able to stay in that position forever. "It's about time," the Animagus sniffed.

Harry pressed his fingers into his temples where another headache was brewing.

"Clearly, those figures should have been recorded under Miscellaneous instead of Incidentals," Malfoy said and tap tap tapped a column on Harry's expense report.

"Draco, we've been dating for six months," Harry said. "Surely you can give me a break on these damned things once in awhile?"

Draco's wand disappeared as he rounded the desk and pressed his cool fingers into Harry's temples.

"Of course not, Harry. Otherwise I would have no excuse to come here and do this." He leaned down and greedily devoured Harry's lips while a hand trailed down his chest before coming to rest on Harry's abdomen.

"Mmmm, stop that, Draco. This murder case is driving me spare and I don't need you distracting me, as pleasant as your distraction might be."

Draco's lips teased the edge of Harry's jaw. "That's because you're bollocks at organization. I took the liberty of compiling your notes and making some statistical observations."

"You went through my case notes?" Harry tried to sound outraged, but Draco's hand had moved lower and now teased Harry's crotch. His immediate erection was assisted by the memory of the sterling blowjob Draco had given him on his last visit.

"I was bored and your notes were a nightmare. Frankly, your handwriting looks like hippogriff scratchings. You might try for a bit of legibility next time."

Harry's reply was a low moan and his legs fell open to give the blond better access.

"It's about time that idiot Shacklebolt started giving you better assignments. I think it was my last audit that convinced him. Although my review was perfectly justified, I might add. Imagine spending eight Galleons on a single quill! Did he have to order from the highest bidder? I suspected nepotism, of course…"

Draco rambled on, but Harry had stopped listening, lost in sensation. Having Draco Malfoy for a lover had turned out to be quite an adventure. Half the time Harry wanted to kill him and the other half of the time he wanted to shag him into the wall—and frequently did. As for his cases, Harry suspected Kingsley's change of heart had more to do with Harry's threat to quit the Auror department altogether than Draco's ruthless audits. Harry had been quite serious with his ultimatum and more challenging cases had been handed to him, finally making him feel like a productive Auror.

"Harry! Are you in there, Harry?" a voice yelled in accompaniment to a loud banging on the door. Draco instantly morphed into reptile form and slithered into Harry's shirt just as the door opened to disclose Colin Creevey's smiling face. Harry groaned and scooted his chair closer to the desk to hide his arousal.

Stupid Creevey, Draco hissed. I still say he should have gone to Azkaban.

Harry had spoken for Colin at his trial, earning the lad a hefty fine and community service. The proceeds from his potion had paid the fine in no time, but unfortunately his community service involved quite a lot of time at the Ministry. He was supposed to stay in the Department of the Regulation of Magical Creatures—it had been Kingsley's intention to show Colin exactly how dangerous some of the animals could be—but he frequently found his way to Harry's office through one excuse or another.

Hagrid had faced lesser charges, since he had not purchased any of the creatures himself. He had been firmly chastised by Kingsley and then Hermione had taken over. She agreed to keep a close eye on him from then on, basically the equivalent of house-arrest, in Harry's opinion. Colin's voice dragged him back to the present.

"Harry! I got the photos you wanted! They turned out so good I think I'll hang some in the window of my gallery, if that's okay with you. And with Draco, of course. It was damned hard to get some of these, I'll have you know. Thanks for lending me your invisibility cloak. It helped."

He handed Harry an envelope and Harry cleared his throat loudly to cover the sound of Draco hissing.

You lent him your cloak? What for? I think we might have to have a little chat later, Potter. I don't like you hanging around with your little fanboy at all. Now get rid of him.

The last was delivered as Draco slithered out of Harry's shirt near his waistband and then turned back into himself beneath Harry's desk. His cock twitched in anticipation. It was almost a Pavlovian response. Draco Malfoy on his knees at Harry's feet equalled instant rock-hard arousal.

"Thanks, Colin. I'll um… look at these later," Harry said and swallowed as Draco skilfully pulled down the zip on his trousers and eased his cock into the open air.

Colin looked disappointed. "But they're really good, Harry." He tore open the envelope and shook a dozen assorted photos onto the desk. Harry's breath caught, a response that made Colin beam happily even though it had been caused by Draco wrapping his lips around the head of Harry's cock and lapping his tongue over the slit. Harry's attention was arrested by the top photo, however.

It was Draco, standing casually in Diagon Alley with an incredible smile curving his lips. The sun gleamed off his platinum hair and shimmered in the silk of his expensive robes. Harry remembered that day and knew the smile was for him alone. The knowledge warmed him even more than the feel of the hot mouth taking in his hard length. He reached down and touched the blond head tenderly.

The other photos were similar: Draco in moonlight; Draco in the Ministry Atrium sneering at a passerby; Draco at a Quidditch match, cheering; Draco in the shower—

"Colin!" Harry yelled and heard a bang as Draco's head hit the underside of the desk.

"I thought you'd really like that one! He didn't see me! I used your cloak."

Fuck. The sight of Draco soaping himself in the shower nearly undid Harry, even with the waves of annoyance emanating from beneath the desk.

"I'll pay you for these later, Colin," Harry said quickly, eyes still glued to the photo. "Please go now."

"But Harry…"

A flick of Harry's wand sent an invisible force to shove Colin out the door and then several Locking Charms and Silencing Spells followed.

"What the fuck was that about?" Draco demanded as Harry slid his chair back, but the sight of Harry's turgid cock distracted him, as hoped. The blond fairly leaped on it and Harry arched into his gorgeous mouth. His hands tangled in the fair hair and mussed it nicely, something Draco was bound to bitch about afterward.

"I'll show you later," he promised.


Unless I give it to artistic bribery and write an epilogue...