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AU Donterease Part 1 /2- at the end Jarod did escape… Miss Parker was not shot critically. Raines got his way out of blame and Mr. Parker and Brigitte are not on the run. Don't worry Mr. Lyle will be his usual charming self. AU Season Four…

The Pretender: Truth and Lies

Chapter One- The World is Changing, Part One.

Long day, Miss Parker thought viciously as she undid her door. Bad day…and it mostly was Brigitte's doing. Oh and Raines but that was for the emphysema living ghoul continuing to avoid his death, yet again finding a way to make the Triumvirate keep his sorry ass alive. More like taking every piece of credit like the little dog he was, after table scraps. And Jarod had sent her a gift basket for her 'flesh wound' across her arm. She was glad he had rescued Gemini she really was. Seeing him had stirred too much up, just to let then ship the boy off.

She strode over to where the scotch was, and stared at it. She wanted a drink, more than anything to dull the fact of her life. Parker knew her father would never let her leave the Centre even if she caught Jarod tomorrow.

A noise in her bedroom made her snap her head up and she drew her gun. Parker edged towards the room every sense on high.

Reaching the door, Miss Parker looked down and knelt down touching the blood drops on the ground. It was still warm… like Tommy. Her throat constricted, and Parker kicked the door down. Her eyes widened. "What in the name of unholy" Miss Parker whispered only partially cutting.

Leaning on the wall his shirt soaked with blood, bruises, and every way someone could look like they were through the wringer was her twin brother. He looked up and smiled. "Hey sis, sorry for the mess" The pain in his voice was evident.

"Who did you piss off this time?" Parker asked coldly pulling her cell out.

When Lyle saw exactly what she was doing, he tried to stand up but he couldn't. "Don't call Dad… the Centre…"

She knelt down inches from his face grabbing him by the chin, smiling viciously. "What's up Lyle, finally push someone too far- let me guess that Asian sectary of yours- she doesn't like guy missing a thumb?"

The only sound was Lyle breathing, his breath edgy, and his eyes darting like a caged animal. For a moment it seemed like he was about to pas out then he grabbed her arm. "The Pretender Project"

"Aww, one of the lab rats beat you up?"

"Dad… put me in there…"

Miss Parker started ay him yanking her arm away. "Your lying- you're not a-"

"Pretender- I guess I have my secrets still sis" Lyle smirked slightly but he ended up coughing violently."Raines convinced the Triumvirate that I would be of use in his… project" Hate seethed in Lyle's eyes, murderous rage. Raines pet project, push Lyle to murder his best friend to save his life from his step-father… every step of the way another test. He had thought once acknowledged, once he knew he was a Parker it would all stop. "And Dad needs a natural Pretender after it… being my fault apparently that Jarod escaped…. and here I am"

The house line rung and Miss Parker stared at her brother for the longest moment and then answered the phone. "Angel… I was just checking on you…you and Brigitte certainly were bumping heads today- and you seemed upset"

A heavy feeling settled in her heart. "Daddy, I haven't seen Lyle all day, do you know he is…. I don't trust him"

"Now Angel, I thought you were over this, you should be nice to your brother… Lyle's simply taking sometime to find himself that's all...I have to go" The line disconnected. Her father's words if you can't trust your family, who can you trust came to mind.

A low laugh came from Lyle, short and amused. "You didn't turn me in"

Parker shot him a warning look. "Just push it, I'll call them back" she dialed the phone, waiting and when the other person answered she sighed. "Freud, it's me, I need Jarod to call me now" she hung up.

One better, a video phone call she stared into her computer at Jarod. "Did it occur to you that this could be a set up Miss Parker?"

"It's Lyle, Wonder Boy what do you think?"

Jarod inclined his head. "I would be lying if I said that I felt particularly bad for what has happened to our Mr. Lyle… where is he now?"

Groaning, Miss Parker massaged her temple. "Passed out on my bed, I'm never going to get the stains out" she said under her breath the last part. A small part of her was also dealing with this small voice in her that screamed, not her brother, not like her mother. Not like Tommy. "My father called to see if I knew anything… I have to get Lyle out of here"

A smile. "What happened to 'you run, I chase' Miss Parker?"

"That's not over Lab Rat but I need my brother somewhere safe until I've managed to fix this" Miss Parker looked through the screen. "I'm sorry about your brother I really am, but this is my brother, put yourself in my shoes… it's what you do"

Jarod leaned back. " Raines has controlled everything… taken him away at birth, robbing you of growing up with him to the point, all you can see when you look in Lyle is everything you can't have back and you can't trust him. But somewhere deep down you know the Centre has done everything to control you both"

She put a hand up. "Save your 'The Centre is evil incarnate', I'm asking, can do this for me put everything you despise about Lyle aside?" A long moment before Jarod nodded.

" I will arrange the details Miss Parker…be careful if nothing else shows you that your father is capable of anything , I hope this does" Parker disconnected the call and walked over to where her glass of scotch lay empty , and poured another. Right now an ulcer was the least of her problems.

To Be Continued…