Hi, Umbreon Mastah here! Here's my first shot at angst (and my first in the Kirby section!!), about Meta Knight and the fall of the Star Warriors.

I haven't forgotten.

I close my eyes, and I see it still.


Blazing, burning, destroying.

Billowing smoke.

Closing in, choking, killing.

I hear it, the crackling of flames.

Trees, houses, crashing as they fall.

But worst of all, I hear the screams.

The pain, the terror.

And then, the quieting of death.

But the screams continue.

My companions.

My friends.

Gone, taken by the fire.

Like everything else.

Destroyed, obliterated.


I open my eyes.


Only a painful memory, long now past.

But I haven't forgotten...

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-Umbreon Mastah