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Record 0

The Day of Disaster

My name is Dan Skid. I am an officer in the US Army, and I was selected to be part of a 103-man unit called the Rebuilders. We were given 219 guns, escorted to what had been New York, Manhattan, on fifteen trucks, and dropped at a site near the remains of the Woolworth Tower where a half-built facility had been constructed. Twelve AV's and seven tanks were dropped off at the site and had arrived just moments before us. Three large, twin horizontal-rotor helicopters were set down as well, two on the ground, one on a rooftop. Our mission was supposed to be simple. Finish the base that had been started, and use the tools we had been given to scout the entire city for any survivors that may have escaped the Hammerdown blasting, but hadn't had time to be evacuated. The year was 2017 when we found our first piece of evidence that there had indeed been reason for the Hammerdown protocol. Five hundred thousand parasitic creatures were found dead in a subway tunnel, their bodies piled high enough to reach the ceiling. Then, on January 7th in the year 2018, I found something that defied everything we had previously thought about the capabilities of the Hammerdown protocol. I was scoping out Apartment 1034 and had found a living parasite far larger than those that had died, possibly from eating the corpses of the dead citizens who hadn't made it out of the city in time.

Upon following the creature, I found myself in a large intersection, with at least 8 roads leading off from it. In the center of this intersection was Military Record Clover, the monster responsible for the destruction of Manhattan. The beast I had originally thought dead was breathing, catching me off guard, and I found the parasite I had followed settled down next to the body of a 17-year-old boy. This boy was Verakka Eva Rvark, who had been in Manhattan at the time of Record Clover's attack, and had taken part in destroying countless parasites. The boy was breathing, which stunned me beyond compare. Another thing I couldn't figure out was the boy's age. Verakka, at the time of the attack in 2008, was 12 years old. Ten years have passed since then, but the boy seemed to have only aged five! He and the parasite were taken to the base for further examination. We were puzzled why the parasite seemed so attached to Verakka, but then a few military records state that he had been seen near the evacuation helicopters riding a parasite very close to the size of this one, and so we had decided that it meant no harm. Another problem we faced was getting close enough to Verakka to take him without the parasite threatening us. In the end, we had three men approach it and hold it down before releasing it. Two of the three men died after they released the parasite, and the third was gravely injured. He is currently all right, but he made us swear to keep the monster locked up. Once we had taken Verakka's body, the parasite followed us with almost comical dedication to the boy.

It is now 2020. We have still not yet been given sufficient equipment to move Record Clover's body from its site of apparent death, and how Verakka seemed to slow down his aging cycle is a mystery. The parasite is fed corpses that are found in the subways and in collapsed apartments to keep it alive, as it may prove useful in the future. We have found only one other living person, the original Vice President known as Robert Hawkins. He was found roaming the streets looking for food, and responded quite violently when we tried to take him back to base. Before we knocked him out to take him by force, he started muttering the word 'Beth' over and over. We suspect that the one he is talking about may be the deceased Beth McIntyre, who died on the day that the Hammerdown Protocol was used. When Robert woke up, he said that he and Beth McIntyre had taken shelter under a bridge in Central Park, but when he went out for food five years ago and came back, her body was gone. He spent the last five years looking for her with a passion that was almost considered dangerous.

Verakka seems to be dying. He has not woken up since I found him two years ago. His parasite gets increasingly hostile in its plexiglas cage, and has almost broken through. Admiral Stark has suggested killing the parasite and getting it over with, but our commander strongly disagreed. He said that the parasite seemed bonded to Verakka's soul, and as long as it was active--or at least as long as it tried to get out with the energy it displays now--that Verakka was still alive. But that comment disturbed me greatly, and disturbs me even more now. Verakka shows absolutely no response to anything done to him, and all attempts to rouse him seem to send him into a deeper state of hibernation. The parasite has been getting less active all the while, as well, so it couldn't be what is causing Verakka to stay in this unusual sleep as it gets less active the more we try to wake him.

A theory is that Record Clover may be causing this hibernation state, as it also falls deeper and deeper into sleep at the exact same rate as Verakka. It is crucial that we keep Verakka alive until he wakes, for that may give us vital information on what Record Clover is and why it is here. But a thought recently came into my head that disturbs me as nothing has before. It seems that Verakka and Record Clover are in the same state of hibernation. So if Verakka is awakened, will the beast arise as well?