Rescuing Dad

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Author's Note: Dean is eighteen and Sam is fourteen in this story which is dedicated to my sister Julie who asked for a TeenChester story about John being kidnapped by demon's.


John was packing his old, green duffle bag that he had had since he was a Marine when he heard the sound of the Impala pulling up outside their latest motel room in Finchburg, Oregon which meant that Dean had just returned from picking Sammy up at school. He watched as the door to the room opened and Sammy's mouth dropped open in astonishment seeing that his father was packing. It didn't take but mere seconds for that look of astonishment to turn into a look of anger on his youngest child's face.

John immediate threw up his hand, palm out to stem off the words that he knew was about to spew from Sammy's mouth.

"Before you start snapping off Sammy, we're not moving yet, well at least not you and Dean anyway. I know you only have three days of school left and I'm not about to get Child Services on my ass by pulling you out the last week of school. You and Dean are going to stay here while you finish and I am going to go help out Bobby on a hunt in Tennessee. You and Dean can follow after you get out of school on Friday."

Sam looked sheepishly towards his father. "Thanks dad" he said meekly regretting the automatic anger that he had allowed to encompass him at the sight of seeing his father packing.

"S'okay son" John replied ruffling his fourteen year old's hair before saying "You know, you really could use a haircut."

Sam immediately balked at the idea of getting his hair shorn. "Aw come on dad, you know I like my hair longer than Dean's" he replied with a pleading puppy dog look in his expressive hazel eyes.

"Yeah, I know kiddo" John replied as he went back to packing his duffle bag.

Dean had tensed seeing his father packing when he and Sammy returned to the room. He was bracing for an explosion of epic proportions from Sammy since it was his last week of school. Thank goodness their dad had immediately sensed what was about to happen and stopped the explosion before it had ever gotten started.

Dean's posture immediate relaxed as his father spoke and lessened the tension that had been building as soon as they entered the room.

"So dad, what is it that Bobby needs your help with?" Dean asked wanting to know what their father would be going up against,

"They're having some trouble with water spirits in Lake Minote. There have already been six confirmed drownings, all who were deemed to be excellent swimmers." Through the research that he's done, Bobby thinks were facing three angry boaters who drowned in the lake about ten years ago." John replied in answer to his son's question.

After he finished packing his duffle, John looked at his boys and said "I've got to meet Bobby in three days so I've got to get going. "I want you boys to be careful and keep up your guard. Don't leave this motel room for anything other than school unless you absolutely have too, and Dean…"

"I know, watch out for Sammy" Dean replied with a roll of his eyes. "You don't even have to say it anymore dad. You know I will!"

"Yeah, its just comes natural to ya now doesn't it" John replied with a smile on his face knowing that Dean would put himself between Sammy and danger at any given time.

'YEP" replied Dean with a huge smirk on his face knowing that he wouldn't have it any other way.

Before walking out the door, John said "Don't forget to salt the windows and the doors" as he watched Dean fling a pillow towards his face. John shut the door quickly laughing as he walked to his truck. "Damn, it feels good to leave on a happy note" he thought since he always seemed to be leaving in the middle of an argument with Sammy lately.

John climbed into his truck giving one last glance towards the motel room. "Stay safe boys" he said as he started the engine and pulled away.


John had made it approximately halfway through his drive when he stopped in Edgemont, Nebraska to get a motel room. He was extremely tired from the drive even though it had been a scenic one. He had actually enjoyed the time alone allowing him to relax.

He wondered what his boys were doing and if they were following directions to only leave the motel room for school. Knowing Dean, he was probably out scamming pool games and raising money while his little brother was sitting in class. John couldn't really blame him for it though. Hell, his oldest needed some time to focus on himself and what he wanted to do instead of living his life for Sammy.

John felt guilty that he had put that unintentional burden on Dean at such a young age, but he knew it was for the best. Someday, he wouldn't be around to protect his boys and the boys would rely on the deep bond that was being formed between them to get them through.

John entered his room at the local Motel Six and flung his duffle on the floor. He really needed a shower and sleep, but first he wanted to talk to his boys. He took out his cell and hit speed dial number one. He heard it ring two times before he heard his oldest son's voice coming through the line.

"Hey dad" Dean said as he answered the phone after seeing that the call was from his dad before answering.

"Hey Dean, how's it going? John asked needing to know that things were okay. "Sammy hasn't given ya any trouble has he?

"No Sir, things have been going great. Sammy's studying for his nine weeks exam tomorrow and I was sitting here cleaning our guns" Dean replied in answer to his father's questions.

"S'good Dean. Have you salted the windows and doors yet son?"

"Yes sir, you can stop worrying now dad, we're fine. As soon as I'm finished here, we're going to bed. Dean said as he rolled his eyes in exasperation. He wondered if his dad would ever quit checking up on them seeing as how he was an adult now.

John smiled at hearing Dean's words. He had no doubt his oldest was rolling his eyes right now at being treated like a youngster, but then again Dean was his youngster. "I'm gonna take a shower and head that way myself son, but first, let me talk to Sammy"

"Hi dad" Sammy said as his brother handed him the phone.

"You doing okay kiddo?" John asked glad to hear the sound of his baby's voice.

"M'fine dad, just studying for the big test tomorrow" Sammy replied in answer to his dad's question.

"Well, make sure you don't stay up too long and get a good night's rest. I'll see you boys in a few days, and son.."

"Yeah dad?" Sammy questioned as he heard his father's voice trail off.

"I love you" John said feeling the need to make sure Sammy knew it for some unknown reason.

"I know you do, I love you too dad" Sammy replied returning the spoken gesture as he hung up the phone. He looked over to see Dean smirking at him and said "What?"

Dean didn't reply, he just stood up and said, "I'm going to take a shower. As soon as I'm finished, you need to get yours and then it's lights out Sammy."

"M'kay, I'm almost finished studying anyway" Sammy replied as he watched his brother walk into the bathroom.


John woke up early before daybreak the next morning and pulled his jeans and a t-shirt on. He went into the motel bathroom and splashed cold water on his face and brushed his teeth. He then repacked the few thing he had taken out of his duffle bag and prepared to hit the road. It was still a long way to Lake Minote in Tennessee.

Before getting back on the interstate, John stopped at the local IHOP restaurant and ordered himself a big breakfast. With a little luck, he could make it to Tennessee by midnight, stopping only for gas to fill his truck and meals. John ate his stack of pancakes, eggs, bacon, and sausage as he read the morning paper provided by the restaurant.

After finishing breakfast, he got back into his truck and looked for the nearest road to the interstate.

He drove approximately seven hours before stopping in Grandview Missouri to refill his gas tank and get a meal for himself at the local diner. He enjoyed eating a meal that consisted of a medium to well done steak, an enormous baked potato smothered in butter, and a side salad. After eating such a big meal, he knew he wouldn't have to stop again until he met up with Bobby.

John left the diner and drove down the road thinking about the upcoming hunt. He was pulled out of his thoughts quickly though when he saw that a car had smashed into a tree in front of him and the engine was catching fire. He quickly pulled to the side of the road and turned off his truck as he bounded from his truck to help the occupant of the vehicle.

John grunted with force as he was finally able to snatch open the door. "Hey, are you alright" he asked the stunned woman as he saw the blood running down the side of her face from a gash in her forehead.

"Better than you are" she said as her eyes turned coal black and John was flung through the air, smacking his head hard against a tree falling to the ground unconscious.

TBC Not much action in this chapter, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.