Rescuing Dad Ch. 8

Disclaimer: The Winchesters belong to Kripke and the CW. I am just playing in their sandbox.

Author's Note: John and Bobby hand out a little torture of their own in this chapter, though it is nothing too bad. So if that makes you squeamish, you might not want to read this chapter!


Inanna was awoken abruptly as she felt ice cold water being dumped over her head leaving her gasping for breath. She opened her eyes to find herself strapped to a chair in the middle of a devil's trap, unable to move with John Winchesters smiling smugly in front of her

"Let me go or you will pay with your life" she roared as he eyes flashed a coal black color.

"You're not the one in charge here bitch" John stated as he strode over to the table where Inanna's torture implements had been laid out earlier. "This time, I'm going to show you what it feels like to be tortured Insane-na" John taunted as he walked over with the rusty old pliers that Inanna had used to remove the fingernails from his still sore hand.

He had sent Dean and Sammy out to the barn to exorcise Marax so that Sammy wouldn't have to witness what he was about to do to Inanna. He was sure Sammy was already going to have nightmares over the situation and didn't want to make them worse by witnessing a torture session.

"Let's see how you like having your fingernails removed" John said as he approached Inanna with the menacing looking pliers. "You're are going to pay dearly for touching my baby boy" John said as he latched onto the first fingernail and yanked it off viciously. He then moved on to the next one without giving Inanna the time to breathe and had removed it also. Inanna was left panting and screaming in pain as John removed each and every fingernail from her right hand.

While John was taking care of Inanna, Bobby himself was in the process or torturing Nybbas using a cattle prod. "How do you like that you damned idjit?" Bobby asked as he shocked the demon in his genitals. "Now you know what it freaking feels like to have your balls fried, you worthless piece of crap." Bobby watched as Nybbas's body convulsed from the electrical current running through his lower region.

John was about to move on to his next round of torture when he heard an unearthly scream coming from outside. "Looks like the boys have taken care of the exorcism" John said as he looked at Bobby. He knew the boys would soon be returning to the cellar and that he needed end the torture session as quickly as possible.

Returning his focus to Inanna he said "I ought to tear your fucking clothes off and subject you to the same abuse that you put me and Bobby through, Consider yourself lucky that I'm only going to banish you and your lackey back to hell for the sake of my sons."

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica, in nomine et virtute Domini Nostri Jesu Christi" John said as he immediately started the exorcism. He heard Inanna threatening to come back from hell and kill him and everybody he loved, bit ignored her ramblings as he continued the chant. He ended the exorcism by saying Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen." He watched as black smoke poured from the mouths of both of the hosts and then vaporized into a ball of flame.

Dean and Sammy walked back into the cellar in time to see their dad completing the exorcism and watched as both demons were banished back to the depths of hell. Dean informed his dad that Marax had also been taken care of and that the person who had been hosting the demon didn't survive the exorcism. Knowing that they had to take care of the bodies to keep them from becoming evil spirits, John and the hunters carried them out to an open field and dug a grave where they deposited the bodies before salting and burning them. Dean and Sammy filled the grave in while Bobby and John returned to the abandoned farm house to burn it down effectively erasing any traces of them ever having been there.

By the time that the farm house was fully engulfed, John saw the boys returning from the grave. John didn't like the way his youngest was walking. Sammy's limp had became more noticeable over the past few hours and John knew he would have to ice that knee as soon as possible. He ushered the boys into his truck as he drove them back to where the Impala was hidden, while Bobby climbed into his own vehicle. The Winchesters soon had the farm in their rearview mirrors as they raced off down the highway.


John drove for a few hours with the boys and Bobby following before he decided to pull over at a ramshackle motel. He knew that they all looked kind of rough from their ordeal and didn't want to have to answer any questions about what had happened. He paid for a motel room in cash this time as he signaled for everybody to follow him in to room 109. He watched as Dean helped Sammy into the room while he returned to the Impala to get out their first aid kit.

Upon returning to the room, John said "Get those jeans off Sammy so I can take a look at your knee." He watched as Sammy gingerly stood up from the bed he was sitting on and unsnapped his jeans. He saw the wince on Sammy's face as he bent to lower his jeans before shucking them off and sitting down on the bed once again.

Upon seeing how swollen Sammy's knee was, John said "Dean, I need you to go get me some ice so I can pack Sammy's knee with it. I'm going to have to get some of this swelling down so I can see just how badly it's injured"

Dean left right away to get the ice while John focused his attention on splinting the broken fingers on Bobby's right hand. He knew the hunter was in a lot of pain though Bobby tried to hide it so that John could tend to Sammy first.

Dean returned a few moments later and filled an icepack while John helped Sammy to lay down on the bed. John helped Sammy straighten out his leg as best he could and then applied the icepack to his knee. Sammy yelped in pain from the weight of the ice on his aching limb. John ruffled his hair and said "I'm sorry sport, but you've got to keep that on there until the swelling goes down. He then retrieved the Tylenol from the first aid kit and offered two of them to Sammy who quickly dry swallowed them to help with the pain.

John's adrenaline quickly diminished now that he knew his children were safe and Sammy's injuries had been taken care of. He could feel the pain building in his back, his leg, and his hand as he trudged over to his duffle bag to get some clean boxers. He really needed a shower after suffering for days without one. "Dean, watch out for Sammy while I take a shower" he said as he slowly walked into the bathroom.

As John stood under the steaming hot shower, he could feel the tension releasing from his muscles as he washed the grime and dirt away, watching as it swirled down the drain. After completing his shower, John put on some clean boxers and then wrapped a towel around his waist knowing that he needed to get his own wounds taken care of.

He shuffled back out into the motel room on tired legs and slumped down in a chair beside the table. He watched as Dean stood up and walked over to his side grabbing the first aid kit on the way. He automatically bent forward and rested his elbows on his knees while Dean took care of the wound on his back. He hissed as the cool peroxide was poured over his back and Dean sterilized the cuts on his back. Most of them had scabbed over, but a few were still tender.

Dean then checked the burn wound on his dad's thigh. "Damn, this doesn't look too good Dad" he said as he irrigated the wound while his dad grasped the sides of the chair and squeezed them forcefully. He then applied some Neosporin to try and curtail the infection that was already present in his leg while his dad grimaced from the spikes of pain running through his leg.

John sat stoically as Dean tended to his wounded hand, applying some Neosporin cream to his fingertips and then wrapping his hand in a white gauze bandage to keep the hand clean.

"Thanks Ace" John said as he stood up and walked over to check on Sammy, happy to see his youngest child sleeping for the time being. He checked the icepack on Sammy's knee before placing his gun under his pillow and climbing into the next bed himself and stretching out on his stomach. Within minutes, he was snoring while he left Dean and Bobby to stand guard.

Bobby helped Dean to salt the doors and the windows before they both decided to get some sleep themselves. Dean climbed in the bed beside Sammy while Bobby lay in the recliner. Before long, the sounds of snoring could be heard in the room as the four hunters finally got some much needed rest.


John was startled awake in the middle of the night He immediately pulled his gun out from under his pillow as he scanned the room for danger. Instead, he saw his youngest child leaning against the wall, gasping and rubbing his knee. He started to get up when he heard Dean say "It's alright dad, I've got him" as Dean quickly got out of bed and was over by Sammy's side in seconds. John looked over to see Bobby relaxing into the recliner once again also..

"You okay dude?" Dean asked as he wrapped his arm around Sammy's waist and pulled Sammy's weight onto his shoulder.

"Yeah, I just bumped my knee on the light stand and it hurt like a bitch" Sammy said while trying to rub the pain out of his leg.

"Why are you even up?" Dean questioned as he started leading Sammy back to the bed.

"I uh, I needed to use the restroom" Sammy said as he felt his cheeks blushing in embarrassment.

"Well why didn't you say so dude" Dean asked as he changed direction and helped Sammy into the bathroom. "You gonna be okay from here?" Dean asked before leaving his brother's side.

"Yeah, I'm good" Sammy replied as Dean walked out of the bathroom so he could complete his business.

Dean waited by the door and then helped Sammy back to the bed and tucked his brother in once again before climbing into the bed himself. He pulled Sammy close to him to make sure the kid could sleep through the night without being assaulted by any nightmares.

The hunters awoke early the next morning and the first thing John did was to check Sammy's knee. He was happy to note that the swelling had gone down considerably after being immobile most of the night. After establishing that his knee was sprained and not broken or out of joint, John wrapped Sammy's knee and then put a brace on it to keep it stable. John was happy just having his boys with him and knowing they all had survived another bad experience intact.

As the Winchesters and Bobby loaded up in the Impala to go for breakfast, John felt secure in knowing that his boys could protect themselves if and when he was taken down by the hunt.