Mrs. Saitou
a spamfic by Dot
The cigarette is given one last drag and snuffed out in the courtyard. "I'm home." As usual, a serene figure waits in the tea room.

"Welcome home, dear." Eyes flash mischevously. "How was your day?"

The gloves are removed and deposited on a small tray close to the door. "Terrible. My men haven't heard a thing about Enishi or his organization."

A soft smile. "That's too bad. And what about that young lady, Kamiya Kaoru?"

A cup of tea changes hands. "Shinomori's heading over to the dojo to convince them to dig up her grave. He said something about a hunch he wanted to verify." A suspicious look. "You didn't have anything to do with that, did you?"

Feigned innocence. "Who, me? No, Shinomori-san figured that out for himself." A hand goes to the mouth. "Oops."

A triumphant grin. "Gotcha." The expression changes to one of worry. "Is it really all right to use your powers like that?"

Hands touch reasurringly. "I've accumulated quite a few perks with my job." The mischevous eyes return. "Besides, you certainly didn't seem to mind when I 'advised' you to pack some fire-resistant clothing when you left for Kyoto."

"I know when to follow good advice." The grin widens wolfishly. "Especially advice from the Guardian of Time."

A blush. "Now you're just teasing me."

Bodies pull closer. "I'm deadly serious, honorable Goddess Pluto."
Just trying out an experimental narrative style and doing a bit of speculation on who Saitou's mysterious wife could be. To paraphrase something Kenshin said upon finding out that Saitou was married, "Any woman who's his wife must be a Goddess." (All right, so Setsuna isn't exactly a Goddess, but close enough...besides, Saitou's WAY cooler than Endymion. ;p)

This may or may not be continued depending on how blocked I am with the other stories that I'm working on.