I just couldn't resist a little symbolism in the morning...

Hm, too long to be a drabble but not exactly a one shot... uh, vignette?

Oh, and they're not mine. Duh.


JUST RIGHT by Youthere

Although John guarded his car with a jealous affection ( "I don't ever wanna see you lettin' her rust up y'hear me?" ) he had taught Dean to drive as soon as he was big enough to reach the pedals. "In case of emergency" he said; Dean was the second line of defense, the fail safe.

Practicing on back roads and lost forest tracks, he was an excellent driver by the time any other kids were mastering a BMX.

Then one great day his father had handed his oldest the keys to the Impala with a list of instructions a mile long and a fake driver's license. He'd never taken the actual test- why bother with it?

Sam, who was already heading for full out rebellion, had taken to riding with his brother rather than their father. He'd sit in the front seat previously reserved for Dean, chattering away or bitching about the music. A few house rules were already established in the first week, but he bitched anyway.

Those first few months had been Dean Winchester's personal heaven. Cruising down the endless highway in his very own car, his little brother riding shotgun ( always close enough to keep an eye on ) and his father's tail lights up ahead like strange twin lighthouses, leading them to the next adventure.

It was just right.


Dean reached over and fished his sunglasses out of the glove compartment.

The afternoon sun was weak but still managed to glare off the asphalt, forcing him to squint. The long, straight road looked grey in the odd light, morphing into a dull blue haze in the far distance. On either side of them spread endless fields of unripe corn; stems a neutral color, not quite green. It was high enough to block out any other indication of landscape, but still low enough that the sky looked disconcertingly big, stretched out high over the roof of the car.

Sam turned to his brother and sighed wearily.

"Seriously dude, you've played that whole tape through three times today. Are you trying to melt my brain?"

Dean grinned.

His father's tail lights were no longer on the road before him, but then looking ahead was not what he wanted to be doing. For a few more months he had the road, his car and his brother.

And it was just right.


AN I have no idea what corn fields look like in the spring. Please ignore my botanical ignorance.