Three totally separate things brought as one.

School: (noun) an evil place where innocent and lovely children are sent to learn new things and to be tortured endlessly by being swamped with homework. (see also: terrible, cruelty, jailhouse)

Heartbreak: (adj) being rejected by the boy you've loved all along in a malicious way, thus causing injury to the organ that keeps you alive and lets you spread the non-existent love you once had in your now-vacant heart. (see also: tears, death, lonely old woman who dies in basement from lack of kinship)

Summer: (noun) the season between spring and autumn that is to be spent with best friends doing fun things for you do not attend school at this time. (see also: fun, totally awesome, antidote for all things suck-ish)

Three things that so don't need to be together, brought upon a girl.

But not any girl.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

But a special girl.

Sakura Haruno.


Me being a girl who has been in school for many months and needs to break free (we're soaring, flying).

Me being a girl who has loved a guy for three years now and was stupid enough to tell him (stupid cupid, stop picking on me).

Me being a girl who seriously needs a freaking summer vacation to try to make all this pain go away (vacation, all I ever wanted – vacation, all I ever needed).

Me being a girl with a plan.

Or an insanely cool best friend.

Who has a plan.

Did I mention she's insanely cool?

(…almost as cool as her plan…)

"No guy is worth your tears. And if there was ever a guy worth them, he wouldn't make you cry."

The Nine and a Half Commandments


"Ino, that was so beautiful."
"Comes with the package baby-doll."

"The Ten Commandments?"
"Nonono, you silly goose. The Nine and a Half Commandments…of Summer."
"The what?"
"You know, a list of rules one must follow. Like that Jesus-dude had."
"Jesus Christ."
"Now you're getting it. Except, instead of using a way of life, we'll just use summer, although, that kind of is a way of life."
"Yes darling?"
"Ugh, you're so…infuriating. Let me just write them down."
"Pink gel pen?"
"Dude, what else would I use?"

The Nine and a Half Commandments (of Summer)
written by Ino Yamanka
edited by Sakura Haruno

Thou shall venture to the beach and take view of hot guys (thou shall not get sunburned – suntan lotion is like a condom, use it and practice safe beach tendencies sweeties!)

Sai was a hot guy.
Jesus Christ, get over the gay little artist. The beach is much more important.
I bet SAI liked the beach.

Thou shall spend a day at the spa and get pampered and such, as well as a make-over (thou shall know that it's never weird to get a new look just for the new season!)

Sai called me ugly. Do you think it's because I need a make-over? Is that why you put it?
Sakura, stop being emo.
SAI was emo.
Oh for the love of god.

Thou shall partake in a shopping spree full of bathing suits, flip-flops and the ever-fashionable sunglasses (thou shall not worry about the cost – it's shopping)

Every summer needs one of these babies!
Every summer needs a lighter wallet?

Thou shall do a dare that is so totally not expected of them (thou shall commence in an intense game of 'Truth or Dare' beforehand to verify the challenge)

'Truth or Dare'? Ino, we haven't played that game in years.
Isn't it a little cliché?
Your FACE is cliché!

Thou shall let a pretty boy take them out for a night on the town and be pampered by said pretty boy for you are you (thou must reinforce the word pretty)

Don't you think adding some romance to this summer will NOT be good for me?
Psh, what are you talking about? Romance can never be BAD for you!
Hello pretty boys with money!

Thou shall have a Mega Movie Marathon in which sad and corny movies will be watched and tears will be shed (thou shall know that Titanic and Ghost are a must)

Leonardo DiCaprio! That boy is FINE!
Too bad he dies.
NOW who's being emo?

Thou shall ride around in their bikes with an iPod speaker in their basket and sing along merrily (thou shall be familiar with the movie Now and Then)

Dude, I've SO always wanted to do that!
Dude, I SO know.
Are you mocking me?

Thou shall throw a bonfire to celebrate and just have a plain old amazing time (thou shall not forget the beer and cozy blankets that make the night all the more while)

Can we throw pictures of Sai in there?
Psh yeah! And even the ones of him shirtless.
Or not.

Thou shall fall in love (thou shall know that all summers need to be full of hot, steamy nights, forbidden adoration, and a promise of a long distance relationship that might fail – but most importantly some summer lovin!)

Well that just put a downer on the list.
Fall in love? Are you kidding me? What have I learned from THAT?
That you need to find the RIGHT guy to fall in love with. Preferably the pretty one who bought you dinner.

"Wait, hold on."
"What's the half part?"
"Oh, I don't know. I just put it in there 'cause it sounded cooler. Like the Lion King movies."
"Oh. But we still need a half."
"Wait! I've got it!"
"It can be that I have to follow all these rules and love them and cherish them and die before I break or not complete one."
"Oh, I like the way you think."
"Me too."
"Hell, screw the commandments. One thing is a bit more important at the moment."

Yeah, new story. I know you guys are about to shoot me with all these new stories and me not finishing, but I swear that I shall finish them soon. It's summer! And this story I'm going to update like, every other day or something like that. 'Cause I love it. And it'll only be twelve chapters, including this.

Oh, and yes, it is SasuSaku. Sasuke just hasn't made his appearance yet. And not all chapters are going to be like this (you know, the dialogue and non-paragraph form and all – only the prologue and epilogue).

Enjoy your summer guys!

(and expect and update tomorrow or Thursday-ish)

(oh, and I don't own Naruto…or summer. but I did make up these commandments, I swear!)