Missing: (verb) a feeling one has for someone or something when that person/thing is gone, either on vacation or they live somewhere else; one can miss someone without the person being missed ever being gone, for they could be right next door, but they are different from the person that you've always remembered and loved, so therefore you miss who they used to be; and sometimes, the person could be right next to you and you could miss them, for they aren't yours and all you've ever yearned for was the sense of stability that they could supply. (see also: gone, far away, close to your heart)

Pinky Promise: (noun) a promise made by two people linking their smallest finger in a sign of eternal sincerity that is never to be broken, for if it is, it is like breaking a friendship or a relationship; a pinky promise is the basis in all friendships and originates from the days of preschool when life was amazing and hugs were for free; a pink promise can be made to make sure that people shall be friends forever, like in Now and Then, that people will promise to see each other soon, or even the fateful, lovely, extraordinary, magical, promise of forever love. (see also: pledge, swear, guaranteeing fingers)

Friendship: (noun) an amazing bond two or more people have where they love each other eternally, but not in a gay kinda way, and will always be there for each other; this is sealed with a promise that can not be broken, you know, ever, because friendship is something that is not to be wasted for it is rare when contains a certain amount of authenticity; people come and go all throughout your life, but those that stay with you through everything, whether it be being rejected, finding the greatest way to spend a summer, or helping you fall in love, and are always there even when they could be smooching with other blondes, are friends, best friends'till the end. (see also: besties, everlasting, love)

I'll miss Sasuke terribly when we go to different schools this upcoming year, since we're chill and summer lovin' isn't our thing—eternal love is.

And I'll miss summer, because this was the best time of my life, and I know that life goes on, and summer's will come more, and so will the heat and school and kisses, but I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for this extraordinary season.

I'll miss living with Ino, since, well, she's just ridiculously cool, and it is fun to sneak into her room when I have a bad dream, or just to wake up at 3 and go into the kitchen, only to see that our twin-telepathy still works since she's sitting at the counter, chowing down on some chocolate ice cream.

Pinky promises make the whole entire world spin 'round since they're fun and lively and make life worth living .Without these deals, people would lie and cheat and be mean (ya know, more than usual). So, really, little kids found a way of perpetual peace.

But, hey, it's what we do.

And friendship.

Well, I'll just say one word.


And maybe we'll add some more;

Love, forever, hugs, late nights, phone calls, texting battles, mega movie marathons, support, shoulder to cry on, perverted, secret lesbo-lover, high-fives, dancing, song-stealing.

Because, really, if you have a SAKURA and you have an INO, it just instantly has to equal friendship.

Sakura plus Ino equals BFF

(you know it!)

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

The Nine and a Half Commandments


"Seriously, Ino, what is with you and these incredibly cheesy and adolescent quotes?"
"Dr. Seuss is THE SHIZ, and you know it! For serious!"

"Ino, seriously, have I told you lately that I love you?"
"No, but Rod Steward has!"
"You know what I mean. But in all honesty, you made this summer amazing!"
"Haha, I feel so important! Remember in the beginning when you totally doubted me?"
"Ino, you were comparing it to a Jesus-Dude—who you didn't know. How would you feel?"
"I'd trust you 'cause your meh bestie!"
"Now you're playing the guilt trip?"
"Whatever! All that matters is that this was the best summer of my life."
"Why? 'Cause you got some summer lovin'?"
"No, silly! It's 'cause I spent it with you!"
"…Ino, you're kinda cutting off my lung supply."
"Oh, right, sorry. But anyways, that was really corny. We all know it was because of Sasuke."
"Alright, I'll admit he played an important part."
"Psh, Sakura, you're just as bad at lying as you were in the beginning of summer!"
"But I did change, you know, at least a little, right?"
"Just kidding, dollface. You definitely changed."
"Explain it for me, darling."
"Well, you see, sugar, you used to be obsessed over a boy you didn't have a chance with—"
"…thanks for that Ino."
"and then you grew a backbone and somehow, as in, really, I don't know—,"
"…always the ego-booster."
"you landed a total cutie who you ended up falling in love with. And now, you can go back to school and show it off."
"He isn't some prize."
"Sakura, don't even try to deny that you want to go up to Sai and tell him who your boyfriend is."
"And show how hott you got over the summer."
"God Ino, stop! Sasuke isn't around!"
"Exactly, bitch! You're mine, my sexy beast!"
"So, moving onto the soundtrack?"
"Hellz yeah!"

The Nine and a Half Commandments (Of Summer)
written by Ino Yamanka
edited by Sakura Haruno

Tim McGraw – by Taylor Swift

Aw! I love her music! It makes me smile!
But, remember, this song totally works!
yeah, but it kinda makes me sad…
Put a smile on your face, make the world a better place!

I'll Remember You – by No Secrets

OMG, they sing 'That's What Girls Do'!
Well, they only sing the best!
And this is so I can remember Sasuke?
And me, bitch!

Our Last Summer – by Mamma Mia!

That movie changed my freaking life.
So did this summer…right?
Of course, you whore!
Love ya too, sweetie!

Summer Nights – by Grease

Summer lovin', had me a blast,
Summer lovin', happened so fast.
Met a girl, crazy for me.
Met a boy, cute as can be!

(I've Had) The Time Of My Life – by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes

Like, for serious?
Come on, Sakura! You loved this movie!
Yeah, Dirty Dancing was amazing, but Patrick Swayze just isn't good-looking.
You're only saying that 'cause your eyes are too busy undressing Sasuke!

Summer of '69 – by Bryan Adams

This is about some guy buying a guitar. How is this relevant?

You just picked it 'cause it had 'summer' in it, didn't you?

All Summer Long – by Kid Rock

Okay, Sasuke and I are SO not into drugs, and we did not make love by the lake.
That's 'cause you did the dirty deed in his bedroom, since you're civilized!
I hate you.
That's not what you were saying a few songs ago…

Truly, Madly, Deeply – by Savage Garden

Ino, I think you've stooped to a new level of 'cheesy'.
What? It's a beautiful, touching, awe-inspiring song.
You only think that 'cause you want it to be your wedding song.
your point?

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – by Cindy Lauper

Ino, I love you.
I know, most do.
You're so obnoxious.
Hey, don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

I Could Not Ask For More – Edwin McCain

I've found all I've waited for, and I could not ask for more!!
you could ask for a better singing voice.
die, bitch…

I'll Be – Edwin McCain

Aw! Remember when Sasuke-kun and I danced to this!
Exactly! It's, like, your song!
Our song is the slamming screen door, sneaking out late, tapping on your window!
When we're on the phone and you talk real slow, 'cause it's late and your momma don't know!

Thnks Fr Th Mmrs – by Fall Out Boy

This is all about one-night-stands.
Well Sasuke did always talk about you two spending time in his bedroom…
Ino, shut the hell up!
Hey, I was just saying…

What is love? – by Haddaway

Okay, seriously, just 'cause I didn't know what love was didn't mean you had to add it!
Haha, and then you asked that girl about it!
I said be quiet!
Baby don't hurt me!

What I've Been Looking For – by High School Musical

Oh lordy, you just HAD to add that in here!
Remember when you had that Zac Efron shrine in your locker a few years back?
whoa, calm down Sakura Efron…

I Will Learn To Love Again – by Kaci Brown

I totally learned to love again!
Yup! After Sai-loser, you got together with Sasuke-god.
Hey, he's mine, you skank!
Oh, you can have him! I've got my Naruto-kun!

A Moment Like This – by Kelly Clarkson

Holy freaking crap, I love this song!
I know, right?
And I totally got my special kiss.
Oh, I know. Sasuke and I talk.

Hanging By A Moment – by Lifehouse

Care to explain?
Seriously, not only does this song make me smile, but it is so meaningful and beautiful.
Almost like your face!
Hellz yeah!

This One's For The Girls – by Martina McBride

Martina McBride? My MOM listens to her!
I've always admired your mom's taste.
Ino, you're such a loser.
Hey, you're the one who befriended her.

This I Promise You – by N'Sync

What is it with you and your Justin Timberlake obsession?
Do you WANT me to bring up Zac again?

That's what I thought!

I Just Want You To Know – by The Backstreet Boys

Finally, a good boy-band!
Seriously, Sakura, there isn't such thing as a BAD boy-band.
The Jonas Brothers.
never mind…

Hey There Delilah – by Plain White T's

'Cause it's the perfect example of a long-distance relationship!
This song is based off the lead singer stalking a girl named Delilah.
But at least the lead singer's HOTT!

Wannabe – by The Spice Girls

Seriously, Ino, this has nothing to do with summer or love or friendship.

A Thousand Miles – by Vanessa Carlton

Remember in White Chicks when they always sang this?
I wouldn't blame them. This song kicks ass!
And it's totally beautiful!
like me…

Sexyback – by Justin Timberlake

there's really no lying with this…

"You know, now that we have a playlist, we really need a scrapbook."
"That's a great idea, Ino! We can totally put our matching pictures of our men shirtless."
"…that is so gay."
"Guys shirtless?"
"No! That's hott! But taking pictures…"
"You don't think that Sasuke and Naruto are cheating on us with each other, right?"
"Psh, Sasuke would never cheat. Just look at me! You on the other hand…"
"Die, you turd!"
"Whatever, darling. We have more pressing matters at hand anyways."
"Pressing matters at hand? That sounds so…dirty."
"Only you would take a phrase and make it perverted."
"It's what I do."
"Anyways, on with it. First off, I have to say that I love you so incredibly much,"
"…but not as much as Sasuke…"
"And that you made this summer completely amazing with your charm, friendship, and amazing list!"
"Sakura, you make me smile."
"Psh, I make everyone smile."
"That you do…whore."
"Sure thing, slut!"
"Saki, promise me something?"
"Of course,"
"Let's promise that we'll be best friends forever and nothing will get in between us and our love."
"…I'm with Sasuke, Ino. And I really don't go that way…"
"You know what I mean!"
"Right, right."
"Pinky promise!"

It's over! This is the most upsetting day (night) of my life! But whatever.

It's out really early since I'm upset and, like I said, I write really well when I'm upset.

Thank you for all who read and reviewed, and for all your ideas and support and for making this story the most amazing thing I've ever written (seriously).

Love you all!


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