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Bella POV at age 7

"Leave me alone!!" I screamed. The school bully Tyler kept pulling on my hair. He told me that I should take off my wig and I started crying. How could he be so mean?

"Not until you take off that ugly wig!" Tyler yelled back to me, not stopping his pulling.

Everyone around us, wouldn't do anything, because they were all afraid of him, he was known to push you in the mud, call you names, and just be plain rude. I was going to go bald, he was pulling so hard, I could just feel my head turning red, from the pressure.

"Please, please stop, it hurts." I pleaded in between cries, hoping he would stop. Unfortunately he didn't, in fact he started pulling harder.

"I don't get it, what did you use in your hair, super glue?" Tyler said frustrated. He gave a hard tug, and I screamed.

"It's not a wig, please stop." I cried.

"Leave Bella alone!!" Out of nowhere a mysterious velvety voice yelled out angrily, I was in too much pain to turn my head to look at the person, who had the guts to stand up for me. I felt Tyler stand up temporarily stopping his pulling. I was in too much pain to even try to escape my torturer. The next thing I heard was "Hey! Who do you think you are?"

"My name is Edward, and if you don't leave Bella alone, I will be forced to punch you. You're hurting her, and that's mean!" The velvety voiced Edward replied angrily.

The next thing I heard was a loud punch, and someone falling down. Crying followed. I felt bad, poor Edward only wanted to stand up for me and now he is hurt. Poor, poor Edward I cried. Why did he have to help me, Tyler would eventually stop.

"Are you ok, Bella?" The velvety voice told me. What? I was shocked, wasn't Edward the one who got hurt. Wasn't he the one crying right now? How could he be so strong, what did he do to Tyler?

"Are you ok?" Edward asked again but with a more concerned tone.

When I tried to speak only non coherent words came out, so I just nodded. "I'm going to go get a teacher." And with that my hero left. Only to come back five minutes later with a teacher. Even though Edward got in trouble, he told me he didn't regret saving me, at that second I knew that me and Edward would forever be best friends.

Edward POV age 16

I was waiting at lunch at our usual table for Bella, me and her have been best friends since we were seven, when I saved her from the bully Tyler, he has changed since then. No longer is he mean or rude, he is actually pretty popular with the girls and is one of the best players of the basketball team. Unfortunately not popular enough because at least once a week, a girl will come up to me and confess there love. I love Bella with all my heart from the first time I saw her, so I always politely like a gentlemen reject them. They almost always run off mad, cursing me. Saying that I was lucky to even be asked out by a girl like themselves. I laugh.

Bella always asks why I do that, she tells me that so many beautiful girls love me and I always reject them. I tell her I'm not interested in dating anyone. I'm too shy to tell her that my love is only for her, I don't want to ruin our friendship if she refuses me. Bella is so beautiful, so smart, so funny……..

"Earth to Edward!" Someone waved in front of my face. Of course it was Alice, my pixie sister, and the only one that knows my infatuation with Bella. "Edward!!" she screamed this time.

"What Alice! Can't you see I'm thinking?" I yelled back.

"Well sorry, but I was wondering what you got on that question for Literature." Alice said happily. Damn she is weird, one minute she is throwing a fit the next thing I know she is jumping up and down, with happiness

Emmett and Rosalie arrived at the table. "Alice what are you doing, asking Edward for answers again. Tsk, tsk. You need to start doing your homework instead of asking everyone." Rosalie said jokingly.

Emmett just chuckled. He is my brother, and Rosalie is his girlfriend. Emmett looks strong and mean, since he has always been buff, and is constantly working out. But really, he is just a big teddy bear, and Rosalie is always reducing him to one. She is a feisty girl herself.

Rosalie is one of the most sought after females at Forks High. She is a gorgeous blonde, but I take no interest in her, to me she is a bit stuck up. Rosalie has a brother his name is Jasper, he is my other best friend besides Bella, he and Rosalie are twins, and their last name is Hale. Jasper also has blonde hair, but unlike Rosalie he is shy and keeps to himself a lot. He sort of has this gift of somehow being able to tell how people are feeling. Jasper and my sister Alice have been hanging out more recently, and they constantly flirt. I always tell them to just get together, but they both deny any feeling towards each other. Jasper was home sick today, because about two days ago, we were having a Truth and Dare night and we dared him to run around our backyard with only his boxers. And he got sick.

Just then Bella came with some new boy to our table. He was looking at her like she was something to eat, and was holding her waist. I felt like punching this guy, I felt jealousy. More jealousy that I thought was human possible. All I could do was send glares at him. I was shocked that Bella would even let him touch her.

"Hey everybody, this is Jacob Black, he just transferred from La Push Academy. He is my new boyfriend. "She giggled as he kissed her on the nose. I felt terrible. Jacob Black was tall, about 6 feet 3 inches. Dark brown hair, that reached his shoulders, and looked like an American Indian. Alice sensing my distress and jealousy pulled me out of the cafeteria, and lead me to some of the lockers.

"Edward I know what you're thinking and jealousy is written all over your face, but don't worry give this relationship some time. I'm sure it won't last long." Alice said. Hugging me to assure that it wouldn't last. Alice somehow always knew how things would turn out.

"Thanks Alice, I'm just going to head off to PE early then." Today had to be the worst day of my life. I would be depressed forever.

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