I am finally going to update a chapter for this story this weekend. This is the last call for anyone who is willing to help me by taking over this story. Email me at if your intrested.

I feel i need to explain why i'm not updating. It all started with reading Breaking Dawn, the book honestly ruined the whole series for me.

It was too happy. The ending was dreadful. No one died, Bella got everything she could ever ask for and Edward was barely present throughout the book. They had a great lead up to the climax and when the Volturi just left I was like wtf. No battle?

So i became upset, and just gave up Twilight. I still enjoy the other books, and i'll defiently see the movie but i don't consider myself a die-hard fan anymore.

Plus, i didn't like Twilight the movie very much at all. I felt Kristen stewart had no emotions, and she was completely dull.
Robert was good though.

Please don't hate me for my reasons, and i don't want any flames, because this is a matter of opinion.