As Jack came back from his fatal "deletion" he cautiously looked around for Liza before scooping Ianto gently onto the floor and onto his lap.

C'mon, he thought, willing Ianto to wake, tenderly tapping his cheek to arouse him but it was all in vain.

Doing the only thing he could think of to bring his tea-boy back to life, Jack bent down pressing his lips softly against Ianto's.

Please work, he pleaded, as his mouth worked around and into Ianto's willing him, begging him to come around.

Jack had tried this sort of resuscitation before, but that was on Estelle. She had fallen into a river when they had been walking by it one day. Jack had jumped in to save her but got to her too late. Lying on the bank holding her sodden body Jack had leaned forward to capture her in one final kiss goodbye when she had awoken, gasping for breath, questioning Jack as to why they were lying on the bank of a river with both sets of their clothes completely soaked.

Jack pulled away, praying to, if there was a God, that he could see Ianto smile, hear his beautiful welsh vowels, his husky laugh and look into his ocean blue eyes just one more time.

As Ianto suddenly regained consciousness, gasping for air, Jack hushed him gently.

"Jack, I..."

Jack just looked into his eyes, stroking Ianto's soft cheek with his thumb, thanking his lucky stars that he could do this for Ianto. Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Ianto did something he, nor Jack, thought he would do. He cupped his hands round Jack's face, pulling him closer and into a kiss so full of love and passion you never would have thought that there they were, in the middle of the Hub, Jack having been "deleted" twice and Ianto, soaked up to his chest in water, having just been resurrected. But there they were, their tongues dancing with each other, Ianto's hands; one running through Jack's the other, still on Jack's cheek, kept there by Jack's hands on his face and the back of his head.

Jack was the first one to pull away, Ianto following, keeping his eyes closed for just a moment before opening them to stare into Jack's starry eyes, unaware of the panic around them.

Liza's cry broke the spell, Ianto pulling himself up and running towards his "girlfriend" with only one thought on his mind…the kiss.