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This is like a movie...like TT:T in T...except now it's TT: T in E...

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"Ouch, Raven! That's got to be the fifth time you smacked me this week! And with the same dumb book!" Beast Boy howled.

"Consider yourself lucky. You've annoyed me many, many more times this week."

"Aw, give the little guy a break, he's just upset I beat him on Mega Monkeys 10...for the seven thousand, three hundred, and twenty first time!" Cyborg exclaimed triumphantly.

"I hate having a calculator for a friend," Beast Boy grumbled.

"Friends! Have you done the 'tumbling into' Robin as of late? I could not find him--" Starfire was rudely interrupted by the alarm, which Cyborg had found it necessary to make ten times as loud so it could be heard over Robin's stereo, Beast Boy's screaming, Starfire's singing, Raven's frequently slamming door, and his own 'Booyah!'s when he won at video games (which was very, very often).

Robin came hurrying out the door, suddenly found. "Dr. Chang," he muttered. "At the museum."

Hunched and chuckling evilly, Dr. Chang tiptoed into the Ancient Egypt exhibit. "Where, oh where is that priceless, emerald-set-in-24-carat-gold necklace of Cleopatra's? Where, oh where could it be?" He spotted the giant, glittering piece of ancient jewelery in a nearby case and hobbled towards it. In front of the case, he set down a strange looking, whirring device. "My time machine is almost complete...then I can go back in time, gather the largest xenothium deposits EVER in Egypt, and control one of the greatest civilizations in the world with my technology!"

"You know, announcing your plans to the world makes our job so much easier," Robin declared. "Titans, GO!"

Chang quickly pulled out a tiny ray gun, firing it in random directions. He smashed one fist into the glass cover of the case, breaking it and setting off alarms. The necklace was quickly shoved into a hole in his machine, while one of the shots from his ray gun found it mark.

"Robin!" Starfire cried, watching their leader fall unconscious, his torso burned.

"Come on...come on...fifteen seconds..." Chang muttered. It was not easy to simultaneously boot up a time machine and single-handedly defeat the Teen Titans, but he had to give himself credit. One down, one distracted, and three trying to dodge bullets and figure out a strategy.

Another shot hit Beast Boy in the leg of his cheetah morph, cutting down his speed from fifty miles an hour to zero. Cyborg ran at Chang with a sonic cannon at the ready. He fired and Chang just dodged it, although the museum now smelled like burning hair.

Starfire was back in the battle as Raven, who'd finished healing Beast Boy, went back to the K.O.ed Boy Wonder. Her star bolts shattered whatever was left of the case behind Chang, showering him with glass. He aimed his gun at her, but the shot missed, heading instead for Raven and Robin.

The half-demon swept up a temporary shield, and then summoned a filing cabinet to throw at Chang out of spite for disturbing her healing. Sirens were heard outside, and for a second, everything stopped. "Police are here, Chang, you'd better give in," Cyborg snarled.

"Not so fast..." He hit a bright red button on his time machine, and the whole world suddenly ceased to exist.

Policemen stormed into the museum, guns pointed straight in front of them. They stopped, confused.

"Hey Ralph, where is everyone?"

"No idea..."

"The filing cabinet!" wailed the nightguard, who'd finally woken from his nap. "They took the filing cabinet! Aw, man, the boss is gonna kill me!"

--Theme Song!--

Don't you love those tiny things in the T.V. shows where they're completely off topic, like...a coffee table. And the characters randomly say 'mahogany coffee tables don't look good with cherry furniture.' And that statement keeps recurring all throughout the show, and at the very end it somehow saves the day? I think that's creative...but that's just me. Anyway, ending the rambling now...