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"Yes," the old man agreed. "High Ruler Chang. He and his successors have kept our Empire going for millenia. Without him, many of our technological advancements would not have been possible. He--AHH!" Robin, still a little upset over the whole "circus" deal, had grabbed the unfortunate man by the front of his clothes.

"Take us to whoever's in charge of this whole operation. Now."

"I...I am afraid...I mean, I am afraid I c-cannot do that, s-sir."

Robin shook him. "Why not?"

"Yo, put him down. The guy doesn't know anything," Cyborg said quietly. With one last growl, Robin did as he asked, and the old man scampered away much faster than old men generally do.

"I can't believe this," the Boy Wonder muttered. "How did we forget that guy in Egypt? He probably terrorized the world! With his big xenothium deposit and all of his--"

"Robin," Starfire said softly, "there is only one solution. We must go back and retrieve him, or at least remind our past selves of what could befall us, should we underestimate him again."

"You mean, we have to go back to that place? Where everyone was trying to kill us?" Beast Boy pointed out.

"Maybe we don't have to. Raven, can you pull him out of the past again, like you did with Cyborg?"

Raven thought about it. "I could. I would need time, though, enough time to research a moment where it wouldn't disturb the natural order of the Egyptian empire if we took him out of the picture."

Suddenly, guards burst through the museum doors, charging up their deadly lasers. The old man was with them, pointing at the Titans. "Them! There they are!"

Cyborg grimaced. "I don't think we've got a whole lot of time on our hands, Raven. Looks like we're finding that time machine and heading back...soon as we kick their butts."

Starfire's eyes glowed a bright green as she charged up her firebolts and flung them at the foes. Robin's bo-staff snapped to its extended length, twirled by its owner to deflect oncoming attacks. Cyborg, already low on battery, made do with his bare (though steel-covered) hands. Beast Boy immediately went Tyrannosaurus. Raven started to mutter her infamous chant, and a couple weapons suddenly drifted out of their owners' hands. The goons had never seen anything like it.

Nevertheless, the Titans were taken down in minutes due to sheer numbers.

"I know you."

They had all been knocked out and carted to a magnificant palace. At least, the inside was magnificant. The Titans had no idea where they were, or what the building actually looked like, but they had a strong feeling they were underground. The five of them were strapped to metal beds that slanted so they could see horizontally. The view was rather confusing.

"I've heard all about you." A little boy stood in front of their trapped forms, jaw dropped in awe. "My parents told me. And my grandparents told them. And their parents told them. And their parents told them. And their--"

"Okay, we get it, man. Who are you?" Beast Boy interrupted impatiently. The impressed demeanor dropped a little, but then gathered itself.

"My name is Chang 15543928001. And you are Beast Boy, the dumbest of the Teen Titans."

"At least his facts are right," Raven deadpanned, deciding to keep her ability of transporting out of the chains a secret, for now.

"How do you know us?" Robin growled.

"Is it customary to have so many numbers in one's name?" questioned Starfire.

"Robin. Starfire. Cyborg. Raven!" the child sang. "I can't believe I finally met you. The Scripture says to destroy you but I don't think that's necessary. Why don't you all stay to be my friends?"

"What scripture?" Cyborg asked.

"It would be glorious to remain and become friends, but we may have a few errands to run first," Starfire explained kindly.

You should tell her not to waste her breath, Raven told Robin. The little brat's trying to trick us.

I figured.

"The Scripture," explained the boy impatiently. "It's the guideline for all life on Earth. The High Ruler wrote it himself. You've never heard of it? Hmm...well, I guess you wouldn't...the High Ruler says you were 'thrown across space and time' because you were so stupid that no one wanted you guys. I don't think you're stupid. You know what I think is stupid? What Starfire said. Why does everyone have to be named after the High Ruler? Did you know there are more than fifteen billion Changs in the world? What does that say about your own identity? I can't be recognized if I'm smart, or athletic, or anything, because no one can remember the numbers after my name. 'Chang did it.' That could be ANYONE from the last four thousand years!" The kid continued to babble, and the Titans actually almost believed he did need friends.

He's smart. Really smart. He knows how to play to our compassion. Or maybe that's written in his 'Scriptures.'

"Where's your leader?" Robin tried.

Chang 15543928001 giggled. "I am the leader. This is my planet. But I'm still so lonely."

Beast Boy cracked up. "You're the pharoah of the Earth? But you're like...six!"

The little boy's eyes glinted. "Nine. And powerful."

The changeling shut up.

The pharoah continued. "I really don't want to destroy you. At least, not today. Oh! You know, I've been having a lot of trouble over in Arizona..." His voice dropped a few notches as he mulled his predicament over. "If I had a team of superhumans to keep peace...like a branch off of my regualr police force...xenothium...to make mutants..."

"We can still hear you," Beast Boy grumbled crossly.

The young ruler flushed. "Well, then, you know what I'm thinking. What about it, Titans? Will you stay? I won't kill you yet. And I may have something that would spark your interest...something that you may need. I'll show it to you, too. But first, you'll have to promise to do everything I say. If you want to live."

Robin shot his team a glare as they began to cry out. "What's the 'something' that you have?"

"So glad you asked, Robin. Guards!"

Two henchmen carried between them a bulky, metal object. The time machine. Robin made a split second decision and hoped for the best.

"Raven, NOW!"

An envelope of darkness covered them all.

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