Title: The Returning

Characters- Magneto, Mystique, lots of the x-men, I tried to put a lot of Rogue!

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Author's note- Hey what's up, this is my first fan fic. I hope I gave Rogue's accent justice. I'm sorry if it gets confusing I got the story plot messed up with like two others I am working on. Enjoy!!

P.S This story has offically been sorted through and fixed by my wonderful Beta! Thanks!

The woman's eyes opened and she looked at the sun peeking through her closed blinds, showing the dust floating lazily around the apartment. There was a knock on the door.

"What now?" she muttered, getting up to answer her door. She threw it open to see a woman that she knew as her apartment's manager.

"What?" She scowled.

"Your bill is due tomorrow. Make sure it isn't late this time," the manager hissed.

SLAM! The woman stomped from her door. She looked into her mirror. Her reflection showed her plain ordinary face surrounded by short black hair.

"Why me?" cried the woman. "I want my eyes back." She wished the eyes staring back at her were like the eyes of a cat. She cursed the cure not for the first time and not for the last.


Meanwhile far off in Westchester, New York, a young girl had the exact opposite opinion of the Cure. Rogue walked in the kitchen and saw Bobby sitting at the counter of the crowded kitchen and walked over to join him.

"Mornin', Bobby." Rogue said, giving Bobby a quick kiss on the cheek. She felt the smooth skin of his cheek on her lips and felt grateful she'd taken the Cure.

"Sure. Most students whisper behind mah back, but they don't understand. They weren't a prisoner in their own skin," Rogue thought to herself, taking a seat next to Bobby and pouring a bowl of cereal.

"Hey, Rogue," a peppy voice came from beside her.

Rogue turned to see Kitty sitting down next to her with a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

"Hey, Kitty," she replied, again grateful."

She'd forgiven Kitty about her flirting with Bobby; after all, she had apologized ten million times. Kitty had been a good friend even after Rogue had taken the Cure. She looked up from her cereal to see Logan walk into the kitchen, grumbling about it being too small. She felt a twang of guilt. Ever since she had gotten the Cure she'd felt more detached from Logan. Usually she felt him in her mind along with everyone else she'd touched since her mutation. She had always hated having others in her head, but now she wondered if she missed it. She didn't miss having Magneto in her head, but with Logan it was different, more powerful. After all, he had saved her life. Rogue's train of thought was interrupted as Josh, a new student, blew up a box of cereal. She glanced around the room seeing the falling of fruity pebbles like snow except colorful. Everyone was glaring at Josh and picking cereal out of their hair and clothes.

"Hey, look! I found the prize," Josh said with a sheepish smile.

Rogue figured now would be a great time for a shower since her hair was covered in Fruity Pebbles as well. As she left she heard Logan yelling about cleaning up the mess and grumbling about stupid kids.


She wrapped her blankets closer trying to keep out the cold of the small apartment. She looked at the apartment. It was plain. It held a bed and a dresser with a mirror hanging over it. It wasn't worth the money she was paying for it.

As she stared around at her room, her thoughts turned to the reason she was here. She played the scene again and again in her mind. She remembered her horror as she fell to the floor, feeling the power drain from her body, becoming weaker and weaker, lying on the floor pleading with him to help her.

"Argh!" She threw her pillow across the room and it landed with a FLOP on the floor. She wasn't angry with Magneto. She might have done the same thing. She was angry with the scientists for creating the Cure and the government for using it as a weapon. Yes she had tricked the government officials and told them the lie of where Magneto's army was. They were fools to think she would be angry enough to betray her kind to homo sapiens no less. She wished she could have seen the soldiers faces as they walked into a trap and saw only one mutant multipling himself intead of the army they had been promised. Even though she helped Magneto throw off the government's plan for a while, she wasn't satisfied. She still wanted revenge. But for now, she would need to wait. She was in their shadow for now.

"I will make them regret the day they messed with me!" she yelled.


That evening, Rogue flung herself down on her bed. Her thoughts went over the exact thing she didn't want to think about, the Cure.

"Sure, the first few months have been great, but ah ain't so sure if I don't miss bein' a mutant." she thought."Ah never realized ah'd miss the bond ah shared with Logan." She felt that annoying twang of guilt again.

"What should ah do? No one knows what this is lahke. There ain't anything ta do. Ah took the Cure." She started crying, wrapping her blankets closer. She'd been so connected to him. Now she felt nothing.

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