Summary: Well, what if Akito was dead and my favorite dragon and his lover stayed together forever? This happens. Hatori's POV on this poem about his thoughts on Kana. This a Shakespearean Sonnet (14 lines). The ryhme scheme is as follows: ababcdcdefefgg (ending is a rhyming couplet).

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My Spring

The thick white snow falls,

and I see my past,

when Akito used to call,

I would be there fast.

Then you came,

my one and only spring,

and helped me through the pain,

with the happiness you'd bring.

When Akito was dead,

the death of a fake king,

I looked on ahead,

towards you- my spring.

The snow was gone,

and together, we moved on.

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BTW- in case you didn't notice yet (from all the fanfics I wrote), Hatori Sohma is my favorite character from Furuba. I hope you liked my presentation of his thoughts!