Emily always wanted to have a close relationship with her daughter. She was always so rebelious, espesially when she was a teenager. They fought about anything and everything. Lorelai would always say that she was smothered. When Emily tried to let her make her own decisions she complained that she was cold, not fit to be a mother. Emily thought that it was just a phase. She always did what she felt was best for her daughter. She wanted her to be happy, she wanted her to be able to have whatever she wanted. She told herself that when she grew older and more mature she would realize that everything she did was for the best. She wanted a daughter who would look back and thank her for telling her to do her homework, letting her learn from her own mistakes while keeping her from making unresolvable ones. She read stories and articles about children who said things like that to their parents. Her dream never came true. Even as an adult Lorelai continued to rebel, she always did the opposite of what Emily said. She never accepted even the smallest of helpful gestures from Emily. Now she had become afraid. She was afraid of getting too close to her daughter. Every time they came close to the relationship that she had dreamed about Emily would put up a wall. She didn't want her to fall away and say that she was being smothered.

When Luke called that day and told her that Lorelai hadn't eaten in three days her mind overflowed with mixed emotions. He said that no one knew what was wrong with her. She wouldn't tell anyone what she wanted. He asked her to come and help. She knew that she would just make things worse if she tried to help, but she agreed.

Lorelai was always a rebel, she probably always would be. If she could just say something subtle, something that would upset her daughter just enough to eat something. She wanted so much just to be able to put her arms around her and tell her that whatever was happening would turn out alright, to tell her that she was proud of her and admired her resilience. But if this was the only way she could help she would do it. This was the only way she could help. She would don anything now if it would help. She would always love her daughter, even if she didn't love her back.

Sorry for the shortness, but I was just suddenly inspired.