Title: By Starlight Thus

Author: Coru
Disclaimer: I wasn't even BORN when Dr. Who was created, so no, I don't own it. Though I wouldn't mind having the Ninth Doctor as a pet...sigh.

The world was coming into focus, and she wasn't sure exactly how she felt about that. Dawn Summers put a hand over her eyes to block out the blinding light that was determined to bleed through her eyelids. She supposed the fact that she had all her limbs should be a comfort, considering the life she led – but the way that every single one of them was aching just then, she found she couldn't quite appreciate it.

"Will someone please turn down the lights?" She moaned miserably.

"Can't," another voice replied with just a hint of a groan hidden in its thick Londoner accent. "It's the sun."

"Can you turn down the sun then?" Dawn asked peevishly. She peeled her hand away slowly and looked around through squinted eyes. "Why am I lying on a park bench? And who are you?"

"Will you stuff it? I'm just as hungover as you are," there was a blonde sitting on the bench opposite her, and true to her words she looked as miserable as Dawn felt. "But to answer, no I can't, I don't know, and I'm Rose. Who're you?"

"Dawn," she sat up, trying not to jar her insides too much. "I think I might be sick," she warned, then promptly turned and vomited off the back of the bench. "Oh god, what the hell did I do last night?"

"Flew to London apparently," Rose was looking around – very, very slowly, as Dawn noted. "This is Powell Park, it's about half a mile from my old flat."

Dawn blinked a few times and let out an unhappy sigh. "Rose...why do I remember candles and a very large knife?"

The blonde froze. "And a bowl?" She said softly. "My blood and yours?"

"Note to self...deep magic and tequila are non-mixy things," Dawn sighed and swung her legs over, gently attempting to stand. "Okay, stomach is being calmish since there's nothing left in it. I vaguely remember the ritual...so why did you want to come here?"

Rose looked around, also easing to her feet. "Depends on where 'here' is," she replied. "If we got to...where I wanted to go then it's because...well," she shrugged rather bashfully.

"Great, I'm a transdimensional dating service," Dawn grumbled. "You dragged me across the void for a guy?"

"Listen I'm not sober enough to argue yet," Rose waved a hand in the general direction of the younger brunette. Her brow creased and Dawn was suddenly glad she had never quite grasped aura reading as Tara had – the air of misery about her was potent even to the naked eye, the inner eye would have been blinded. "An' it ain't like I can just pick up a phone and have him meet for tea. He could be anywhere, anytime and I would never find him. For now it's just enough...bein' in the same universe, ya know?"

Dawn chewed her bottom lip. "I don't really follow, but...I got you here, so I'm stuck with you now. No going home without some wicked powerful artifacts and I don't exactly have the connections in this world that I had in my old one."

"That's how all my adventures seem to start," Rose sighed. "Meet somebody, do somethin' stupid and possibly brave, get stuck in peril until the Doctor rescues me. Here's hopin' the pattern keeps up."

"Well for right now we're only stuck, not so much with the peril." Dawn glanced up to the skyline. "Wow, London," she paused and tilted her head. "Where are all the Zeppelins?"

"It's an alternate London," Rose explained, peering up at the sky as well. "I was born in this one, lived my whole life here 'till the Doctor came. He took me travelin', then I accidentally ended up up trapped in the other one. It's stupid really...to come here. Everyone else who matters is on the other side...Mum and Dad, Mickey and my sis. But...he's the Doctor."

"So we're looking for your doctor," Dawn said slowly. "And I'm gonna guess it's not because you've got a touch of the flu."

"Not that sort of doctor," There was a grin on her face, but the sheer pain in her eyes was striking. "He's a traveler, he picks up people and shows them the universe, backward and forward through time."

"So...time travel."

"And space!" Rose quirked a smile. "My first trip out I saw the end of the Earth. Sort of depressin' actually, but gave me a good perspective."

"Wow." There was a long pause. "God that would be such a fucking relief. 'Well it's done now, stop pestering me!' sort of thing."

"Come to think of it yeah," Rose laughed a bit. "You save the world a lot too?"

"You have no idea." Dawn stopped abruptly. She blinked a few times and glanced at Rose. "Hey, are you strong?"

"Strong enough, why?"

"I think you need to catch me," with those words her eyes rolled back into her head and she collapsed into her companion's arms.

"God I feel like such a Giles," Dawn mumbled into a soft pillow. "Passing out, waking up weird places..."

"No worries," a kindly voice said from somewhere in the room. "Rose brought you here, you're safe."

Dawn raised her head and blinked at the dark-haired woman standing next to her bed. Her brows drew together in confusion as she took in the comfortable, homey décor of the room. It was certainly not a hotel, not nearly sterile enough for that. "Here is where exactly?"

"My house," she smiled. "I'm Sarah Jane Smith, an old friend of the Doctor. You'll be alright, you just lost a bit of blood, not good when combined with interdimensional travel, let alone interdimensional travel and vodka."

"Tequila," Dawn corrected quickly with a rueful smile. "Tequila is the one that makes me act on bad ideas – vodka just makes me melancholy."

"Ah yes, the many shades of drunkenness," she smiled back and leaned over the bed to place her hand on Dawn's forehead. "You were running a fever for a bit, but I think you've cooled off. How do you feel?"

"Like I got hit by a double decker bus then had the guards in the furry hats jump up and down on the squishy bits that were left," there was a pause. "And in less whiny-brat terms, I've got a migraine and this weird achy feeling in all my joints. Like I've done something incredibly athletic and I don't remember it."

"Well you opened the void and single-handedly pulled a person through. That will do it," Sarah Jane pointed out shrewdly. "No one is meant to be exposed to the void like that."

"Yeah..." she paused, chewing her bottom lip. "Deep magics. Can't get back now," she laughed, a tad hysterically. "My whole family and everyone I know is back there, but unless you have a copy of the Codex Tractus Viator and a Seed of Elpis then we're trapped."

"I'm sorry," Sarah Jane looked sympathetic and for a moment reminded Dawn of her own mother. She fought the burning in her eyes and raised her chin, internally channeling her sister.

"I'll survive." Dawn smiled. "If there's once thing a Scooby is good at...it's living." She stretched painfully and reached out a hand to Sarah Jane. "I think I might be a bit weak...but I'd really like to move a bit."

Sarah Jane shook her head and took most of the younger girl's weight on herself. "Let's get you to the kitchen, I think you just need some potassium. Luckily I keep a healthy supply of bananas in the house at all times."

Dawn giggled as they made their way down the hall. "If you can add a bit of cereal and milk to that, it sounds like a fabulous breakfast."

"Well, I'll see what I can dig up for you. I know you Americans have a slightly different taste in foods than we do."

"Yeah, we've actually got some," Dawn grinned. "I didn't even think about having to eat British...god Giles would be so proud. He's English...sort of a father figure for my sister. Mostly he drinks a lot of tea and pretends to enjoy my cooking."

"Naturally," Sarah Jane pulled a face as she tried to help Dawn into the breakfast area, where Rose was already nibbling absently on an apple. The blonde looked startled to see them both, but quickly jumped to her feet and took Dawn's other arm. Sarah Jane smiled gratefully. "Thank you Rose."

"I'm sorry," Rose murmured as they maneuvered Dawn into a chair. "I had no idea it would turn out like this."

"Hey, I offered," Dawn smiled across the breakfast table at the sorrowful Rose. "I might have been drunk, but I still offered. Not your fault."

"But I've got you stuck here - now you're sick, and I can't even find the Doctor," Rose sighed heavily. "He only came to London so much because I wanted to visit my Mum...Sarah Jane hadn't seen him for twenty years, when we met up with her. What are the odds of finding him, in the whole of time and space?"

Dawn chewed her lower lip and tilted her head. "Depends on if you've got anything of his."

Rose frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, getting back across the void is a hell of a spell. Requires a lot of power. Teleportation is a whole lot easier...especially if we have something of his to target on. Emotionally connected is especially good."

Rose reached under her hoody and pulled out a key on a long silver chain. "How 'bout this? It's a key to his ship." She pulled the chain over her head and placed it on the table. "There are properties about it...well, it's not a normal house key, I'll say it like that."

Dawn picked it up and her eyes went wide. No one noticed the faint swirls of green flickering across her sky blue irises as the key began to glow. "Well," her voice had an odd sort of echo in it. "Now that's just interesting."