Death Note fic! Yay. This is before Kira time, in a way. But they are older.

Meaning, Everyone is alive and well. Matt-19 Mello-20

Warning: Contains cursing, M+. Yaoiboyxboy and rape and lemon In later chapters.

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A line of smoke escapes from a redhead's mouth as he strolls the streets of Japan, one hand in the pocket of his vest, and one fingering the cigarette.

Mail Jeevas, better known as Matt, with shaggy red hair, with orange-tinted goggle that rest upon it, and greenish-brown eyes. A hardcore gamer, as some would call him.

Now why he was walking around for no apparent reason, he had no fucking idea to be honest. All he know was that Mihael, otherwise known as Mello, needed to hurry his ass up.

Taking another drag from the cancer stick, he sighed deeply. Of course, him and Mello got into this huge argument that made the chocolate addict throw him out of their house, and not let him in until he calmed down.

For those people who don't really know Mello, they would probably think him as some sadistic jerk who did nothing but bossed people around and ate chocolate.

But no.

Matt knew the real Mello. They've been best friends for what fourteen years now? Lived together for three? Matt's basically the only one that Mello could actually tolerate, to some point.

The gamer threw the butt down and stepped on it carefully with his heel. He looked up and saw crowds of people busying about, not even giving Matt a second glance.

There was a slight vibrating movement in his pants, meaning Mello was calling him. The redhead exhaled heavily before reaching into his pants and grabbing his phone.

Mello, it read.

Yep. It was him.

'''Ello?'' He answered, almost ready for the screams and curses he was going to hear through the other line.

Here it comes.

''Matt fuckin' Jeevas! Where 'da hell hav yew ben?!'' He heard Mello's voice slur,''I've been 'ere waiting 'or yew to come home from work and 'ere are yew?!''

Matt tried to contain as much laughter as he could before replying.

''Uhm, yeah. Sorry bout that, Mels. I went to the store and bought some more smokes. I'll be home in a bit.''

He heard a scoff and a hiccup at the other line, ''Kay whatever. Just 'urry up. 'nd bring some me some chocolate.''

''Okay, Mel. Don't blow up an--''

''Shuddup! Bastard''

Click, beep beep beep.

Matt shook his head, making his way to the small store that was a few blocks from where he was standing.

"I'm going to have to deal with a lot of shit when I get home.'' he muttered, chuckling darkly at the image of a drunken Mello.

To be honest, Mello didn't frighten him when he was drunk. The only time he did was when he didn't have any chocolate, now that's scary. But, Matt figured the time he got the chocolate he would be okay.

He opened the door and heard the familiar ching ching from the bells upon the door. He mumbled something about getting the bells and shoving them up in someone's ass.

Matt walked over to the chocolate section and grabbed about three bars of Hershey Chocolate Bars, then grabbing a pack of New Ports as he made his way to the register.

The butch looking women smiled at him and Matt looked at her teeth. They were all rotten except one, which was in the middle. It was very sharp looking like a vampire's tooth. She had a uno-brow that looked like a dancing caterpillar when she smiled.

''Is that it for ya, hun?'' she asked, her breath smelling like old eggs.

Matt smiled as politely as he could,''Yes'm. It is.''


He groaned. Reaching into his pocket, he stumbled for his drivers license. Few moments later he pulled it out and handed it to the woman.

She examined carefully, and grinned. This confused Matt a lot, and he hoped she wasn't going to try and find his house and rape him with a dildo she probably possessed.

''4.56, babe.''

He handed her a five, and walked out quickly with a, ''Keep the change."

Rushing out the door, he headed straight the direction he was walking away from. He stuffed the chocolate in one of his pockets and his smokes in the other.

Finally arriving at the house, he opened the door, knowing neither of them locked it. And there was Mello, sprawled on the couch with a can of beer in his hands.

''It's about fuckin' time.'' he said, holding his hand out for his chocolate.

Matt glared at him and threw the chocolate bars at his face, but the blonde carefully dodged them and grabbed them with skill.

''Ass.'' he mumbled drunkenly, taking a bite of it.

''Sure, sure.'' Matt said, making his way to his room. He took all of his belongings out and set them on his dresser.

Then it hit him.

The lady still had his ID.

''Oh. Fucking. Shit.''

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