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Matt ran as fast as his scrawny legs could take before buckling from underneath him. He was ashamed; his face was streaked with tears that had been falling since he first began to run. "Goddamnit," he cursed as he rubbed the places on his knees that were already sore from the previous situations.

The redhead sniffed as he looked behind his shoulders, half expecting to see Mello trying to catch up to him. Not to his dismay though- he wasn't.

" I might as well go home and wait for him…" Matt decided , picking himself from the concrete ground and walked to the direction of his home.

"Hey mister!"

Matt let a soft 'Hm?' as he turned around once more to see who was calling. The voice belonged to a very familiar red-headed girl with a huge grin plastered on her innocent face.

"Heeey! I remember you! You were the guy that was with Melly when he was helping me with my boo-boo!" That's right. The little brat that Mello took into their house who kept whining at the slight touch of peroxide.

"Hey, er…. Alexis?" Matt took a guess, giving her an apologetic smile of greeting. Thankfully, she giggled.

"Real close. It's Alexia! Short for Alexian Gabrial Victoria!" She introduced herself for the second time, still not breaking the rhythm of her name.

"Ah, yes.. Alexia, nice to see you. How are you putting up?" Matt didn't really know why he was talking to a probably not even nine year old kid. He guessed small talk would satisfy her and he could be on his merry way."

She nodded her head swiftly with a cutesy smile. "I've been good! My mom hasn't been around at all lately, so I can go out and play whenever I want!"

Alexia's smile faded a little as she continued, "Thought it gets kinda lonely without my parents here.. Dad went on a buisness trip not too long before Mommy left… I'm the only one at the house, besides the weird lady that's obsessed with cats-"Matt let the corner of his lips curve into a smile at this,"-but that's all.. I don't get to eat much. And no one to talk to!"

The gamer observed the little girl before him with concerned eyes, taking in what partly reminded him when he was younger. Her red hair was in a sloppy ponytail and was all over the place. She had a few freckles that wouldn't be noticeable if one wasn't really looked at her. And her eyes..

Her eyes were the samecolor as Matt's. Or once were. They shone with this intensity of pride, innocence, and joy. All three things that was taken away from Matt.

He shook his head to get rid of the thoughts that were no doubt going to build up in his mind. "Well.. since you've obviously become acquainted with Mels. You can come stay with us for awhile. At least until your parents get home."

Alexia's face lit up like the sun," REALLY? You think I can!? Oh thank you, thank you!"

She wrapped her arms around Matt's midsection, pulling him into a tight, childish hug. She began giggling madly, almost like a schoolgirl that had a huge crush on some guy. It was cute.

Matt laughed softly. He placed his hand on the top of her head and stroked in a fatherly manner. "We can run by your house and get your stuff." He wondered what Mello would think when Mello got home.

… Shit, Mello

A few blocks away, Mello was leaning his back againist the same brick wall with his hands cupping his face.

I don't understand why he just doesn't let it go… He's so stupid!

Mello sighedand straightened up. "I doubt he even went home.. He probably doesn't even wanna see me.."

He hooked his thumbs into the belt loop of his pants and lazily strolled to the house. He looked at the people around him: the couples holding hands, the kids running around in the streets and at the park not far from him.

Why did everyone seem so happy and carefree when Mello was so burnt-out? The sights made him decide to take the long way home.

As Mello approached the door and was just about to place his hand on the doorknob, he heard a girl's giggle and Matt's settle laugh.

"Look.. You can't do it like that.. Here let me show you."

Mello's face twisted with confusion, leaning on the door to get a better hear. The girl's laughter turned into a surprised one. "Ohh, Matty! That tickles!"

The blonde's cheeks flushed with anger and what felt like jealousy and he drew his hand back from the doorknob. He spun around almost quick enough to get whiplash and stormed off.

"What the fuck? He gets all pissy then he just turns right the fuck around and brings a girl home? How fuckin' lame!" Mello ranted. His angry side had come back, and it settled in his mouth with a bitter taste.

What Mello didn't know that it was just Alexia playing the Wii with Matt.

A couple of hours passed and both of them were worn out. Every game Matt owned was atleast expiermented by Alexia and every sugar-contained item was consumed. It made Matt feel like a little kid again; it made him happy.

"It's 8:58 PM, kid. You need to head to bed." He declared, not even noticing that Mello had failed to come home.

"Awww Matty, do I gotta? Really?" She begged, pouting out her bottom lip in an attempt to lure Matt out of making her go to bed.

Puppy eyes and pouty lips do not work with Matt.

He chuckled, "Sorry, Alexia. But if you wanna be big and strong and all that jazzy shi—junk, you need your sleep!" It was hard to keep from saying "naughty bad words" as Alexia has described to him earlier when Matt had ran into the door yelling out a big loud "Fuck."

She sighed sadly. "Okayyy, fine. Will you tuck me in?" Matt nodded and picked her up to carry her into one of the rooms. He swung her around to earn a couple of happy giggles before placing her under the covers. Alexia snuggled around to get comfortable before letting out a content sigh.

"Today was really fun, Matty." She told him, cuddling the bear into an almost protective hug. The boy smiled, "Me too, Alexia. I'll wake you up in the morning so I can make breakfast.. Night."

Right as he was turning around, Alexia piped up, "Matty? Where was Melly? I haven't seen him all day…"

Matt froze and his eyes widen. He had completely forgot about the blonde. Oh Gods, where would he be right now?

"Uh…" he stammered to try to find an excuse, "he had to work.. At.. his job…"

Alexia raised an eyebrow, "Really? I didn't know he had a job."

Fuck, smart kid.

"Well, uh, he just got employed to—"

"What does employed mean, Matty?"

Matt smiled lightly, "It means he got the job. He got employed today before I saw you. That's where he's been all day. I'm sure he'll be home when you go to sleep."

Alexia smiled and let out a yawn of exhaustion. "Okay, Matty. Tell him I said sweet dreams!"

"Alright, kid. Night." He resumed into walking out of the bedroom and shutting the door softly. It was like a chain reaction. Once the door was shut, the main door opened.


Mello looked up as he entered the house and glared. "Yeah, hi, nice to see you, fuck off."

Matt was confused. What was with his sudden change of attitude? "I'd advise you to keep it down.. Alexia is asleep." He motioned to the door not too far from where he stood.

Mello's heart sank a little bit at Alexia's name. Was that the girl's voice I heard? Guilt wrapped around his head whilst he made his way to the couch.

Matt's eyes followed his every step, half-expecting him to say something; the scenario was almost deja-vu.

"Matt… I'm sorry, what happened.. You know.." Mello apologized, putting a hair through his hair to shake his bangs away from his face. "I got carried away. I should have been more respectful towards you."

The gamer shrugged, "Well, it's not like I'ma stay mad at you for it, Mels.." He placed himself in the spot of the couch next to his companion and offered him a small smile.

A smile that made Mello's own heart squeeze in his own chest painfully. They stared at each other for a minute with silence between them. Mello opened his mouth to say something but quickly began to chew on his bottom lip to not. Matt studied his face and inched closer. He placed a hand on Mello's thigh as his face got closer to the blonde's.

Mello's pulse quicken as Matt was nearing his face to his own. Why am I so sick and twisted.. Why do I want this?

Before Matt got to his destination, Mello met him halfway with a bruising kiss. They didn't move from that point, except hands when to shoulders and thighs. It was funny, this time Mello could taste all the sugar on Matt's lips.

Matt scooted close until his legs was wrapped over Mello's lap. He opened his mouth to chew on Mello's bottom lip, earning a low groan from the reciever.

Mel's gloved hand traveled up and down Matt's perfect legs, pinching here and there and caressing every part of his skin. Matt shuddered with pleasure and the same uneasiness feeling from earlier.

God, I've never felt like this before.. Maybe everything will be okay..

Their mouths open and slid over each others in perfect sync. Tongues slid out to greet each other and to occasionaly battle one another.

Matt's hand raised up to Mello's hair and curled it like it was where it was supposed to be all this time.

Fuck, I'm so sick.. Oh Gods, it feels great…

It couldn't go on any further. Mello pushed Matt off of him ,reluctant at first. The redhead looked bewildered, "What the hell?"

"Matt.. Listen.. I-I came home a few hours ago and heard a girl's voice.. and what I heard, well.. If you had heard what I heard you would have thought the same thing!" Mello exclaimed, stopping to swallow and breathe.

Matt's eyebrow raised, "Yeah.. and what does this have to do with anything?"

"I got mad… And I went to the whore-house not far from here.. And well… I sold them to you, Matt."

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