Author's Notes: I've seen a lot of people doing things like this lately...100 word drabbles. There seem to be a few challenges going around as well. I decided to join in the fun, but since I couldn't hammer down exactly what the original challenge was, I decided to do my own personal challenge. I'm going to write one hundred 100-world fanfic drabbles. Each will be a glimpse into the lives of the characters of Harry Potter. That said, Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling...please to not be suing me. :) Comments welcome and appreciated!

One Hundred 100-Word Fanfics Challenge

Drabble 1 – Boy Meets Girl

For what may have been the first and last time in his life, James Potter was speechless. He'd always had a bit of a crush on Lily Evans, but something had changed this summer. She'd grown...she'd become somehow...well, a woman.

"Close your mouth, Potter," Lily told James, "You look like a fish."

With that she walked away, hips counting her steps like the second hand of a clock.

"Go out with me?" James called to her.

"Nope!" she called back, flirtatiously.

James grinned. It would be challenging, perhaps, but she would be his. Someday, she would be his.