Its hard , because they don't fit together like they use to. Carly sees Sam and Freddie bouncing off one another like they've never met before. There are giant, earth shattering fights that usually end with one or both of them mad at Carly.

And when they're not fighting things are awkward but Carly bears through it because she just wants them all to fit again.

"What did you get for question number eight?" Freddie asks not looking up from his notes and Carly frowns down at her homework spread out besides Freddie's on the kitchen table.

"I'm not sure yet. Sam?" Carly breathes glancing at Sam beside her, feet kicked up on the table and balancing her chair on the two back legs while she peers down at the open history book in her lap.

"I got, uh, 7." Sam says and Carly squints at her angrily.

"Sam, we're not even doing math!" Freddie cries and Sam looks up guiltily, while Carly shoves her feet off the table causing her chair to slam down on all four legs.

"Hey!" Sam cries and Carly tugs the book out of her hands, a magazine falling from between the pages, on to the tabletop.

"You're not doing homework. You're looking at a stilt catalog!" Carly accuses, forehead creasing in disbelief.

"I can't help it if I find stilts more stimulating than math." Sam defends crossing her arms over her chest and leaning back in her chair.

"We're doing history homework." Freddie points out and Sam sticks her tongue out at him.

"Whatever." Sam sighs, her boredom evident in the extremely annoying way she's tapping her fingers on the table and Carly kicks her lightly under the table and she stops with another dramatic sigh. "I'm bored. Lets do something."

Freddie gives her an incredulous look, finger poised over his notebook. "We are doing something."

"Lets do a not suckish something." Sam clarifies slumping in her chair and looking pleadingly at Carly, milking the puppy dog thing for all its worth. "Please?"

"Like what?" Carly sighs, closing her book and Sam's blue eyes light up.

"Groovy Smoothie?" She says hopefully and Freddie leans forward on the table.

"I could go for a Blueberry Blitz." He says and Carly throws him a quick smile.

"Okay, fine. But then we do homework." Carly says sternly and Sam jumps out of her seat.

"Yeah. Sure. Whatever, lets go!" She throws over her shoulder while she dances to and out of the door, hair bouncing.

"Maybe I should go home. My mom…" Freddie starts, closing his folder and stuffing it in his bag and Carly cuts him off.

"Wait, you're not coming?" She asks and Freddie swallows, closing his bag.

"I don't want to, like, intrude or anything." He says softly and Carly hates how sad he sounds but before she can say anything Sam is sticking her head back through the door impatiently.

"Carly? C'mon. I'm dying here." Sam groans, leaning into the door jam and Carly stands slowly, glancing at Freddie.

"I'm coming." Carly says, straightening her shirt and heading to the door.

And then Sam says something that makes Carly adore her even more. "Hey Freddork, you coming or what?"

Carly glances at Freddie in time to see him smile and she smiles too. "Yeah, I'm coming."

"Why didn't you just say so?" Sam's voice is soft and curious while she peers up at Carly, her head resting in the other girls lap.

"Say so?" Carly breathes confused, glancing away from the television screen and down at Sam while she burrows her fingers through soft blond hair.

"When you realized that you liked me? Why didn't you just say so?" She clarifies and Carly smiles a little at the simple question.

"Because you're my best friend." Carly starts and Sam nods thoughtfully. "And you're a soccer star…"

"That is true." Sam interrupts with a proud smile.

"And I was scared." Carly finishes and Sam looks up at her with softening blue eyes. "What about you?"

"I've always felt this way about you, I think." Sam starts. "But I didn't know what it meant so I just ignored it."


"I didn't want to loose you." Sam shrugs and Carly really loves this girl.

"I guess we were both just being dumb." She offers and Sam smiles.

"Ya know, if I hadn't just eaten that bag of Spicy Caliente Jalapeño chips, I'd kiss you." Sam offers and Carly grins at her, leaning down to kiss her forehead.

"You can make it up to me later and also I appreciate your restraint." Carly whispers and Sam laughs just as Freddie walks into the apartment, pausing a little uncomfortably when he sees Sam sprawled over Carly and its just something he does but Carly's noticed that he's trying to get over it.

"What up, Benson?" Sam calls, sitting up and swinging her legs around to right herself on the sofa.

"I just go this new camera." He says holding up the shiny piece of technology and Sam and Carly both oohh and aahh dramatically.

"Cool. What does it do?" Carly wonders, making space for Freddie to drop down between her and Sam and Sam grumbles a little.

"Well its super thin. Got 6 mega pixels…" The sound of Sam's dramatic snores cuts him off and he turns to glare at her.

"Sam." Carly chastises gently and the other girl rolls her eyes.

"Sorry, continue with your geekery." Sam says with a wave of her hand and Freddie crosses his arms.

"Well, now I don't want to."

"Fine by me." Sam sighs, stretching and nearly hitting Freddie in the face. "Lets go get some chicken wings."

"Wait, I have an idea." Carly says excitedly. "Let's take a picture."

"Okay." Freddie shrugs and before Sam can runaway Carly reaches behind Freddie and drags her into the frame where Freddie is holding the camera in an outstretched arm.

"Smile on three." Freddie instructs. "One. Two. Three."

The End

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