Sasuke woke up the next morning with a warm arm thrown over his chest, a pain in his ass and devious plan in his mind. He wasn't drunk now and he knew exactly what he wanted to do with Naruto and that plan definitely did not involve Naruto in his ass again. It involved someone's ass but not his own. He slowly slipped out from under the deadweight of Naruto's arm and, carefully, made his way to the blondes bathroom. After a shower and a couple handfuls of pain pills Sasuke made his way out of the bathroom and started to investigate Naruto's room. He couldn't help but remember the toys that Naruto had used on him the other night. He wanted to see if he had more, different, toys that he could return the favor with.

Sasuke gave up after searching almost every hidden crevice of Naruto's room. Maybe those were the only toys that the blonde owned. He walked to the closet in search of clothes now and glanced back at the still sleeping man behind him as he opened the door. Good, now he had time to rethink his plan. He glanced inside the closet and was utterly surprised to find the very thing he had searched the room up and down for earlier. He glanced through the toy box that would make even the most hardcore nympho blush and felt his own cheeks heat up at some of the items within. What did the dobe need with a…was that a…riding crop? Sasuke shuddered at the unwanted images in his head and continued to search through the box.

After searching through most of the embarrassing box Sasuke found and simple, black velvet box. He hefted the small case and wondered why it would possible be in a sex toy box. After what seemed like hours of searching he found the, deceptively, easy clasp and flipped open the box. Then he promptly dropped it. He dropped it and about fell on his own ass when he jumped away from it. But he did not squeal, that noise came from someone other then him. Uchiha's don't squeal.

An unknown amount of time passed as Sasuke just stared at the box before he slowly lowered himself to the floor and inspected it more closely. He had never seen the sexual instruments this close up before and he was intrigued. He picked up the box of, surprisingly, unspilled toys and examined it thoroughly. So, this is what sounds look like up close and personal. Interesting. He pulled out one of the sounds and looked at it. Yes, this would do nicely. Sasuke located the handcuffs from the previous night and some, very soft, rope that was obviously to be used for tying up a lover. Then he started working. He had Naruto's hands cuffed to the headboard and was working on tying his second ankle when he heard the blonde groan. He watched as Naruto tried to stretch, his eyes opening wide when he found himself unable to move.

"Sasuke…what the hell? What are you doing?" Sasuke just smirked and got off of the bed. He returned shortly later with the box of sounds and some vanilla lube that he had also found in the infernal sex box.

"I found your toy box, Naruto, and I just figured that turn about was fair play. You stuck something inside me so I am going to stick something inside you, sounds fair, ne?" Sasuke almost laughed out loud at the look on Naruto's face when he held up one of the sounds and the lube. He watched the blonde wiggle and was very intrigued when he saw Naruto's cock harden almost instantly at the sight of the little metal tube. "So you like playing with these, do you." He saw Naruto harden even more and arch his body as much as the bonds would allow. "Then why were they hidden at the bottom of the box, hmm?" Sasuke saw the blondes cheeks redden and smirked himself.

Sasuke decided that the time for banter was over and sat back down the sound. He picked up the tube of lube and flipped open to top breathing in the fragrance of vanilla. It may be girly but he really loved the small of vanilla. To add to that merit vanilla was an aphrodisiac so why not use it? He was kind of worried about sliding anything into the blondes cock. Contrary to popular belief he did not want to hurt Naruto, especially not somewhere as sensitive as that. Sasuke upended the tube and let it thoroughly wet the head of the still arching blondes cock. With enough lube anything will fit, he was going to stick to that saying. Sasuke nodded at himself when he literally saw the lube sliding down that sides of Naruto's hard cock before giving the sound the same treatment.

Sasuke took a deep breath and carefully placed the end of the sound against the head of Naruto's cock. He was utterly surprised when the previously wiggling and arching blonde went completely still. He barely heard Naruto's muttered request but knew he would abide by the request even if the blonde had never asked it of him.

"Please…Be careful Sasuke." Sasuke nodded and took another deep breath before beginning to sink the sound into the blondes cock. It was amazing to watch the hollow tub slide into Naruto's small hole. It was also erotic as hell. With the way Naruto's breath was hitching and he was barely containing his body from moving it had to feel good. Sasuke would never admit it but he kind of wondered how it felt. So did his body. He could feel his own cock harden and drip as he hit something with the sound and heard Naruto's grunt. "St…stop…If you push any deeper you'll hurt me." Sasuke nodded and removed his fingers from the sound stroking them lightly up and down the blondes shaft in an apology for the discomfort he had to feel. He watched as Naruto arched then grinned at him. "Che, Teme, is that all you gonna do to me?" Sasuke grinned right back then picked the lube back up off the bed.

"Ohh, absolutely not Dobe, you shoved something up my ass and I am definitely returning that favor." Sasuke watched Naruto arch up against him, the metal of the sound glinting in the light before he spoke again.

"Then do something instead of just talking about it." Sasuke grinned as he slathered the vanilla scented lube on his fingers.

"Ohh, trust me, I am." Sasuke didn't give Naruto any more warning before he slid two fingers into his body. Apparently that one thrust was enough to impact the blondes prostate. Sasuke watched as Naruto arched a cried out a stream of precome pouring out of the sound. Now that was even more erotic then watching the sound slide in. Sasuke couldn't stop himself from groaning at the sight. He pushed his fingers a little rougher into the blonde then he had intended to as his brain seemed to melt. He did not understand how sex with the dobe could be so beyond hot. He watched the blondes expression change from slightly uncomfortable to beyond pleasurable. Sasuke watched Naruto try to impale himself on his fingers and groaned again. He couldn't stop himself from reaching down and stroking his own neglected cock. He was already dripping wet and wasn't even inside the blonde. This could be bad, he hadn't been this turned on since…last night. Who knew sex with the blonde would be the hottest sex that he had ever had?

Sasuke grunted as he forced himself to release his own erection and withdraw his fingers from the Naruto. He smirked when he heard a similar noise from the blonde as he liberally slathered his cock with lube. He didn't give Naruto any warning before he was pressing himself against his prepared entrance and sliding the head of his overly sensitive cock in. Naruto didn't seem to care, he only moaned and arched against Sasuke pulling the raven deeper into his body. Sasuke took this as the blonde didn't need time to adjust and pushed himself in to the hilt once again slamming against Naruto's prostate.

"Fuck, Sasuke, don't stop…" Sasuke felt himself responding automatically to Naruto's order as he pulled back and thrust in again. Hard. Naruto loved it. So Sasuke did it again. It didn't take Sasuke long to find a rhythm that had Naruto screaming and himself moaning from the sheer pleasure. He knew neither of them were going to last long and reached down to grip Naruto's cock in his fist and stroke it hard. He could feel the hard metal of the sound under Naruto's heated flesh and the sensation spurred him on. He found himself pumping into the tight heat of the blonde ruthlessly as he stroked his cock in the same punishing rhythm.

Sasuke was right. Neither of them lasted very long. He felt himself tense hard as Naruto's ass clenched hard enough around his cock to strangle it. He groaned when he saw the blondes come spurt out of the silver tube still imbedded in his cock. All of the sensations were too much for Sasuke and he felt the tension in his body snap as he moaned out his completion almost as loudly as the man below him. He could feel his come shoot out of his cock into the hot body below him and couldn't believe how intense the feeling was. He felt like he was going to float from the feelings. He didn't notice he had stopped coming and was laying Naruto's heaving chest until minutes later.

Sasuke slowly shook himself out of his post orgasmic haze and propped himself up on his elbows on top of the blonde. He watched as Naruto's breath slowed and those big blue eyes looked up at him. Then he looked down. He didn't know what to do about the sound. He looked back up at Naruto and the blonde sighed.

"You…just take it out…" Sasuke nodded and reached down gripping the top of the silver tube and carefully extracting it. He was almost done when he heard Naruto groan. He automatically stopped and look up at the blonde worry evident on his face.

"Are you, okay? Do you need me-" Sasuke blinked as he was cut off by Naruto.

"I'm fine, it just…feels good. Just take it out." Sasuke watched Naruto smirk as he pulled the sound the rest of the way out. "While you're at it why don't you remove your cock from ass and all this rope too." Sasuke chuckled and slowly pulled himself out before doing what Naruto said and laying back down beside him. He felt the blonde wrap his arms around him and he swore he felt him purr. He didn't really care as he felt himself fall back to sleep with his dobe holding him.

Naruto and Sasuke were both rudely awakened by the sound of Naruto's bedroom door slamming hard enough into the wall to crack the plaster. They scrambled to cover themselves with a blanket so that they weren't lying together naked covered in lube and other fluids in front of Naruto's father figure. The looked up with blushes staining all the way down to their chests to see Iruka looking at them chastisingly.

"So then this is what happens when I don't check on you at night, Gahh!" Sasuke watched Naruto's blush turn a presently undiscovered red before Iruka spoke again. "Did you at least use one of these and this?" Sasuke felt his own blush deepen when Iruka pulled out a condom and lube from god knows where and threw them on the bed. Sasuke was about to die from all the blood rushing to his cheeks before he heard Naruto speak.

"Unnoo, Iruka, aren't those the same clothes you wore to the party last night? Where were you all night?" Sasuke watched as a bush stole across the scar over Iruka's nose before he glanced down at the items on the bed putting two and two together. He smirked before he picked up the condom and held it back out to Iruka.

"Did you at least use one of these?" Both boys laughed as Iruka blushed even deeper and Kakashi walked in behind him. HE glanced at the condom then at the boys and Iruka before speaking.

"Maaa, Ruka, telling them to use a condom when we don't even use one ourselves, how hypocritical." The other three men laughed as Iruka blushed a deeper red before grabbing the condom and throwing it at Kakashi.

It was one hell of a morning.

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