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Yamada Hanatarou was underestimated. He was severely underestimated. He was the seventh seat of the fourth squad and an emergency relief squad captain. But he was still underestimated. Everyone looked at him as someone forgettable, someone…not important. Hanatarou could be anything he wanted to be but was held back by his own insecurities and everyone else's ignorance. He was tired. He found himself not caring if he was underestimated, not caring if he was forgettable because that was what he was going to be, an underestimated, forgettable past. He looked down over the cliff and thought about his life, about the few friends he had and he wondered, will they miss me or am I just as forgettable to them as everyone else?

He glanced down at his zanpakutou lying innocently on the ground beside him and heard it's screams in his head, it's screams of despair and loss at the action he had decided to take, at least his zanpakutou wouldn't forget him…he hoped. He spared another glance behind himself and took a steeling breath, he had made his decision.

Hanatarou fell.

He didn't jump, he didn't swan dive, he simply fell. He let himself fall off the cliff without even having a second thought. This was his life to live and his life to take away. No one could stop him. He laughed silently as he watched the ground fly up towards him. Who would care enough to stop him anyway? He knew it wasn't the jumping that was a problem, or even the falling. He understood that it was going to be the landing that was a bitch. He closed his eyes and waited for the impact, the jar that would black his vision and take his life from him.

Hanatarou hadn't expected to be caught. He had never expected that fatal, bone shattering landing to be halted by strong arms wrapping around him in mid-air and carefully, safely, lowering him to the ground. He expected to be lowered to the ground, maybe back-handed and then given a stern talking to. He did not expect the those arms to keep him cradled protectively against the mans hard chest as he was leisurely flash-stepped back to his own division.

Hanatarou groaned as he was, finally, set on the floor directly in front of his own captain after a few words passed between the two that he could not completely decipher. He did not want to explain his actions to the, deceptively, kind women standing in front of him. He knew that his captain could have quite the temper if any of her squad members said or did something stupid and he knew that he had definitely done something very stupid. Hanatarou could feel, deep inside himself, the dread of being on the wrong end of captain Unohana's fury. He glanced behind him, hoping to get some support from his savior and felt his breath hitch in his throat. This couldn't be right. He couldn't be the person that had saved him. Why would he care? Wait…this doesn't make any sense, why would this man catch him? This can't be right. This man would never help anyone in that way, especially not someone as unimportant and forgettable as him.

Kuchiki Byakuya.

Hanatarou was startled out of his thought process when his captain began to speak, none to gently, to him.

"Yamada, Hanatarou, You will explain yourself immediately." Hanatarou blanched noticeably at his captains words. They sounded sweet and understanding to the other captain in the room but he had been around his captain long enough to know when there was venom hidden in her tone. He took a deep breath and bowed his head to his captain.

"I do not have an explanation, captain, I just felt I needed to do something to break out of the monotony of my life." Hanatarou moved his head up slightly from it's bowed state and flickered his eyes over his captains face, being careful not to make eye contact but trying to read his captains expression. He looked back down and sighed. That had not been the right answer. He could see his captains form tensing and was ready for the inevitable out-lash that would be directed towards him. He felt his captain move closer to him and felt his own body tense as he waited for the blow. He was startled when, instead of the blow, he felt his captains arms settle around him and hug him, tightly. He stood, startled, for a few moments before his captain began to speak again and stepped away from him.

"I can understand your reasoning, Hanatarou. I have noticed depression seeping into your form but I never thought that you would ever go this far. This cannot be overlooked. You cannot be left alone because of this action. You will have to live with another person as your guardian. Can you accept these terms, Hanatarou?" Hanatarou nodded and bowed down at the waist before his captain trying to gain back a little respect. But he jumped up and swiveled around when he heard a deep voice from behind him.

"I can take care of him, Captain Unohana, if it's all the same to you, I am the one who found him." Hanatarou gaped at the dark haired captain behind him before spinning back to watch his captains response to the other captains proposal. He saw his captains slight nod of approval and felt as if his world had just drastically changed, not for the better.

Kuchiki Byakuya was going to be his guardian. How was that not going to make him want to commit suicide again? Hanatarou groaned and lifted hi hand to rub the bridge of his nose in a nervous gesture that he had never been able to get rid of. He glanced up, once again, at the sixth division captain and belatedly noticed that he had his zanpakutou. Hanatarou gave him an incredulous look before looking back at his captain, pleading with his eyes for some different type of punishment.

He only began to wonder if maybe the captain had been watching him as they exited the offices of the fourth division and began walking towards the sixth. If he hadn't been watching him why did he have his zanpakutou? Hanatarou's mind was trying to sort out all of these facts and barely registered when they passed the sixth division headquarters and continued walking.

Hanatarou walked slightly behind the stoic captain as he was lead into the Kuchiki manor. All of his belongings were taken by a servant that just seemed to magically appear as he was silently lead to a guest bedroom where he was informed that he would be staying.

He sighed as the servant left, letting his body sink into the plush bed that stood in the middle of the room. Everything that he could potentially harm himself with had been taken, very kindly, by the servant. They had, obviously, taken his zanpakutou, pencils and pens, and even his medical bag. When he had tried to persuade the servant that his medical bag did not need to be taken the servant had only looked at him and said some nonsense about him overdosing on medication and then left.

Hanatarou did not know when he fell asleep but when his mind began functioning again he heard footsteps slowly approach his room, then step inside. He kept his eyes closed and his breathing regulated as he felt the person sit on the side of his bed and move hair away from his forehead gently. He felt the touch move down to his cheek and the body lean close to his before it stilled.

" You may as well open your eyes, Yamada Hanatarou, I know that you are awake." Hanatarou flinched slightly as he opened his eyes trying to think of a reasonable excuse for his actions for the captain sitting on his bed. But as soon as his bleary eyes opened fully his thought processes stopped. He knew he had, at one time, been attracted to the sixth division captain but the sight in front of him made that attraction come back full force. The captain was leaning over him, his hair devoid of his usual Kenseiken and flowing freely, he had on a silky house robe without his captains robe and scarf. Hanatarou had never seen the withdrawn captain like this and could not seem to make his mind function or coherent words come out of his mouth.

He only released the breath that he had not noticed he had been holding when the beautiful captain leaned back and looked down at him with sad eyes. Hanatarou had never seen the captain show any emotion and was thrown when he saw that simple emotion come through the mask that noble Kuchiki always wore. He opened his mouth and sighed before looking away from the captain, giving him the same response he had before.

"I do not have an explanation for you, Captain Kuchiki." Byakuya cocked his head and leaned back down looking very closely at the boy. Hanatarou withdrew slightly into the bedding, he was confused and when he got confused, he got scared. He also seemed to have a problem with controlling his mouth in his fear and asked the question that had been troubling his mind all night. "Why did you save me?" He got a curious look from the captain before he heard the response.

"I saved you because I wanted to." This confused Hanatarou even more but before he could ask another question Byakuya continued. "I saved you because I felt I had to. Ever since that day at the bridge I have been thinking about subjects that bother me. I have been thinking about how everyone else see's me and I noticed that day that you did not see me in the same way. You intrigued me and before I could stop it I found that I did not want to see you die before I figured out why. When I saw you fall of that cliff I found that it hurt and I did not like that feeling. It is a feeling that I haven't felt for anyone but my sister since my wives death. I want to explore that feeling and you have to be alive for me to do that." Hanatarou blinked, staring up at the captain quizzically. He began to ask another question but was shocked silent when he felt hands press his shoulders back into the bed and a warm mouth cover his. He stopped breathing and let out a confused gasp when he finally realized who that mouth belonged to.

The captain of the sixth division, the most emotionless, stoic, man that Hanatarou knew was kissing him. In fact, he had taken advantage of his confused gasp and slid his tongue into the young fourth division squad members mouth. Hanatarou felt his eyes close as the bigger man tasted him thoroughly. It felt as if the dark haired captain was trying to map out the contours of his mouth just by feeling. It was…different…strange but not bad. He could get those thoughts to pass through his mind but could still not understand why the captain was kissing him. He heard himself whine slightly when the captain pulled away and opened his eyes looking up into the captains face one again.

"I want to explore many different feelings with you, Hanatarou-kun. I want to see why you act like a wilted flower." Hanatarou's eyes opened slightly in shock as the captain leaned down and kissed him deeply once again.

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