You are nothing but a slimy, disgusting, waste of a human existence and I am going to show you just how sorry you can be for your actions

Byakuya barely stopped himself from running his sword clean through the worthless bastard standing in front of him. He pulled back at the last second…well almost pulled back. His sword only bit into the slave owners shoulder slightly and that was an…accident, yes, an accident. Byakuya could see rage, red, blazing fury running across the insides of his eyes, blinding him to everything but the injustice that the small, fourth division shinigami had gone through.

The noble just laughed as the small man in front of him crumbled, gripping his shoulder like it was a serious injury. Byakuya wasn't done with him. He grabbed that brown hair and pulled, sprawling the slave owner across the floor at his feet. He looked down, eyes black with anger as he tipped his sword down like he was going into bankai. Instead he just held it above the other mans groin, a merciless grin covering his features.

"You don't deserve to live, but I can do worse than kill you." He growled out before thrusting down. The other man screamed in pain as his blood fell from the wound. It didn't pacify the sixth division captain in the least, he wanted more blood, more screaming. He wanted the man tortured for his transgressions, tortured painfully. Byakuya shook his head pulling his sword up, the tip glinting with blood as he dragged it up the slave owners body. He pressed down once more, biting into the sensitive skin with the tip of his blade above the others heart as he glared down. "This is worse then death, you will never again be able to rape another slave. You will lose your job, your livelihood and hopefully your life." Byakuya raised his blade, cleaning it with a small cloth from his pocket before dropping the blood soaked rag on the crying mans body. "But it will not be by my hand, that is not what he would want."

Byakuya left.

Hanatarou awoke just a few hours later. He could feel the comforting heat of the bigger man behind him and turned over to nuzzle deeper into the other mans warmth. He started when he smelled the familiar scent of blood, his eyes opening wide.

The Captain had just gotten back, his body was still overheated from the speed he had used to return to the smaller shinigami. All he had done was slip off his haori and slide into the bed behind Hanatarou. He hadn't wanted to take his eyes off of the smaller man any longer then that, knowing now exactly what the fourth division member was put through. He had fallen in love with the little bundle in his arms and didn't even know it…much less know when it happened.

Hanatarou woke suddenly at the smell. He surprised the Captain by pretty much jumping him, pushing him onto his back as he straddling his lap, his hands going to pull apart his uniform top and look for the source of the blood. He was mumbling to himself, worried that the only man he was finally comfortable around had been injured. He didn't find any blood anywhere and frowned at Byakuya, confused. "Why do you smell like blood?"

Byakuya looked up, just enjoying their position, as the small man touched his chest. He shook his head, deciding not to lie as he laid underneath the deceivingly strong fourth division shinigami. "I found your former owner and castrated him, it's not my blood." Byakuya said it with no inflection, he showed no guilt or sorrow at the action. It was the same as doing paperwork, it was just something that had to have been done.

The small fourth division healer stilled as he took in the information. His owner was…castrated… "You didn't kill him?" He sighed when Byakuya shook his head, mumbling a soft "You wouldn't have wanted that." Hanatarou smiled slightly at that. He knew that Byakuya was a good man but he was constantly surprised by just how…noble he could be. "So…he can't hurt anyone else? He can't do that to anyone else?" Hanatarou received another nod of the noble's head at this and sighed. "Then will you…show me?"

Byakuya furrowed his brow at that. He really didn't understand the question, how was he supposed to show the small man that the slave owner could no longer injure anyone? "Show you?"

The smaller man nodded, moving to lay his slightly trembling body over the Captains. "I want you to show me…what it would have been like…if it had been…you there and not him…" Hanatarou could feel himself blushing scarlet as he hid his face in the crook of the others neck, he was trying to keep his courage up but it was quickly evading him. The small healer bit his lip before speaking, quickly, to get it out before he lost his nerve. "I want to see how it's different…with you inside me."

Byakuya's breath stuttered to a halt as a small, shaky hand delved into his hair and held on tight. He opened his eyes and found himself looking into the wide, slightly scared orbs of the fourth squad member. The Captain was going to say no, he was going to refuse to do anything until Hanatarou was strong, until he was…ready. But, all it took was a whispered 'please' and trembling lips pressing against his own for him to move them, to press Hanatarou's small body back against the bed while he took that sweet mouth in a passionate kiss.

There were no words beyond that point, there was only sensations, feelings, stilted moves and wanting moans. Hanatarou seemed to change under the Captains hands, his trembling body calming and responding beautifully to every move that Byakuya made. The noble moved slowly, achingly slowly as he stripped the small man of his uniform, leaving him gloriously naked in front of his appraising eyes. The gentle, butterfly kisses that Byakuya gave Hanatarou showed the utter care he was taking with the smaller man, the gentleness he would not give up, no matter how much his body begged him too. He would control his own needs to make sure Hanatarou experienced more then he ever had before.

Hanatarou was frightened…not scared, no, he didn't feel the bone chilling, debilitating fear he would feel when his…master was over him, touching him…playing with him…No…he could barely focus on these feeling as so many others were being presented to him. He could feel the Captains body pressing ohhh so sweetly into his own, the soft pressure on his sensitive skin driving him higher into pleasure…not pain. He could feel embarrassment from his…naked state but couldn't bring himself to cover his body, he didn't want to cover anything and miss the gentle touch Byakuya might give the area. He couldn't help a breathless moan as a previously unknown sensitive spot was uncovered, Byakuya lips and tongue against the smaller mans skin seemed to over sensitize every part of his body.

The Captain felt a smile cross his lips as he teased one of the small mans nipples, making him arch and moan beneath him. He had never known that being gentle could pull so many responses from a persons body…that being gentle could pull any responses from his partners body. He had always been rough, to the point…but this lingering, soft pleasure he was finding was just as addicting. The movements were showing that even simple, barely there touches, could drive someone just as high as harsh touches and grips.

It seemed like mere minutes later that Byakuya was slipping a slick, warm finger into Hanatarou's body, stretching him as gently as possible for the invasion to come. He knew the other was frightened…at least, and he didn't want to do anything to add to that fear. The noble knew that he had to be gentle, in the least, or the jumpy healer would run from any type of intimate contact. The small body under his own reacted beautifully to the invasion, the seventh seat arching into the digit with a low moan.

Hanatarou could feel himself arch with every touch, his jumpiness making him even more sensitive to each and every gentle touch the Captain gave to him. He could feel his body spread easily around each and every finger, the pain that he had been expecting the whole time never coming even when three of the others fingers were buried deep inside his body, stretching him with the ease and gentleness of long time lovers.

"Are you ready for me love?" The move was seamless, Byakuya's fingers moving from the others entrance, gripping his hips and spreading him even wider before he pressed forward. There was a whispered reassurance, a soft press of his lips against Hanatarou's as he pressed inside the giving body. There was a soft whimper heard from the smaller mans body as their lips moved together before Byakuya's tongue pressed inside the others warm, sweet mouth.

Then they were moving, Byakuya's elbows hooked under the smaller mans knees to spread him even wider while he pressed in and out of the tight, willing body underneath his own. "Ahhhnnn…" The sixth division Captain couldn't tell if the noise came from him or Hanatarou but either way it was undeniably erotic. He still couldn't believe he was inside the fourth division squad member, his body piercing the smaller one with no resistance, no tears and, seemingly, no fear.

Hanatarou's hands gripped at the bigger mans shoulders, his body arching up even more as Byakuya repeatedly hit his prostate, causing spots of white to cover his vision and sparks of pleasure to course through his body. The gentleness of it all was just too much for him. The noble shifted him one more time, causing his cock to impact Hanatarou's prostate even more soundly, making his body arch up off the bed as he came suddenly. His entire body jerked, a choked scream coming from his throat as every successive thrust threw him higher into the orgasm racking his small body. The healers hands were scrabbling at the Captains shoulders, digging red lines into the pale skin as he tried to ground himself. Hanatarou felt his hot cum splatter his chest, streaking white lines across his skin and the nobles before his body relaxed.

Byakuya's orgasm came just as suddenly as Hanatarou's, his body jerking forward and hilting hard in the smaller mans as he came. The strangling heat was just too much for him, the muscles of the others entrance milking his orgasm from him forcefully. He panted as his body relaxed, falling just to the side of the still barely breathing man below him.

"Bya…kuya…" The name was barely whispered as the small man curled into him, his shaking arms curling around the bigger body. He had a small, contended smile on his face. His body was finally fully relaxed, the soreness around his entrance not even entering his mind as he nuzzled against the warm, comforting body holding him.

"Hanatarou…my flower…" Byakuya purred back, curling his body around the warm one pressed so close to his own. He smiled and kissed the others flushed cheek, holding him even closer. "Just look at that. My wilted flower has finally bloomed." The captain chuckled when Hanatarou blushed even deeper, only being pulled from his thoughts when a soft knock was heard at his door before it was pushed open. His blue eyes looked up, a soft, gentle smile on his face as he saw the cowering slave from before standing there, his hands clasped tightly together.

"Can…can I…stay here…with you…please…?" The small man was blushing, standing just outside the door with a slightly scared, worried look on his face.

That was the reason that Byakuya had not been able to leave the slave with Hanatarou's former owner. He had been too cute…too much like Hanatarou for him to leave him alone there, cowering in the corner with wide eyes. He held his arm out, beckoning the small man over to the bed. The slave…former slave that he had found to be named Masura walked hesitantly to the bed before climbing in, his body curling into Byakuya's other side, his fingers linking with Hanatarou's as they all relaxed. Byakuya waited until both of the small, fragile men were asleep before smiling fully, his arms holding them tight. "There we go…" He whispered. "Both of my wilted flowers have bloomed."

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