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Chapter One

Lily's eyes softened as she looked into the crib at the sleeping forms of her two little boys. Their names were Harry and Jonas. The boys had turned one today and she giggled silently at the thought of the birthday bash that they had earlier today. It would have been a lot better if they weren't in hiding from he-who-must-not-be-named.

Harry and Jonas were twins but they didn't look or act alike, the only similarity between them was their green eyes, which they inherited from her. The oldest twin Harry had his father's unkempt black hair while Jonas acquired her red hair. Also when Jonas wanted something he would yell and cry until he got it, Harry on the other hand seemed to be silent and content with what he had.

Lily shook her head in amusement her boys are one in a million and she wouldn't trade them for the world. She silently left her boys room and headed towards the stairs to go find her husband when a big crash occurred downstairs and a scream of shock and pain echoed throughout the home. Her eyes widened in fear, she knew the owner of the scream, and it was her husband's! She was about to go downstairs to see what was going on when her husband screamed out at her.

"Lily! Take the kids and…" James was silent.

Lily put a hand over her mouth fearing the worst. She ran quickly back to her children's room and she could hear the sound of someone coming slowly up the steps and she had a feeling it wasn't James. When she finally got to the room and closed the door, she ran over towards the crib and saw that Harry was awake. She was about to pick both her children up when the door burst open, Lily turned around to face the intruder keeping her body between the intruder and the crib.

Then Lily's eyes widened when she saw Voldemort's sadistic smile on his face.

"Move," He told her calmly, "I am only here for the boys. If you let me pass I may let you live."

She growled at him, "Over my dead body."

He chuckled maliciously, "Now now dear didn't your parents ever tell you to wait your turn?" Voldemort then mumbled a spell and with a wave of his wand Lily crumbled to the ground unconscious. She actually believed she could stop him? He looked down at her with a sneer, "I'll kill you after I kill the brats." He then walked close to the crib and glared hatefully at the children inside. These mere children were supposed to stop him? The great Voldemort? Inconceivable. "Let's see how you brats can beat me when you are dead, Avada Kadavra." With that a green light burst out from the tip of his wand and hurtled toward the children.

Voldemort was about to cackle insanely from his success when all of a sudden Harry screamed and an unknown burst of energy came forth from the one year-olds body. The energy formed into a shield and when the spell made contact, it bounced off. Voldemort then cried out in surprise and anger as he was hit with the rebounded spell, killing his living body.

Since the shield of energy was brought up at the last minute, it caused Harry to get a little backlash. Luckily the only damage was that it knocked him out and gave him a lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

Jonas groggily opened his eyes, who dared disturb his sleep? He was having such a nice nap, but then someone just had to scream, which woke him up. Jonas began to cry loudly. If he was going to be rudely awakened, then he will wake everyone else in the home as well. A few moments later Jonas paused his crying fit. Where were his mom and dad? They should have been here by now taking care of him. This made Jonas angry and he began to cry even louder.

That was when he heard mad shuffling up the stairs coming towards his room. In through the door came his father and two other people he didn't recognize. One was an old man with a very long white beard and the other was a man with a weird moving eye.

His father immediately kneeled down a few feet from the crib and muttered something with a wave of his wand. What was his father doing? Doesn't his father see he wants attention? What could be so much more important than him?

Jonas's questions were answered when he saw his mother groggily getting up. She was here the whole time and yet she didn't check on him? Did she think sleep was more important than her son?

When Lily was finally aware of her surroundings, she smiled in relief at seeing her husband alive. A look of fear crossed her face and she looked at the crib and then sighed in relief when she saw her sons were alive.

"What happened here?" Albus, the old man with the white long beard asked kindly. Moody, the other stranger grunted in agreement.

"Well," began James as he held his wife, "I was downstairs at the time…" James then told Albus and Moody what he knew and then he was finished. Lily picked up from where he left off with what happened to her. The adults were so engrossed in their conversation, they didn't notice Harry's scar vanishing without a trace or the content smile gracing the child's lips.

"Hmm.." Albus rubbed his chin thoughtfully at what he was told. Voldemort came and knocked out James and Lily. Voldemort was probably planning on killing the boys first and then leaving the parents to suffer the fate of having their children dead. Obviously something went wrong. Lily said Harry was awake when she reached him but he looked to be asleep now. When Albus arrived he saw that Jonas was awake. Maybe Lily got the boys confused and it was Jonas that was awake the whole time. It is possible considering the boys were twins and she was extremely frightened for her children's lives at the time.

"What do you think Albus?" James asked.

Albus walked over to the crib and picked up Jonas. "He is the one who defeated Voldemort."

"How do you know?" asked Lily.

"From what I can see, neither of the boys are injured, Voldemort is gone, and Jonas was awake the whole time. Obviously he some how defeated Voldemort."

"But it was Harry who was awake when Voldemort came and not Jonas." Lily told Albus.

"You probably mistook Jonas for Harry because of the situation." Lily was about to object Albus saying that she would never confuse which child was which even in an extreme situation but she decided against it. Albus was a wise man and he was probably right maybe she did mix them up.

None of the adults could argue with Albus's claim that Jonas is the boy who lived. Albus always seemed to know what is right.

"Now I have many things, I have to do." Albus told the Potters. "Give Jonas a lot of attention and take good care of him, he deserves it considering he is now the boy-who-lived."

"We will Albus." James told him.

Harry groggily woke up and gasped as he looked around at his surroundings. It was like he was floating in a white abyss, everything was white. The last thing he remembered was this unknown yet strangely familiar energy bursting forth from his body. It protected him from the evil mans attack…but after that it is a blank.

Harry then gasped sharply as foreign memories entered his head. One was of him banging on a window, screaming at a laughing man with long black hair to let him go. The man just glared cruelly at Harry and that's when Harry saw the man had a tail. Another memory was of Harry kneeling beside a beaten and bleeding body of a green man. Harry felt extreme sadness for some reason the green man seemed special to him. More memories soon followed. Why was he getting these images? Was there a reason for it?

There must be. Could it be that these may be memories of a past life? As if that question was the key to the truth, Harry began to glow. Harry closed his green eyes and when he opened them again they weren't green, they were black. There was another difference as well; he appeared to be twelve years old.

I really died. Gohan sighed. Yes Harry was none other than Gohan…or at least he used to be before he was killed. Gohan eyes dimmed in sadness from the memory of how he died. Never in a million years would he have thought he would die that way.

Shaking his head he decided to figure out what was going on. Ok. From the looks of it I am in my mind. I am one year old in this life. An evil man came to my house and knocked out my mom. The man was about to kill me with some weird attack from a stick, when my powers must have unlocked themselves to protect me from harm. Now I can remember my past life, but why?

"Since you unlocked your powers, it was only right for you to remember." A voice said from behind him. "To tell you the truth I wasn't expecting you to unlock your powers so soon." Gohan turned to face the owner of the voice. His eyes met with a pair of amused ones. The person had purple skin, a white Mohawk, earrings dangling from their pointed ears, and seemed to have an air of authority around them. The stranger's appearance might have shocked Gohan if he wasn't used to seeing different colored beings.

"Who are you?" Gohan questioned him.

The stranger only laughed lightly, "How rude of me. I am the Supreme Kai at your service." The stranger ended his introductory with a playful bow.

Gohan's eyes widened. The Supreme Kai? He knew about King kai from his father. But he didn't know there was more than one Kai.

The stranger nodded, "Yes there are more than one kai. I am the most powerful one of the Kai's."

Gohan got confused. Why would a Kai waste his time with him?

The Supreme Kai sighed, "For the reason you are a special case. You need to understand something Gohan." The Supreme Kai looked at Gohan seriously. "You were never supposed to die."

Gohan reeled back in shock. What? He wasn't supposed to of died? Then why did he die and why was he reborn?

The Kai answered his question, "Yes, you weren't. You were supposed to have lived in peace for seven years, but something unforeseen happened. You were murdered and betrayed by someone you loved." Gohan closed his eyes as he clenched his hands into fists, trying to stop the feelings of betrayal and hurt from showing through tears. The person that had killed him was the last person he would have suspected. Supreme Kai continued, "I didn't even expect something like that would happen. With your unexpected death it caused some problems with the flow of the timeline."

Gohan looked at the Kai in confusion, "What kind of problems?"

"Gohan I am going to be quite clear with you. You were destined to help fight against an evil wizard named Babidi and his creation Buu six years from now. But since you died the chance of defeating them went down greatly. As a last ditch effort I pulled some strings and allowed you to be reborn in the hopes that you will remember in time for the battle. Only I and a few others know of your rebirth."

"Why didn't I just get wished back to life with the Dragonballs?" asked Gohan.

"You wouldn't have been able to be brought back with the Dragonballs because from your friends and families point of view you died naturally."

Anger filled Gohan, "NATURALLY?! They actually believed the way I died was natural? Didn't my father realize something was amiss when I didn't show up in the otherworld?"

The Kai nodded, "They believed you died naturally because the person behind your death told them so and they trusted the person. About your father well…" Kai paused with a nervous look on his face.

Gohan looked at the Kai confused, "What about my father? Did something happen to him?"

The Kai shook his head, "Nothing bad… it's just that he doesn't even know you have died yet because he was competing in a tournament at that time."

Gohan's eyes saddened, his own father doesn't even take the time to see if he was O.k. Instead he goes off to fight in a tournament? Is that why his father didn't want to come back? To fight in some stupid tournament? Does he care more about a tournament than his family?

"Gohan don't think like that your father does care about you. I know your father's decision wasn't the best but he can make mistakes as well. No one is perfect."

The Kai was right no one is perfect. Gohan sighed, but it still hurts that his father is clueless about his son's death. Gohan decided it was the best time to change the subject. "You mentioned that you hoped I would remember. Does that mean there was a chance I wouldn't have remembered in time?

Supreme Kai looked at Gohan seriously. "In all honesty Gohan you weren't supposed to regain your power or memory until you were twelve, the age you were killed."

"Then why have I regained my memory and power so soon?" Gohan's eyes then lit up in realization. "Is it because I was attacked by that evil man and my life was at stake?"

Kai nodded again, "Yes I believe that is what had happened. This is another thing I needed to tell you about." The Kai's face got serious. "Gohan I unknowingly plunged you into another destiny."

"Another destiny?"

"Yes another destiny. You are living in a society that is full of wizards and witches. There has been a war that has been going on for quite some time. It has been against an evil force that calls himself Voldemort. There was a prophecy that told of his defeat by the hands of a child and he didn't want that so he tried to eliminate the threat."

Gohan began to realize what the Kai is trying to say, "That man that attacked my family and I was Voldemort. He was trying to kill me because I was the one predicted in that prophesy."

"Yes and you have temporarily defeated him. Now you will be known as the boy who lived and you will be famous in the eyes of the wizard world. Your parents as well as others will train you to be prepared when Voldemort returns. Not only that, your parents will spoil you and give you lots of attention…"

Gohan cut him off, "Um Supreme Kai?"

Supreme Kai looked at Gohan questioning, "Yes?"

Gohan blushed lightly in embarrassment, "Um.. I was wondering if you could make it so no one knows that I am the boy who lived."

"Why not?"

"Well the main reason is," Gohan began, "I don't like being the center of attention or being worshiped or anything. Also I wouldn't be able to train to my full potential if I am under constant watch. So can you do something about it? I will still fight Voldemort, I just don't want the attention."

The Supreme Kai rubbed his chin in thought. It didn't surprise him that Gohan doesn't want to be acknowledged. Gohan's personality clearly shows that he doesn't like being the center of attention. "The only way I can think of is to make it so your brother Jonas is believed to be the boy who lived."

"That's perfect!" Exclaimed Gohan.

"But…" The supreme Kai trailed off.

"What's the problem?" asked Gohan.

"If I do this there is a pretty big chance that your parents will ignore you in favor for your brother. They are only human after all. Are you sure you want me to go through with this?"

Gohan's eyes saddened, the last thing he wants is to be ignored by his family. Gohan bit his lip, but if he didn't do this, his brother will be ignored and Gohan couldn't have that. He would rather suffer than have anyone in his family suffer. Besides Jonas will be trained and prepared for when Voldemort returns. Hopefully all this attention will not go to Jonas's head. "Yes I am sure."

The Supreme Kai had heard what Gohan was thinking and his respect for Gohan increased. He knew how hard it was to be selfless, especially for a mortal. "So be it." Concentrating the Kai made Gohan's scar disappear. "Your scar is only temporarily removed, it will appear when you turn eleven. I could remove it completely but it may be helpful in the future."

Gohan saw the hidden meaning; the scar would obviously help him. How? Gohan knew the Kai is going to make Gohan find out on his own so Gohan wasn't even going to ask. Gohan gave a content smile knowing that his brother will be taken care of. The scar was the only evidence that Gohan or rather Harry defeated the dark lord, with it gone there is no proof. So hopefully Jonas will be chosen as the boy who lived.

"Before I leave," the Supreme Kai spoke calmly, "A year from now I will give you a bracelet. Now this bracelet will keep your ki and magic signature cloaked so you can train." Gohan's eyes lit up in gratitude. "But I need a favor in return."

Gohan frowned, "What is it?"

The Supreme Kai sighed, "I was hoping you will join the fight against Babidi in six years since you have regained your powers and memory."

Gohan thought about it. He owed the Kai a lot for what he has done for him. Even though it is the Kai's fault that Gohan has to deal with Lord Voldywarts. The only thing that is holding him back is if he agrees, he will no doubt see his old family and friends. That means also seeing the person that killed him. Gohan grabbed his head in frustration, what should he do?

"If you do this Gohan, I won't force you to reveal your true identity and I can come up with a plausible excuse."

Well if he doesn't have to reveal himself…Gohan sighed, "I'll do it. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I allow someone to kill people and do nothing about it."

Supreme Kai smiled, "Thank you." Before he left, the Supreme Kai yelled, "See you in a year." Before fading from view.

Gohan began to wonder what he has gotten himself into.

End Chapter One

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