Chapter 6

Going into the memory, Piccolo was expecting the worse, Gohan lying in a bed dying as his hellion of a mother watched in amusement. To Piccolo's dismay he wasn't far off, and even though he was semi-prepared, the sight before him made his heart clench painfully. If it was anyone else, he would have taken in the sight with cold uncaring eyes because he REALLY did not care for others….ok he probably would have felt a little smidge of sympathy(damn you Kami and your caring nature!) but that feeling would have been so small it would have been practically nonexistent.

No, only Gohan was capable of procuring such a reaction from Piccolo without even knowing he was doing it. Gohan was his first friend, his student, the one person Piccolo was willing to die for and did die for. Gohan was the one person that never abandoned him and who journeyed through space to bring Piccolo back to life. Gohan….he….he..accepted Piccolo for the way that he was….No matter how rude or mean Piccolo was…Gohan was always there with a smile that reached his eyes, and those eyes spoke of unconditional love and understanding…

He didn't deserve to have Gohan as a friend or to even know him. The kid was too good for him, and yet Gohan stayed by his side, despite others telling him otherwise. Piccolo clenched his eyes shut tightly. This is why it was so much more painful to take in this memory of his best friend dying.

Piccolo was a ghost like apparition hovering near Gohan's desk. The memory he was in was located in Gohan's room. The desk was against the left wall near an open window. The curtains on the window were gently moving signifying a light breeze, and a bit of sunlight made it past the curtains falling on the clean floor. On the right side of the room were Gohan's bed and a chair. The chair sat next to the head of the bed. Gohan was currently lying on his bed and the state he was in caused Piccolo's stomach to curl, his friend should never have been in that state.

Piccolo has never seen Gohan like that…beat up yes and close to dying…but those were because of battle…this though…Gohan looked so sick and weak…Chi Chi never allowed Piccolo or anyone else to Piccolo's knowledge, see Gohan when he was sick with the 'heart virus'….and Piccolo was starting to understand why.

Gohan was lying in the bed; sweat trickled lightly down his pale face. His flushed cheeks and his short intakes of breath as he slept fitfully spoke volumes to Piccolo of the struggle his young friend went through. It also told Piccolo, as he narrowed his eyes in anger that Gohan was definitely not suffering from the heart virus. The way Mirai described it and the way Goku acted when he had it did not coincide with the way Gohan was in the memory. For Goku one of the tell-tale signs was a scream of bloody murder as a hand clenched at his chest right over his heart, like his hand would be able to claw away the pain and even after given medicine a hand would still be clenched in the area where his heart lied. Gohan on the other hand had a hand resting lightly over his stomach, while his other hand was clenched by his side, twitching every once in a while to show his discomfort. He was in pain yes, but not from his heart.

A door opened and Piccolo looked over to see the she-demon walk in with a bowl, an alcohol swab and a syringe in her hands. As she walked past Piccolo he noticed the bowl was filled with a green substance. Jello. No not just Jello according to Gohan it was Jello filled with chlorine.

Chi Chi sat the needle, the swab, and the bowl with the Jello down on the desk and then turned towards the window.

"Gohan dear," she said with a smile that made Piccolo want to snarl, "It's time to eat." Chi Chi then closed the window.

"I am not hungry." Mumbled a tired and weary Gohan from his bed.

"Well I am sorry to say," Chi Chi began as she closed the curtain blocking the sunlight, the sunlight seeming to cause some strange shadows across her face as she did, "You don't have a choice in the matter honey."

Gohan strained to look over at his mom, his eyes having a hard time focusing because of the fever. "Mom?" Gohan questioned confused.

"Yes sweetie?" Asked Chi Chi as she grabbed the bowl and took the seat next to the bed.

"Why do I need to eat that? I am not hungry."

"Because eating it will affect your health." Chi Chi stated with a smile as she scooped a spoonful and put it in Gohan's mouth.

Gohan struggled to swallow it, "But mom it doesn't seem to help instead I think it is making it worse. I think my sickness may be an allergic reaction or something."

Gohan saw a glint in his mother's eyes after he said those words but he ignored it thinking nothing of it, Piccolo on the other hand didn't and his eyes narrowed even more as he watched the scene continue.

"Honey the Jello is doing its job, besides even though you read all of those graduate books you are not a doctor. Leave it to the professionals." Chi Chi fed her son another scoop of Jello, his movements getting weaker at each bit.

"When is the doctor coming mom? It has been days; don't you think he would be here by now?" Chi Chi didn't answer her son at first only giving him another spoonful of Jello. "Mom please," Gohan begged, "No more Jello I do….don't….think I can.." Gohan couldn't finish as he started to hurl, his mother expecting this had the wastebasket ready. Gohan grimaced as he looked in the wastebasket, more frequently he noticed he was puking up some blood.

Chi Chi rubbed her sons back, "Honey there is something you need to know, I never called the doctor." Gohan's eyes widened at the information but before he could ask why he puked again, this time there was more blood than anything.

Chi Chi while her son was puking put the bowl of Jello back on the desk and grabbed the shot and alcohol swab. The needle was made to pierce even saiyan skin. (After so many hospital visits which ended with untold accidental damage to equipment by those with saiyan blood, Bulma and her dad took it upon themselves to create some saiyan proof equipment. Once made Bulma gave some items, which included the shot, to Chi Chi in case she needed them.)

She rubbed the alcohol swab on Gohan's arm, and then injected the shot with a smirk, "I never intended to either, especially for the murderer of my husband." Taking out the needle she stood and walked back to the desk, putting the shot down, she grabbed the bowl again and made her way back to Gohan.

Gohan puked one final time before collapsing on his back, then he looked at his mother in shock, "What?" Gohan started to cough, "Murderer? You think I killed dad? But….but….you told me….it wasn't my fault, that I…I didn't kill him… and that it was his choice…to stay dead in order to protect us."

Chi Chi glared at her son as she shoved another spoonful in his protesting mouth, "I lied. In order for me to get close enough to you, you vile creature, I lied. Do you know how much it hurt?" She asked as she gave him another spoonful. "That my son is nothing more than a killer and a monster? And that I had to act like everything was ok when in reality it wasn't. I had to tell you that it was ok that you killed your father….My husband! I thought I could live through this lie but I realized as time went on that I could not. That is why I will kill you for killing the most important person in my life!..." Chi Chi continued her tirade of how she hated Gohan and how worthless he was and how if it wasn't for him Goku would still be alive.

Tears started to go down Gohan's face as his mother continued to force feed him Jello, whatever was injected into his body was starting to take affect because Gohan was feeling weaker at each passing second. All this time his mother was pretending that she didn't blame him. So it really was his fault that his father died? She blamed him for his death so much so, that she wants to kill him? Gohan knew without a doubt he was going to die, everything was beginning to go fuzzy, but he had one last thing to ask. "Kill…me?...but…I…thought…I was just….sick."

Chi Chi stopped her tirade in order to grin sadistically, "Oh honey you are how smart and you haven't realized it yet? Come on you pretty much have all the clues." Chi Chi narrowed her eyes. "You were right when you guessed the Jello was making you sicker, I put chlorine in each batch I made you. And the shots that I told you that were going to help until the doctor got here? They were various types of sedatives to make sure you couldn't fight back." When Gohan's eyes widened Chi Chi started to laugh, "Dear, this was the best way to kill you, I got to watch you suffer slowly and painfully. And to make it even better I get to watch as your heart breaks at the revelation that your mother despises your existence and that she wants nothing more than to see you dead!"

As Gohan started to slip away his heart was shattering….he can't believe that one of the people he trusted the most…killed him… Yet even with this knowledge….he doesn't hate her… With his last remaining strength he looked at his mother, and that was when he felt something was off about her… Well other than the fact she suddenly announced she hated him and wanted him dead. He didn't have time to dwell on it because he knew he was at his limit, with what remained of strength he mouthed,

"I still love you mom." As he slipped into darkness.

As the scene darkened around him, Piccolo was in a mix of emotion. Seeing Gohan die like that hurt a lot, and if Piccolo didn't sense that something felt wrong with the situation, Chi Chi's heart would have been dripping in Piccolo's hand right now. As much as he doesn't want to, Piccolo needed to look through the memory again, there has to be a reason for why Chi Chi killed her son….There just has to…

For Gohan's sake.

"Should I even ask why you two are stripping that man of his clothes?" A humored voice called out from behind them, causing Trunks and Goten to freeze. They didn't dare to turn around to see who it was.

"I thought you said we wouldn't get caught!" Goten whispered furiously to Trunks. Oh man, if mom finds out about this, I will be in so much trouble!

"I said if we did everything correctly, we wouldn't get caught." Trunks whispered back just as furiously, "Obviously, you messed up."

Goten looked affronted at the accusation, as he glared at Trunks in the corner of his eyes. "How did I mess up?"

"We wouldn't have been caught if you would have stopped complaining." Trunks stated through clenched teeth as he glared back at Goten.

"What?" Screeched Goten in his normal voice, as he turned fully to Trunks fists clenched at his sides. "I was not complaining!"

Trunks turned to face Goten fully too and in his normal voice scoffed, "Oh really? Then who was it that said, 'Trunks I don't know about this, I think it is a bad idea' every five seconds, it sure wasn't me!"

"I didn't say it every five seconds!" Goten pouted as he stomped his foot in anger. "I also wasn't complaining! I was just saying what I thought and it looks like I was right! It was a bad idea, now we are going to get in trouble, because of your stupid idea!"

Trunks growled, "My idea wasn't stupid, Stupid."

"Hey don't call me stupid, Stupid head"

"I can say what I want, Stupid!" Yelled Trunks getting into Goten's face.

"Shut up, Stupid head!" Goten said as he smashed his forehead into Trunks, causing Trunks to growl and push back.

"Stupid!" Screamed Trunks as he tried to win their forehead battle.

"Stupid head!" Goten however wasn't about to let Trunks win their little battle though.

As all of this was going on, the owner of the voice that started the yelling match, laughed to himself as he walked past the two fighting friends, and over to the half naked man unconscious on the ground. The two squabbling friends were too busy yelling at each other to notice their surroundings, and temporarily forgot that they had one conscious audience.

Harry wasn't quite sure what he was expecting when he came upon Trunks and Goten's location, but it definitely wasn't this. After leaving Piccolo, he decided to find Goten, Harry was tracking down Goten's location by his ki signature. He was wary at first at what he would find because he noticed he was being led to a discrete location.

Seeing the two stripping a man of his clothes twice their size….was at first really disturbing. Yet, taking the scene in, Harry realized they were probably taking his clothes in order to pretend to be him so they can fight in the adult tournament, if Trunks muttering of 'we'll show those losers we deserve to be in the tournament' were any indication. Now slightly understanding of the situation, Harry found it quite humorous, and couldn't help but ask them what they were doing. Seeing them freeze up like a kid getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar, made Harry smirk. His smirk turned into light chuckles when he realized they forgot about him because of their childish fight.

Harry contained his laughter by smiling as he knelt down next to the prone body, watching those two fight like that was entertaining….it was like watching siblings having a friendly spat…Harry's eyes dimmed for a slight moment thinking about Jonas and how if things were different, maybe they would be having spats like that too, or that maybe it will be him and Goten bickering if he didn't die…Shaking his head, he banished those thoughts from his mind, there was no point on dwelling on 'what if's', the past is the past and all Harry can do is look towards the future.

A groan made Harry look down, it looks like Trunks and Goten's victim was starting to regain consciousness. He looked at the man with sympathy, the poor guy was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, with a flick of his wrist, Harry muttered a sleeping spell, it wouldn't do if the guy woke up just yet. Waking up half naked in the presence of three kids, who knows what would happen to the man's image if an adult happened to pass by….yeah it would be for the best if Harry just pulled containment duty.

More importantly it would prevent Goten and Trunks from getting in trouble, just the image of an angry Chi Chi, caused Harry to involuntary shudder. Even if the anger would not be towards Harry himself, he would not want anyone to have to deal with her wrath because it may very well kill them….

Yet, Harry thought as he decided to dress the sleeping man, Trunks and Goten were still ignorant to the world too busy arguing, From watching their interaction when Goku appeared, Goten did not show signs of fear towards Chi Chi, and actually hid behind her for a sense of protection…Goten trusts her, so obviously she hasn't treated him badly…yet. Harry frowned as he put the mask back on the downed man, before standing up and wiping off some dirt on his pants.

Her attitude could change in an instant, Harry himself knew that from experience. Chi Chi was dangerous, even though she seemed nice now, there was a possibility she could revert back to her…hateful persona. That settles it, for the duration of this tournament I will keep an eye on Goten, just in case, because I can't bear to see anyone have to go through what I did..

Harry grabbed the sleeping man and leaned him against the nearby wall. This way when the man woke up he would just think he fell asleep, and that getting beat up by two little kids was just a bad dream. As Harry stepped away from the man, the sleeping man's right hand fell to the ground and opened up releasing a crumbled piece of paper.

Picking it up, Harry looked at it curiously, he knew it was rude to look at something that wasn't his, but his curiosity got the better of him. Opening it up, he tried to smooth out the creases so he could read it better. After reading it, he looked back at the sleeping man with sympathy.

The note was a formal notice telling the man he will be unable to participate in the tournament due to the fact his spot was reserved for the junior tournament winner if they won against Mr. Satan. The note went on to thank the man for participating, and they hope to see him again at the next tournament.

Harry couldn't blame the man for crumbling the note after what was on it. To be so close to completing your goal, only for it to be taken away at the last moment stinks.

The note also told Harry something else, that he just saved Goten and Trunks a lot of trouble. Obviously, the kids didn't know that their victim wasn't a participant anymore.

Harry was about to put the note back in the man's hand when a voice from behind stopped him.

"Hey what are you doing?" demanded Trunks.

Harry turned around and looked at the two, looked at the sleeping man, looked down at the note, before looking back at Trunks and Goten.

"I was stopping you from making a big mistake."

Goten tilted his head cutely in confusion, "A mistake?" then his eyes widened, "Oh did we grab the wrong guy? I thought he was one of the participants though."

Before Harry could nod in affirmation, Trunks elbowed Goten in the ribs. "No you idiot! He is not stopping us from making a big mistake. He was preventing us from carrying out our plan. See he put the clothes back on the man!"

Goten looked at the sleeping man that was fully clothed again. "Aww. You are right Trunks!" Ignoring Trunks reply of "duh", Goten looked at Harry in betrayal, "How could you do that?" Goten's lip trembled, "I thought you wanted to be our friend!"

Harry felt anger surge through him at the accusation that he would betray anyone, but quelled it, there was no point at getting angry and yelling at the two, they were only kids after all…even if they have the power to destroy the earth if they set their minds to it. No, it would be best to remain calm.

Staring into Goten's eyes, Harry calmly but firmly stated, "I do want to be your friends, Wait let me explain," he put a hand up to stop the two from interrupting, "I do want to be your friend, and a true friend will stop their other friends from doing something that is pointless."

Goten looked put out after hearing what they did was pointless, while Trunks looked angry and was not afraid to speak up.

"What do you mean by pointless you jerk!" Trunks said while waving a fist at Harry angrily, "We wanted to partake in the adult tournament, like we should have been able to from the beginning! So how is that pointless?" He looked Harry up and down, "Oh I get it, you are afraid of fighting us again because you cheated in both of our matches in order to win, am I right?"

Harry looked at Trunks in disbelief. The kid really just said that, Harry couldn't help himself he burst out laughing clutching his sides.

Trunks seemed to get angrier, "What are you laughing about? Stop laughing!"

Harry tried to stop his laughter by covering his mouth, after a few moments his laughter died down to soft chuckles. "I am laughing because of how many conclusions you jumped to. First," Harry said as he lifted a finger, "I didn't cheat in our matches, you both underestimated me, you more so than Goten. Second," lifting another finger up, "I am not afraid of fighting you, I told Goten I would not mind sparring again another time and finally," Lifting a third finger up Harry said with a smile, "I was stopping you from making a big mistake. You see this guy here?" Harry asked while pointing with a thumb at the sleeping adult. "This man was a participant but not anymore because he was fifteenth in line which means he has to give his spot up if the junior tournament winner won. So you see, you two would have gotten in trouble for assaulting the man and you wouldn't have even benefited from it."

Goten and Trunks soaked the information in, understanding started to dawn on Goten and then embarrassment at accusing Harry of betraying them set in.

Goten looked at Harry, honesty shining through his eyes, "I am so—" He was cut off when Trunks put an arm in front of Goten's face.

Trunks narrowed his eyes at Harry, "Don't apologize just yet Goten. How do we know you are telling the truth? For all we know he could be the 14th participant or something."

Harry had to resist rolling his eyes, Trunks really is like his parents, arrogant.

"You want proof? Here read this." Said Harry as he handed Trunks the paper he was holding.

Trunks grabbed it and read it before grudgingly handing it over to Goten to read, he then turned his head to the side muttering a light "feh."

Goten after reading it, handed it back to Harry before bowing, "We really do owe you an apology sorry for acting like that." Goten then looked to the side at Trunks, "Aren't we sorry Trunks." This was said with a bit more force.

Trunks glared at Goten, and then glared at the ground before sagging his shoulders in defeat. "Sorry for jumping to conclusions." He then kicked a stray stone on the ground lightly, "We just really wanted to fight against strong opponents."

Harry's eyes softened at the apologies, "I understand your desire to put your skills to the test, I just didn't want for my two new friends to get into trouble, especially pointless trouble." With a beaming smile at the two Harry put a fist in the air, "Now who wants some ice cream? My treat!"

Both Goten and Trunks eyes lit up at the prospect of food, pushing aside any remaining thoughts they had on the conversation.

"WE DO!"

This is how the z-fighters and Videl(minus Piccolo) found the three, stuffing their faces with a bowl of ice-cream and gumdrops that seemed to be the size of the table. Most of them started to sweat drop at the site, while others turned away in embarrassment.

"Well looks like the two made a friend with the same appetite," Krillin joked with an embarrassed laugh.

Goku on the other hand looked at the ice-cream in aw. "Hey Vegeta," Goku said in an excited whisper eyes going wide, "It is a mountain filled with gumdrops and ice-cream!"

Vegeta growled and twitched, "Shut up Kakkarot."

Goku not deterred by Vegeta's foul mood went closer to the kids, mouth watering as he stared at the mountain of ice-cream longer. Before he could ask if he could have some a spoon appeared in front of his face, grabbing it he followed the arm attached to it, to see who it was. It was the boy who won the junior tournament; his head was still turned away from Goku, happily munching on the ice-cream.

Not one to pass up free food, Goku's smile grew even bigger as he dug in.

Everyone watching sighed, not surprised in the least at Goku's action. Between the four, the ice-cream didn't last long and it came to a close after a small battle of utensils to see who got the last gumdrop. With a victorious smile, Goku stood up and stretched his back, looking up at the sky. Goten and Trunks had pouts on their faces for losing, while Harry had a content smile but it fell slightly when he noticed Chi Chi and the others come closer.

Chi Chi started fussing over Goten's dirty face, while Bulma handed Trunks some napkins and told him to clean up. Everyone except Harry in the group started laughing silently at Goten's feeble attempt at keeping his mom away, and Trunks's "humph" at being treated like a child.

Harry looked at the scene with mixed emotions, but luckily was able to school his features when Goten gestured Chi Chi to look at Harry, no doubt telling her he was messy as well.

Walking towards her son's new friend, Chi Chi noticed some smudges of ice-cream on Harry's face and her motherly instincts kicked in. "Dear there is something on your face." Pulling out a handkerchief Chichi lightly dipped it on her tongue and moved it towards Harry's face, not noticing the boy tensing as she got closer.

Harry didn't hear anything past "dear" too lost in his memories, all he can see and hear was from the night he was killed, "Dear, this was the best way to kill you…"

When Chi Chi's arm was mere inches away from Harry's face her wrist was caught in a vice like grip and a voice growled, "Stay away from my cub, bitch!"

Remus was for the most part a calm and patient man, and was usually hard to anger…unless you threaten his loved ones. So it came as no surprise to him when he found his son that he felt intense anger and protectiveness overwhelm him when he saw that horrid woman about to touch his cub. That wretched lady caused so much grief to his little one, who cares if Harry told him there is a possibility that there may be a legitimate reason as to why she acted the way she did when she killed him. She is a dangerous female that needs to be taught her place! NO ONE will harm his cub if he has anything to say about it!

With a burst of speed he was by the woman's side clutching her outstretched wrist in a vice grip and growled, "Stay away from my cub, bitch!" Before flinging her back towards her shocked companions, her husband catching her, before she completely fell to the ground.

Remus ignored everyone around him in favor of turning to Harry and kneeling in front of him. Wiping off the ice-cream on his sons face, he tried to look into his son's eyes; Remus frowned at the glazed look he was receiving. "Cub, are you ok?"

"…" was the response he got back. Before he could ask again, the group around him seemed to snap out of the shock they were in because the husband of that wench demanded.

"What was that for?" which was followed by voices of agreement from the rest of the group.

Standing up he turned towards the group, he pushed Harry behind him, putting his own body between Harry and the group. He growled again as his eyes turned completely gold, "That thing," Remus was not about to call the female human, "Was about to touch my cub."

"She was only wiping off the remains of the ice-cream on his face. She wasn't going to hurt him!" Yelled a blue haired female.

"It doesn't matter what she was doing, I will not let her near my cub, and he will not get hurt again!"

Everyone looked confused at that, He doesn't want his son(that is what they were guessing "cub" meant) to get hurt….again? Before anyone could ask what that meant a deep but powerful voice bellowed,

"What is going on here?"

Everyone except Harry turned their eyes to the voice.

"Oh Piccolo hi." Goku stated in slight surprise blinking.

Piccolo let out a silent sigh as he asked again, "What is going on here?" Something was going on; otherwise, the guy standing protectively in front of Goha…Harry wouldn't be giving Goku's harpy the glare of death. Piccolo narrowed his eyes as he noticed Harry's glazed look.

"I am not quite sure, Chi was going to wipe the kid's face with a napkin because he got some icecream on it, but before she could this man came and tossed her aside, telling her to stay away," Goku's eyes started to widen, "and then he called her the B word!"

Piccolo rolled his eyes when Goku didn't say bitch, sometimes Goku's childishness was annoying. Ignoring everyone in favor of walking towards the protective golden eyed male, Piccolo made a mental note to ask Harry what exactly this man was, because he didn't feel completely human and not many human's have gold eyes. Piccolo stopped in front of the man and stared directly into his eyes.

"I know."

"About?" Questioned Remus, his son held great respect for the man before him, but that meant nothing right now. The term "I know" could mean many things, and Remus was too smart to slip up and give the green man a clue. If Piccolo actually knew he will say it, or if he is as intelligent as Harry says he is, he will hint at it.

Piccolo only needed to mutter one word and Remus knew that he knows Harry's secret, "Rebirth."

Remus nodded in acceptance and then looked behind Piccolo at the confused faces of Harry's past friends and family. Looks like Piccolo was the only one who knows the truth at the moment.

Piccolo after receiving the ok, turned back to Goku and the others. "Leave I will handle this."

"Piccolo what's going on?" asked Goku.

"Don't you worry about this Goku, now go on to the waiting room, I will meet you there." Goku looked ready to protest, but then decided against it.

Turning towards the others Goku said, "Let's get going guys," Ignoring the protests he smiled and motioned them to leave. Grudgingly they started to leave. Goku took one last look at Piccolo and consequently the kid when he stopped in his tracks. At Krillin's questioning look at why he stopped, Goku motioned for him to continue on his way. Trusting Goku, Krillin did as he was told, he knew whatever Goku was going to do was important.

Goku got a clear view of the kid's face when the golden eyed man stepped aside for Piccolo, and he couldn't help gasp.

Now Goku wasn't the smartest person in the world, he was not afraid to admit that. However he wasn't dumb either, he could actually be considered a genius for many things. One is that he knows how to fight, another is he knows his foods, and the most important is…

…he KNOWS his family when he sees them.

When he got a clear view of the kid, he just KNEW it was Gohan. Other than the discolored hair and eyes Gohan looked exactly how he did when he was that age….wait. If this was Gohan why was he so young? But it has to be Gohan; Goku knew he was the only one capable of making Piccolo hug him in public like he was a lifeline. Goku paused and blinked again…yep Piccolo was hugging Gohan.

Goku walked over towards them.

Piccolo after helping Harry out of the memory, hugged him, normally he wouldn't be caught dead doing this but Harry's glazed look had really freaked him out. That is when he felt Goku's presence behind him.

"I thought I told you to leave." Piccolo stated evenly as Harry and he looked over at Goku.

Goku tore his gaze from Harry to look at Piccolo seriously catching the Namek off guard; he not used to Goku being serious often, "I thought you wouldn't lie about Gohan being dead."

Remus, Harry, and Piccolo looked shocked, but Piccolo recovered by saying, "This isn't Gohan."

Goku glared the kind of glare he usually reserved to the really evil villains causing the three to flinch, all three could feel the warning power coming off of Goku, "Do not take me as a fool, I may not be book smart Piccolo," began Goku narrowing his eyes, "but a true father knows his kin!"

Harry looked at Goku in shock, his past father recognized him? Piccolo only truly recognized him with the help of their link, but his father claims to know that it is him without it? "You mean that?" whispered Harry but Goku heard him and he turned towards him, eyes softening.

"You are my son Gohan; of course I would recognize you. Yeah you may look a lot younger than you are supposed to and your appearance has changed slightly but when I got a good look at you. My instincts told me it was you."

Harry felt like he was going to cry, he wanted to run into his past father's arms and tell him how much he missed him, but he couldn't. It wouldn't be fair to Remus, who has been there for him through thick and thin, ever since his life as Harry began. As if sensing his distress, Remus put a hand on Harry's shoulder and murmured.

"Go on, it is alright."

Harry looked up into Remus's eyes to make sure it was truly alright and all he saw was understanding. Turning to Goku, Harry went to him and wrapped his arms around his neck when he knelt down.

Goku shakily returned the hug, not completely sure it was real, but extremely happy when he realized his son, that he was told to be dead, was actually alive, changed, but alive, and in his arms.

Remus watched with understanding, he couldn't be angry at Harry and for the most part Goku. Remus knew how to tell whether or not a father truly cares about their children and vice versa. That is why he knew that Goku and Harry sincerely care about each other and that Harry cares about Remus just as much. Remus is slightly angry at Goku though for ditching his son to partake in a tournament, regardless of the fact he stayed dead to protect his loved ones from enemies.

Piccolo decided it was time to interrupt this happy moment, "O.K. enough of the sappiness, we have a tournament to partake in."

Goku looked up at Piccolo, still hugging his son, "But I want to know what is going on."

Harry turned to look at Piccolo and it looked like they were having a silent conversation. Piccolo grumbled before saying, "We will tell you on the way to the waiting room, let's go."

By the time they met up with the others, Goku was told about how Gohan was reborn (they omitted the fact that he was killed by Chi Chi, so Goku still believes he died of the virus, Goku was only going to be here for a day they didn't want to ruin the rest of his day by telling him his wife killed his son because she blamed her son for her husband's death.), how he came to this tournament in order to help fight a new enemy, why Remus acted so viciously to Chi Chi(they told him that Remus was so protective because of the way the Potter's treated Harry.), they also played off the Potter's treatment of Harry as the reason why Harry tensed up when Chi Chi was near him. The last thing Harry made Goku promise was to not yet reveal who he was.

At first Goku wanted to protest, but it died on his lips when he saw his son's expression. That slightly broken look that conveyed that there seemed to be a lot more going on than he was told. However, he loved his son, and will not push the subject; his son will tell him in his own time. Goku agreed to keep it a secret as long as he could.

When the others saw that Harry and Remus were with Piccolo and Goku they tensed expecting a fight. Yet, Remus apologized for making a scene by giving the excuse that his son wasn't treated the greatest growing up. They all seemed to accept it and a few gave Harry pitying looks which Harry ignored.

After a little bit the people who were going to fight split away from those watching. Harry gave a big hug and a grin to Remus before running up to walk in step between Piccolo and Goku. As the fighters walked towards the waiting room, Goku decided it was time to lighten up the mood.

"No matter what the Announcer says," Goku began, "Don't get the nachos, I had them, Yuck." Goku's face turned slightly sour at the thought of the nachos. Goku loves food but those nachos were REALLY bad.

"Yeah no joke," said Krillin with smile, "If you got one day, you got to eat well. Hey there is the waiting area for the athletes"

They were stopped from entering when a nicely dressed purple man with a Mohawk, with pierced earrings and a tall looming reddish pink man stepped in their path.

"Hello Goku," the one with the Mohawk said eyes gleaming with hidden knowledge, "My name is Shin and this is Koibito. We are pleased to make your acquaintance."

END Chapter 6

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